Hue-Go.jpgThere’s a new gadget available and I’m pretty sure you’re going to want one. I know this because as much as I may have initially scoffed at the idea that it would be a product I would ever want or need, I’ve come to the realization that it is indeed something I have to have. It’s the new Philips Hue Go–a WiFi enabled portable mood light that can be used indoors or outdoors.

Personal Wireless Lighting


The Philips Hue Go is the latest addition to Philips’ popular Hue line of LED lights that you can create and control with your smartphone or tablet. That’s right, I said: “create and control.” But we’ll get to that in a second. The difference between the Hue Go and the rest of the Hue line up is that it is entirely portable. Now, I’m sure there is some scientific reason behind the Hue Go’s design, but it’s essentially a battery-powered bowl of light; and if you could tote a bowl of light around your home, wouldn’t you want to? The Hue Go has a rechargeable internal battery that lasts about three hours when removed from the base, so you can move it from the garden to the bedroom to the den without having to worry about wires getting in the way. Or, should you choose to, you can also leave it connected for uninterrupted illumination.

Create Your LightingHue-Blue.jpg


Like the rest of the Hue product line, with the Hue Go, you have at your fingertips the choice of 16 million different colours of light to suite any moment or mood. I’m well aware of the fact that 16 million colours is a bit overwhelming, so if you don’t want to create your own personal light colour, you can choose one of five preset effects: Cozy Candle, Sunday Coffee, Meditation, Enchanted Forest, and Night Adventure, each created with a unique mix of colours to suit your mood and activity. It also features a separate spectrum of white light tones—the days of bright white and less bright white are long gone thanks to the Hue Go.

Control Your Lighting


Hue-Go-APp.jpgWith the Hue app you can change the colour of your bowl of light, its brightness, or even select a colour from a favourite photo and recreate it to bring you right back to that moment. As is the case with the entire Hue product line up, you can link multiple Hue Go bulbs to the app and control them all individually to create the perfect environment to match the moment. You can also download more than 200 third-party apps to create the ultimate lighting experience.

Connect with Your Lighting


Even cooler though is the fact that with the Philips Hue Go, you can set alerts, timers, and alarms based on your preferences. If you’d like the Hue Go to alert you when you get an email, it can do that. If you’d like it to automatically turn the lights off in the kids’ bedroom at bedtime, it can do that. If you’d like it to remind you when your favourite show is starting, it can do that. If you’d like it to alert you to a change in the weather, it can do that. Or, if you’d like it to gently wake you up with the soft and increasing glow of sunrise, it can do that too.

I think the Philips website said it best when they noted: “Hue is more than just a connected bulb. It can become an integrated part of your everyday life.” 

You can control it with a smartphone or tablet and it’s a portable bowl of light … a must have in my books! Although I’d likely not set my Hue Go to alert me to email because I’m pretty sure that would equate to an 80’s dance party in my apartment.

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Stacey McGregor
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