Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrips

Coming soon to Best Buy Canada are the all new Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrips that work with your big screen TV. A variety of different sizes are available for different TV screen sizes, and you can preorder them right now at Best Buy online. They’ll officially be released on October 6th, so you won’t have to wait too long for them to arrive. If you’d like to learn some of the key details of this exciting new smart home lighting product, just keep on reading.


Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrips features & details

The new Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrips make watching movies at home on your big screen TV even better than going to the cinemas. That’s because these lights are capable of syncing to whatever movie you’re watching and mimicking the colours that are on screen during the movie. In so doing, they effectively project the colours beyond just the TV screen itself, thus bathing the room in the light and mood of the movie. You’ve heard of surround sound? Well this is surround lighting!

By illuminating the entire area around the TV in the predominant colours of the movie you’re watching, Hue Gradient Lightstrips create a more immersive movie viewing experience—particularly since the colour changes keep pace with whatever’s happening in the movie so that the appropriate atmosphere is always maintained. And it doesn’t matter what colours the filmmakers chose to use. Hue Gradient Lightstrips are capable of mimicking millions of different colours for an absolutely perfect mood match.

For these mixed light strips of white and coloured LEDs to properly do their job, you will need a couple of additional devices. The strips must be connected to both the Philips Hue Bridge and the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box.

These individual products are sold separately, but of you’re already using Philips Hue smart lights in your home, you likely have at least the Hue Bridge now, which Philips calls “the brain of your [smart lighting] system.” This is because the Hue Bridge is what facilitates communication between your smart lights and your control device (i.e., your smart phone).

The Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box, alternatively, is the device that allows your Hue smart lights to exhibit their dynamic lighting effects (i.e., mimicking your TV’s colour output). Both products play a key, necessary role in creating a fully immersive movie viewing experience. Once you have everything in place, you may never want to go to the cinemas again.


If you would like to enjoy the fully immersive in-home movie viewing experience that’s created by Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrips, now is your chance to get the ball rolling by preordering your very own set. The kit comes with a power supply and special mounts, so installation is quick and easy. And, once your kit is fully installed, you’ll enjoy a variety of different smart home control options. Hue Gradient Lightstrips are fully compatible with smart voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and the Google Assistant. They’re also compatible with the Apple HomeKit smart home ecosystem.

To see what sizes of the Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrips are currently available for preorder, just follow this link and give the sets a look.

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