If you’re stumped for great gift ideas this holiday season, allow me to suggest a few Smart Home stocking stuffers that are sure to please! What exactly do I mean by that? Well, to me stocking stuffers are small, relatively affordable gifts that easily fit into most Christmas stockings—you know, those things that are hung by the chimney with care? In the case of today’s blog, each suggestion will also be a smart home item that you can give to a friend or family member with the assurance that your recipient will easily be able to use and enjoy the product (in other words, no complicated installations here!). Read on for all of my smart home stocking stuffer ideas!


Great Smart Home Stocking Stuffers

Smart Plugs

The first product I’d like to suggest is an entire category: it’s Smart Plugs, and they’re small, inexpensive, incredibly convenient, and by golly they’ll fit in any stocking you can find!

But the real benefit of smart plugs is that they allow your recipient to remotely control any electronic device that is plugged into them via a dedicated app on their smart phone. Users can also schedule when the plug is powered on or off as well as use various other means to control their plug (such as with smart voice control or via smart home ecosystems such as If This Then That). What this all means is that the recipient of your smart plug gift will be able to control lamps, coffee makers, stereos, and anything else they want to plug into their smart plugs in a variety of convenient ways, including remotely from anywhere in the world with Internet access. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that!


Smart Alarm Clock

Another smart stocking stuffer I’d like to suggest is the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) with Alexa & Clock. Although I’m touting this as a smart alarm clock, which it is, it’s really a whole lot more than just that. It’s a small, smart speaker that does everything its larger smart speaker brethren can do.

That is, it provides users with access to Amazon’s brilliant voice assistant (known as Alexa), which means that your recipient can control all of their other smart home devices with it, ask it virtually any question that can be answered via the Internet, and even get the day’s weather forecast when they first wake up.

But, what I really like about this particular device is that it’s a small and unobtrusive smart speaker that’s right at home on any bedside table as a smart and attractive alarm clock. Its built-in LED display shows the current time of day (or timers) and other information (like the temperature), and the speaker portion provides an audible alarm that wakes you up when ready or allows you to snooze a little bit longer if you want to.

And because it’s a smart speaker, it also allows you to enjoy your favourite tunes from popular music streaming services (such as Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music), gives you access to Amazon Skills (Amazon’s ever growing library of app-like capabilities), and it even provides stereo sound when paired with another 3rd generation Amazon Echo Dot.


Item Tracking Devices

One of the smallest gifts you can give to someone—and therefore the perfect stocking stuffer, is from the category of Item Tracking Devices. One such example (that’s coming very soon) is the Tile Mate Bluetooth Item Tracker – 4 Pack (shown above), and another popular option is the Tile Pro Bluetooth Item Tracker – 2 Pack (shown in the header image above).

These devices allow your gift recipient to keep track of any belongings that may frequently go missing—such as their keys, but they also allow users to track items that may be lost outside of the house. For instance, nobody wants to lose their wallet or purse, but with an item tracker inside, it will be a whole lot easier to find that important possession if it ever gets lost or stolen.

Basically how these work is by sending out a signal that an app on your phone can track. The app allows you to see on a map where your item is, and if you lose something inside your home, the app will allow you to have the tracker play a tune or make some other sound to help you locate whatever’s attached to it. Item tracking devices are a very cool and convenient idea that’s sure to bring peace of mind to whoever you give them to.


Smart Locks

Finally, I’d like to offer one suggestion that does require installation, but that is totally worth it for the peace of mind that it brings. It’s the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Pro + Connect, and it’s a small and unobtrusive smart home stocking stuffer that can easily protect the home and family of your gift recipient while also adding a great deal of convenience to their life.

This is because the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Pro + Connect allows users to control the locking and unlocking of their deadbolt with just their iOS or Android based smart phone and the August App. The lock works with Bluetooth on its own and over Wi-Fi (for worldwide access) when paired with the included Connect unit. This means easy access for your recipient, but no access for burglars!

Other features of this lock include compatibility with several of the major smart home ecosystems (including Works with Nest and Apple HomeKit), voice based control via a smart voice assistant (i.e., Amazon Alexa, Siri, or the Google Assistant), and the option to keep on using an old-fashioned metal key if you wish.

And remember what I said before about it requiring installation but being totally worth it? Well, I know this because I just recently installed one of these amazing smart locks myself. In fact, I did it as part of a review right here on the blog, and the entire installation probably took less than 10 minutes. Of course, if I hadn’t been filming the installation for my review, it probably wouldn’t have even taken 5. Honestly, anyone can install this thing, even if they can’t tell a screwdriver from a fork!


And that’s all of the smart home stocking stuffers I’m going to suggest for now, but you can always find many, many more great ideas simply by visiting Best Buy’s Smart Home page for yourself. Merry Christmas!


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