MOFT MagSage wireless charger

CES 2021 might be virtual this year, but that hasn’t slowed the show down at all. With press conferences, pre-show media sneak peeks, and the virtual show floor, there’s plenty to see in every category of tech, including the popular one of mobile accessories category.

What really defines mobile accessories? While 10, maybe even five, years ago, these might have been characterized as simply products designed to work with your smartphone, like protective cases and charging cables, the category has exploded to encompass so much more. Here’s a diverse selection of mobile accessories that have launched at CES 2021.

MagSafe Compatible Chargers

With MagSafe technology integrated in the latest iPhones, it’s no surprise that plenty of mobile accessories innovations are taking advantage of that.

PopSockets PopGrip for MagSafe

PopSockets MagSafe

PopSockets is popular for its simple-to-attach rounded pop-up grips that can affix to the back of any smartphone to use as a steady and comfortable grip as well as kickstand. This new version is designed to attach to the back of MagSafe-compatible cases for iPhones. It attaches magnetically with a no-slip rubber bottom so you can easily remove it when you need to recharge your phone. Like all other PopSockets, the top is also swappable so you can still show off your personal style.

Belkin Boost Charge 2-in-1 Wireless Charge Stand with MagSafe

Belkin Boost Charge MagSafe wireless charger

Belkin’s Boost Charge line of wireless charging products continues to grow, and one stand-out product at CES 2021 is the 2-in-1 Wireless Charge Stand with MagSafe. As the name implies, it includes powerful magnets built right in that are compatible with MagSafe, which you’ll find on Apple’s latest phones, including the iPhone 12. A smartphone can charge vertically or horizontally, held in the air so it’s at perfect eye level should you want to continue to watch videos or finish off a Zoom call while the phone is getting a battery boost. It delivers up to 15 watts of charging power plus has a separate charging pad for recharging a smaller device, like the Apple AirPods wireless earbuds.

Anker Magnetic Series Chargers

These handy chargers magnetically attach to the back of the iPhone 12 and offer up to 7.5 watts wireless charging speeds. While the phone is charging, you can easily watch videos or play games holding it horizontally without a pesky charging cable getting in the way.

MOFT Snap-On Stand & Wallet for iPhone 12

MOFT snap on MagSafe chargers

Also MagSafe compatible, these versatile cases for the iPhone 12 do double duty as kickstands, and triple duty as wallet cases that can hold credit card, ID, or others cards and/or cash. Snap one on to the back of the phone and fold it into a stand, selecting among three 60-degree viewing modes: portrait, landscape, or floating. Made of soft vegan leather, the slim charger can also accommodate up to three cards.

MOFT Sticky Pad Kitchen

Because it’s two-sided, you can use the included Magnetic Sticky Pad to mount the phone on the wall or other surface so it’s an eye level to watch the news getting ready in the morning, a TV series while working out on the treadmill, or to follow video recipes while cooking. The charger is just 5mm thin and weighs a mere 40 grams so you won’t even know it’s there. Once available, it will come in night black, sienna brown, oxford blue, or ash grey.

Other Wireless Chargers

Owners of devices other than the latest iPhones will need another type of charger, and there are plenty of cool innovations in wireless and multi-device charging at the show.

Kew Labs UTS-1 Invisible Wireless Smartphone Charger

Kew Labs UTS-1 wireless charger

What’s neat about this wireless charger is that the idea is to mount it on the underside of a table or desk so that it’s completely out of view. It can charge a smartphone or other wireless charging-enabled device placed on top of the table, desk, or other flat surface as long as the width of the surface is no wider than one inch. Place your phone on the desk and patent-pending audio signal will let you know when it’s in just the right spot. It protects against overcharging, overcurrent, and overheating, and has automatic shut off once the device is fully charged.

Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station

Satechi Dock 5

Satechi always has cool charging and other related mobile products at CES, and they didn’t disappoint this year with this device that can house multiple devices, charging them all in the same place. Silicone dividers separate each item, whether it’s multiple smartphones, tablets, or even portable gaming systems. Plug the devices into the two USB-A ports (up to 12 watts each), two USB-C PD ports (up to 20 watts each) and use the Qi wireless charging slot for recharging a wireless-enabled device, up to 10 watts. An LED indicator shows power status so you can keep all of your essential gadgets going all day.

More Neat Mobile Accessories

There are plenty of other innovative mobile accessories being shown virtually at the end, across a variety of product categories.



The latest trend in mobile accessories is face masks, but how is this one high-tech? This clever device looks like a standard face mask, but on either side of the straps is a wireless earbud that pops into your ears so you can listen to audio from a Bluetooth-connected smartphone or other mobile device. The earbuds fit by pulling the cable clip to hold them in place while the mask is around your face and will run for up to 12 hours per charge. The design is such that you can speak directly into the built-in mic should you be using it for phone calls. Voice projection is provided by the Hubble Connect app, which also offers embedded Amazon Alexa support (the mask also works with Siri and Google Assistant). Made of soft and durable twill fabric, the mask itself is machine washable. It works with disposable N95 filters and is IPX5 water-resistant.

TCL Wearable Display

TCL Wearable displayWatch movies, play games, or sit back and relax with a calming video of ocean waves or a crackling fire with these cool wearables, the first product to be officially available as part of TCL’s Project Archery. They look like typical glasses but can connect to a compatible mobile device with a display port over USB-C and with support for 1,080p resolution. Each lens has a full HD micro OLED display built-in letting you view content in all its glory.Scosche Rhythm Plus

Scosche Rhythm+2.0 Waterproof Armband Heart Rate Monitor

Wearables are a category of their own, but they are also important mobile accessories. And while there will undoubtedly be a massive number of smartwatches and activity monitors on display at the show this year, there are always a few wearable devices that stand out because they are worn somewhere on the body other than the wrist, and/or they perform a very specific and niche function.

One such product for 2021 is the Scosche Rhythm, which is designed specifically for continuously measuring blood flow and body movement during exercises so you can keep track of your heart rate. Rather than go around your wrist, it fits around your arm, either the upper forearm, biceps, or triceps. It can pair with a multitude of smartphones and fitness equipment, as well as smartwatches should you have an older-model one, for example, that doesn’t track heart rate. It also works with more than 200 fitness apps for integrating the heart rate data with your workout log. It runs on a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 24 hours per charge.

There’s plenty to see at CES 2021, in mobile accessories as well as other categories of tech. Check out all of our CES 2021 coverage on the Best Buy Blog.

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