PanzerGlass makes glass screen protectors for a variety of smartphones that are designed to withstand some extra punishment.

Panzer is the German word for “tank” and that’s the message the Danish brand is trying to convey with its protectors. Since tanks are often built to withstand enemy fire and projectiles, the contention here is obvious. Withstanding damage from an accidental fall or contact with sharper objects would keep the phone’s screen nicely untouched.

That’s the purpose of any glass screen protector, and part of the experience is to not really feel like the protector is always there. If you can tap and swipe without feeling any different, then that extra layer of glass is doing its job.

What PanzerGlass is made of

These protectors are made of tempered glass that tries to straddle the line between being too thick to use with a case, and too thin to offer premium protection. The company says its products are made to resist scratches and the shock of accidental drops. Touch-compatibility is meant to be just as smooth as the real thing, while fingerprints and blemishes shouldn’t leave their mark as much.

With rounded corners and stickier adhesive, this looks to be the kind of protector you install once and leave alone. That’s generally the idea behind a glass screen protector anyway, but it makes placement all the more important here. The level of transparency is also supposed to be high so that you don’t lose some of your phone’s inherent brightness.

While the bigger impacts are more dangerous, it’s really the daily contact that impacts phone screens more often. Little nicks, micro scratches and other less obvious damage is where glass screen protectors are really effective. PanzerGlass claims it is at a premium level in that regard.

Covering different devices

The company supports a pretty wide range of products. They’re primarily iPhone and Samsung handsets, some of which go back several years, so if you have an older phone you don’t want to give up, you’re not out of luck. Within that lineup are protectors that work with curved displays, like those of certain Samsung handsets.

There are also what are called “Privacy Screen Protectors,” which narrows the viewing angle to the user. That way, anyone trying to glance over at your phone’s screen will only see a darkened shade. By obstructing others from seeing what you’re seeing, you increase your privacy. The one side-effect of using that kind of protector is that it does dim the screen a little.

The protectors that don’t mention privacy are made without the dimming effect. Most are edge-to-edge, covering the full extent of the screen. These are ideal if you’re not using a case, or putting on a case that doesn’t necessarily overlap the edges. Some protectors are made to cover most of the screen, leaving room for certain cases to cover the outer edges. That’s important if you plan to use a thicker or more rugged case.

Protecting your phone

The screen is the most fragile part of a phone, and the one most likely to break first. PanzerGlass won’t guarantee that can’t happen, mind you, because there are no guarantees. Drop a phone onto concrete from over 4 feet and anything can happen, unless you have a tough case on. But your odds are much better of staying intact with a screen protector on.

If you’re looking for extra protection, PanzerGlass screen protectors are available now.

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