viio-vezzo-bluetooth-mirrorLook deeply into the Viio Vezzo Bluetooth Mirror and you’ll see more than just an ordinary looking glass! Come along with me as I review this very cool mirror that does a whole lot more than any other mirror I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s truly the smartest mirror around!



Introducing the Viio Vezzo Bluetooth Mirror

viio-vezzoThis kooky mirror has some truly unique features—at least within the realm of mirrors! It’s got Bluetooth connectivity, fully integrated LED lighting, and a very useful anti-fogging feature. With easy access touch controls (to operate these functions) and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (for up to 6 hours of operation when the mirror is not plugged in), the Viio Vezzo is truly a mirror among mirrors! Without wishing to give too much away, I do have one spoiler alert: I really like this mirror!


Using the Viio Vezzo Bluetooth Mirror

In testing the Viio Vezzo, the very first thing I noticed was just how heavy it was. This thing weighs a ton! Well, in reality it’s only about 10.89Kgs (or just under 24lbs), but it certainly feels like a ton! In any case, it’s definitely not the easiest thing to move around. I would also suggest having a very solid place to hang it—somewhere where it can be fastened directly to stud, otherwise it might place too much strain on your wall. As for hanging it up, the Vezzo has an easy to use wedge-lock mounting bracket, so it’s actually quite easy to hang just about anywhere, and you can mount it in either landscape or portrait mode. I didn’t really have a proper place to hang this thing in my house, so I just set it up in a few different places as needed for testing.




As for its features, I really enjoyed using the Bluetooth feature of the Viio Vezzo Bluetooth Mirror (look at that, it’s got Bluetooth right in the name!) to listen to some of my favourite tunes. The middle button in the above photo is the one for Bluetooth, and it’s extremely easy to use. In my case I paired it to my smart phone, so all I had to do was to turn the function on, activate the Bluetooth icon on my phone, and the phone found the mirror immediately. About 5 seconds later I was listening to REM—on a freaking mirror! It actually sounded really good too, much better than just listening through my phone. (Shown directly below is the back of the mirror. Its speakers are built into each of its two sides.) Of course, you can also talk to people on your phone through the mirror. In other words, anything that Bluetooth can do, this mirror is good for. Sometimes I like to listen to music from my phone via Bluetooth (using paired headphones) when taking a long walk. Unfortunately, this mirror proved far too heavy and awkward to lug around the block for several laps, so I no longer take walks. (That last bit, of course, was complete nonsense!)




To test the anti-fogging feature I brought the Viio Vezzo into the bathroom at shower time. Unfortunately I don’t have a proper place to hang this mirror as our bathroom is rather small and the one open wall we do have is taken completely up by the large, existing mirror. No problem, I simply placed the mirror in a prominent spot on the floor where I knew it would be bombarded with shower steam. I did not press the anti-fogging button (the first one, at far left in the photo) until after allowing both my main mirror and the Vezzo to get fully fogged up. At this point I pressed the button, and for the first minute or two I didn’t think that anything was happening. Then I noticed a rectangular patch starting open right in the middle of the mirror. About 30 seconds after that the entire mirror was completely clear. Looking up at my main mirror, all I could see was fog. This thing works as promised! I was pretty excited to see this result, as a persistent bug in my bonnet is the fogging up of our main, big mirror. I could definitely use a feature like anti-fogging in that one! I also fully suspect that the Vezzo would never have fogged up at all if I’d activated the button pre-shower, but that wasn’t the test I was after. I wanted to see if, and how fast, the Vezzo could clear the fog. I was not disappointed!




Possibly the least exciting of this mirror’s three key features is its LED lighting (controlled, quite obviously, by the third of the three buttons). Still, it works very well and it makes the mirror look very cool in the dark. I’m including a photo to demonstrate this point. Pay no attention to the fact that the mirror is just laying flat on a table. I personally found the lighting to be very soft and soothing. I especially enjoyed having only the mirror’s lighting on while relaxing and listening to music via the Bluetooth function. I’ve never seen such a versatile mirror before, and I really really liked it!


Examining the Video Evidence

Please take a minute (or 3) to see the Viio Vezzo Bluetooth Mirror in action in my brief video overview:

Final Thoughts

While I must conclude that this mirror is likely not to suit everyone (after all, does a mirror ever really need to be anything more than just a simple looking glass?), I do have to admit that I’d enjoy having one of these myself—provided I had somewhere reasonable to hang it. It’s a very forward thinking device that fits well within the current trend of smart home products and innovations. It’s a mirror, but it’s truly so much more than that. It’s interactive (think taking a Bluetooth phone call while shaving), has the ability to entertain you (imagine streaming beautiful music to brush your teeth to), and is very convenient (gotta love that anti-fogging feature!). And, as if all of that wasn’t enough, this mirror is also quite beautiful! Highly recommended for those with a love of smart home devices or stylish & attractive (while also functional) home furnishings.


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