If where you live is anything like where I come from, spring means just one thing: rain! For that reason, we were often stuck inside in the spring when I was growing up. Luckily we somehow managed the time without getting too bored. I guess we mostly survived on video games and board games, but today there are even more cool options for keeping kids entertained. With this in mind, join me today for a look at 10 great toys that any child is sure to enjoy this spring.


Toys to enjoy this spring

Toys to enjoyThe first item I’d like to mention is the Osmo Genius Starter Kit, which consists of 5 different games (Numbers, Words, Newton, Tangram, and Masterpiece) and all the bits and pieces kids need to play them—except for an iPad, which is required. These games provide a fun way for kids ages 6-10 to learn important skills and useful information that will serve them well in school and throughout their lives. For instance, they’ll learn things like spelling, counting, problem solving, creative art, and even early physics. No wonder they call it genius!

Not too far removed from the above option is the Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit. This kit  is designed for kids ages 3-5 and includes 4 games (ABCs, Squiggle Magic, Costume Party, and Stories) that teach kids fun and useful things like how to form their letters and how to dress a character. As with all of the Osmo toys I’m featuring, an iPad is required. If you’ve got one, your preschool aged child is sure to have big fun while also learning a lot. The Squiggle Magic game sounds particularly fun to me as it allows kids to use their own imaginations to create anything they can think of with all the fun lines and interesting shapes.

Toys to enjoyAlso in the Osmo family of smart and creative toys is the Osmo Creative Starter Kit. This one, though, is more for the artistic types than the scientific ones. It comes with 3 interactive games (Newton, Monster, and Masterpiece) that are all fun and creative, and it’s intended for kids ages 5-10+. One of the coolest features of this particular game (at least in my own opinion) is the fact that kids can draw a cartoon type of character that the game will then bring to life with movement on their iPad screen. How amazing is that?

The Sphero SPRK+ Robotic Ball is yet another in a long line of recent educational toys that can help to teach kids about the wonderful world of computer programming. With it kids can enjoy a multitude of hands-on games and activities—including programming their SPRK+ to navigate mazes and light up in really cool colours. They can also control their ball with a smart phone and the dedicated Sphero Edu App via Bluetooth, making it go wherever they wish at up to a 100 foot range. Recommended for those ages 8 and up, this smart robotic ball is sure to keep them entertained (and learning) for hours on end!

Toys to enjoyAnother fun and challenging item is the STEM based Jimu Robot AstroBot: Cosmo Kit. With this, kids ages 8-12 are tasked with building one of 3 official robot modes (Astrobot, Rover, and Astron) or encouraged to exercise their creative muscles and come up with their own unique creation made from the 387 included parts (including 5 servo motors and 2 LED lights). What this means is that kids will ultimately create a robot that they can then control themselves through computer coding. They can have it move around, light up, or even emit sounds via the included Bluetooth speaker. It’s a great learning toy for kids with big imaginations and future engineers alike!


Toys to enjoy

A big personal favourite for me on this list is the Intelino Smart Train Starter Set, which is a smart (i.e., app controlled) train for kids with track pieces that they assemble themselves and 2 train cars in the style of a commuter train. I actually reviewed this set myself a few months ago and really enjoyed it, which is why I can easily and highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in toy or model trains.

What’s more, this set is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning toy that teaches your kids the basics of computer programming and coding through its app and a number of special colour-coded tiles that it comes with. You place the tiles on the track in order of colour according to what commands you wish to give your train (things like go forward, go backwards, stop, flash the lights, etc.). Of course, there’s a bit more to it than that, so I’ll suggest you read the linked review for a more complete picture of this cool train.Toys to enjoyIf your 8+ child has a need for speed, another toy that looks particularly fun for sunny spring days outside is the LiteHawk Mini CRUSHER RC Monster Truck. With its 2.4GHz digital controller, this truck never has to worry about channel or frequency interference. It also offers proportional steering and can reach a top speed of up to 20 km/h for as much as 12 minutes of total running time on a single battery charge. While this toy might not keep your child busy for long, it’ll certainly deliver a good dose of excitement!

And not only that, but it’s also tough. Featuring a flexible polycarbonate shell and soft foam tires, this truck is ready for whatever your child can throw at it. I personally love RC vehicles like this one, and I’m not even a kid… at least not technically. These RC vehicles are fast, fun, and provide a great hobby that both parents and kids can enjoy together.


If your child would rather go for a ride than play with a toy, you might want to consider the Kool Karz Mercedes-Benz G55 Ride-On Toy. This particular vehicle, which is designed to look just like the real McCoy, has a number of great features that make it perfect for getting outside on a nice spring day.

For instance, its 12V battery lasts for up to 1.5 hours of cool cruising on nearly any surface, including dirt, grass, and pavement. It also has a real foot pedal accelerator that allows it to travel at speeds of up to 5 km/h. Of course, since it’s intended for little unlicensed drivers ages 3 to 8, it also has a special 2.4G Bluetooth remote that gives parents the ability to override their child’s driving at a distance of 20-30m, so you’ll always have peace of mind should your little one choose to put the pedal to the metal.

The Wonder Workshop Dot Creativity Kit is another fun toy in the educational realm. Designed for kids from 6 to 10 years old, it promotes STEM learning, imaginative play, problem solving, and cognitive development. With a variety of parts and components aside from the robot itself (including over 100 stickers, 20 project and activity cards, and a cool mood lamp), this fun and funky set is sure to keep your child entertained for hours. They’ll experience building, coding, games, and creativity—just to name a few of its many features. Currently available for pre-order, this set will land at Best Buy soon. So don’t miss out!

Toys to enjoyFinally, there’s the 1177 piece LEGO BOOST Star Wars: Droid Commander set. If you’re a fan of Star Wars (and who isn’t?), you’re going to love this LEGO droid set. Complete with R2-D2, one mouse droid, and a gonk droid (all complete with their unique Star Wars personalities intact), this fun set will spark the imagination of any 8 and up child. In fact, it’ll even educate them in the ways of the.. coding, and will give them endless fun with its 40 unique missions featuring problem solving and fun. A great gift for any Star Wars or LEGO fan, this creative STEM based learning set is truly out of this world!


Well, that’s all of the toys to enjoy that I’ve got for you for now, but I trust that you’ll find something quite appealing on this list, if not several somethings. However, if I didn’t quite hit the mark this time around, there are plenty more great options for you to choose from over at Best Buy. Give it a look and I’m sure you’ll find something fun to enjoy this spring!


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