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Smart doorbells can do more for you than just ring when someone’s at your door. They can record movements on your porch, allow you to hear and speak to your visitors, and in the case of the eufy Doorbell 2 Pro, even help you keep an eye on your packages! Read on to learn about some of the features that make the eufy 2 Pro stand out, then enter for a chance to win one. 

3 exciting things you can do with the eufy Doorbell 2 Pro

Most smart video doorbells come with features such as two-way communication and night vision to enhance your home’s security, but the eufy Doorbell 2 Pro takes your experience a step further by providing innovative features that will make it easier to monitor your front door. Here are a few of examples of what you can expect from this smart doorbell.

Get a full view of your doorstep with Dual Cam technology 

eufy Doorbell 2 Pro camera view

The eufy Doorbell 2 Pro features not one, but two cameras to eliminate blind spots and allow you to see everything that’s happening at your front door—including packages you might have received during the day. You can stream the footage from both the 2K front camera and 1080p package camera simultaneously right in the eufy security app so you’re always aware of what’s happening at your doorstep. Take a look at the image quality of both cameras in Shelly’s video review of the eufy Doorbell 2 Pro. 

Receive notifications when packages are approaching 

We’ve all eagerly waited for a package to be delivered after placing an order online—refreshing the tracking page every few minutes to see how soon we’ll receive it. If that’s you too, then you’ll be happy to know that the eufy 2 Pro can detect packages as they’re being brought to your door, ensuring that you don’t miss the mailman. If you’re not home at the time and forget about your delivery, the eufy security app will also remind you to pick up your package thanks to Delivery Guard. It will also send you alerts if anyone approaches your package so you can respond right away. 

Always know who’s at your door

The eufy Doorbell 2 Pro can not only differentiate human beings from packages, but you can also teach your doorbell to recognize familiar faces. By creating a profile for someone in the eufy security app, you will be alerted when that person comes to visit you. You can even have fun creating custom messages for specific people. This is an experimental feature but one worth trying out nonetheless!

How to enter 

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter twice.

  1. In a comment below this article, let us know which of the eufy Doorbell 2 Pro’s features are most important to you and why.
  2. Read Shelly’s review of the eufy Doorbell 2 Pro video doorbell with HomeBase 2, and in a comment under her article, tell us which part of the review you found most helpful. eufy Doorbell 2 Pro Wi-Fi Video Doorbell (Battery-Powered) with HomeBase 2

What you can win

At the end of this contest we’ll randomly select one winner from all eligible entries, who will receive a eufy Doorbell 2 Pro Wi-Fi video doorbell with HomeBase 2.


This contest runs from April 29th to May 13th.

Remember you can enter up to two times as described above. Don’t forget to share it with your family and friends who love online shopping so they can enjoy the features this smart doorbell offers too.

Win a eufy Doorbell 2 Pro with HomeBase 2 Rules and Regulations

Good luck!

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    Steve L – Smithville, ON

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  3. Love the second camera to give a larger viewing angle! Have a couple of Anker products and I love how much thought they put into their products. This one one seems to great as well!

  4. Really like the dual camera feature because it’s more safe to open the door. With new builds in the back of our place there will be way more traffic around our place.

  5. The two cameras is the best feature for me as I think you would get much better coverage of the front door area.

  6. The dual cam technology would be a great feature for me as it would give me a clear view of who has been at my door when I am away.

  7. Have not gotten a doorbell camera as yet. This seems to be a great one with all the features it provides especially the dual camera to help monitor upper and lower views.

  8. Love the flexibility this product offers, too many to name. But the dual cameras and the light helps to monitor package and approaching people.

  9. Seems like a well planned video doorbell to monitor my property/door with dual cameras that provides views of people and views lower down of packages. ABility to add more door bells to make a security system.

  10. Dual cameras for great views up and down. Lights adjusted when it gets dark to aid in the monitoring of people and packages. Really want to buy one if I don’t win.

  11. The Dual camera allow one to look at who is approaching and the lower camera allow one to monitor for things near or on the ground. The device notifies me of the presence of packages also.

  12. Dual cameras are great to detect approaching bodies and the lower camera to detect packages. The device notifies me of the presence of package to grab them fast from the door.

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