Could your home use another security camera? Perhaps you don’t have any yet, so then the answer might definitely be YES! Even if you have a few, could you find a place to put another one? Enter this contest and you might win a fantastic new smart home camera from ezviz. Your home would then be on its way to becoming more secure in minutes.

How many cameras do you want around your home? My answer to this question is probably 6—and I am half-way there. I have one on my carport looking down the driveway, one by my front door and one by my back door. But that is not enough for me. I’d like one so I can see my garden shed, and one overlooking my vegetable stand. Both of these are not visible from my home so cameras would ensure that I can keep an eye on them no matter if I am home, or at work or wherever.

I also don’t have any inside my home; my wife is not too keen on cameras in the house. There are many good reasons to have one in the house (for example, to watch the pets when you’re not home) but she prefers to keep the cameras outside. I think her “no cameras in the house” outlook might change if I bought the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator with its 3 cameras inside so you can see the food without opening the door, and see what’s missing while shopping. Of course that is a whole different type of camera—extremely cool though! (Learn more about this fridge and other smart appliances in the article “10 surprising ways appliance technology has changed to make your life easier“.)

ezviz cameras protect your home inside and out

Use the ezviz cameras we are giving away in this contest to secure your home inside and out. Really that is a big deal. Protect your loved ones, protect your home, and your pets. Be aware of anything that happens around your home: from people snooping around to feral animals damaging your property. You will not be wondering “what happened” ever again.

Here are a couple recent videos that our bloggers created about ezviz cameras:


How to enter

Entering this contest is really easy. Each person can enter only once. In a comment below this blog article, tell us how many security cameras you would like to have around your home, inside and outside, and why. For example, my reply would be “6 cameras so that I can monitor around my home, garden shed, and vegetable stand—and that would be a minimum!”

What you can win

There are 4 prizes available to be won: 2 4-Channel 4 Bullet Camera wired systems, a Mini Trouper indoor/outdoor wireless 2 camera pack, and a Mini 360 plus wireless indoor camera. Total retail value of the prizes is approximately $1250.

The contest runs from October 11th until October 24th.

Remember you can enter only once. Do you know anyone else who could use a new security camera? Tell them about this contest; I’m sure they would be really happy if you helped them to make their own homes safer! Just click on the social sharing buttons below to easily share with your friends and family.

Win an ezviz camera Rules and Regulations

Good Luck!

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  1. 2 minimum – to cover the front door and back door. There are some shady kids living next door! Would love to have these for peace of mind.

  2. Two security cameras would be great for me. I would use one to monitor the front yard where we park our vehicle and the other for the back patio.

  3. Just one would be great right at my front door. It would bring me so much peace of mind. I am absolutely tired of the mail theft I have had to endure. It gets so old having to keep watch for the mailman whenever I am expecting something very important. This would be such a blessing.

  4. I’d need at least three. One at the front door, one at the back, and one inside to watch the dog get into trouble if we go out and forget to close the bathroom door.

  5. At least 3, I live in an apartment with a back patio. ! would be great for monitoring wildlife behind my place. Two inside for security.

  6. I would prefer a minimum of a 4-Channel Security System for protecting around my home and ensuring my personal property. I would install a camera at every entry point; the main entry front door, the side entry door, the back patio door and finally the garage doors. With amazing security features; being able to remotely monitor your house from anywhere in the world via the Internet and also with mobile apps on your Smartphone, protecting what matters has never been easier.

  7. addendum to my original post. Would feel 4 cameras would be sufficient to secure 360 degree views of house.

  8. Would feel safer and more secure with cameras around my house and property as there have been incidents in the past.

  9. I would like to have 3 cameras. One front & back doors and one for the driveway. Someone tried to steal my tires about a month ago.

  10. I think two cameras would be enough, the front and back, our back has just an alley and a main road no neighbors behind us, with no community fence yet so it would be nice to be able to monitor the back I’ve been debating between a security company or just have my own device I can monitor

  11. I would love to have 3 one on the house toward the shed one on the shed into the back yard and the last one inside downstairs. Sadly, there have been some break ins in the area. I have been lucky so far but it may only be time.

  12. I would love to have 5 cameras, 1 to monitor the upstair hallway on the home/stairs. 2 for downstairs in kitchen and living room. 1 outside at entrance door and 1 on patio watch driveway where car is. We also see racoons out there late at night 🙂

  13. I think I would need 6. One monitoring the driveway. One for the garage. The front door. Back door. Side door. And one watching the dock.
    I currently don’t have any cameras. But it would be a great idea. Give me peace of mind while I’m working away

  14. I think i could use 4 cameras. 1 for monitoring the shed entrance, which would also be in view of the parked RV, the rotating ceiling indoor camera for the home office/ living areas where all our home electronics are (laptop, desktop, tv, etc.), and because my mother is often alone in the home, 1 Ezviz camera each at both the side entrance and the front entrance of the house for that extra peace of mind.

  15. Four seems like a good number, although two/2 minimum at present might suffice. Although, like the author’s wife, I would prefer not to have cameras in the interior of our dwelling, there have been problems in the building with intruders and the building is presently open due to construction and unsecured entrances. In addition, the owners/landlords have been known to come in to units without notice. Letting people know an area is secured by cameras and displaying the cameras prominently (either inside or out, or both) would, I think, discourage various types of unwarranted entry and help keep things more secure. Thanks for the blog!

  16. I would need at least 4, because my yard is always full of whitetail deer and other wildlife. I would love to get a handle on them so I can keep them out of the garden

  17. Stella Petridis
    I would need at least 6 cameras, one covering front entrance, one back entrance, one for the shed, one for driveway, and 2 for indoors (keep an eye on my dog).Thanks.

  18. I will only need two security cameras since it would be sufficient for front and back of our house – I’m sure our Babe (Basset dog) would love to see herself on screen because she ‘owns’ the backyard. The security camera would assist her since she is not a guard dog whatsoever, even in the house.

  19. We’d need 3 cameras for our home—front, back, and side entrances—and possibly a fourth for the shed at the end of our yard. Would be useful as we move toward a smarter home ecosystem!

  20. I would like to have 3 cameras. 2 at the front of the property to monitor the driveway and front porch. And one at the back of the house to keep an extra eye on the kids.

  21. I would like to have 4 cameras. 2 at the front of the property to monitor the driveway and front porch. One inside the front entry to monitor who is coming and going. And the last one at the back of the house to monitor any uninvited guests trying to access the house.

  22. I need four surveillance cameras. One for my apartment, one for a good friend and two to protect my daughter’s house.

    Thanks, Robert

  23. I would prefer four; to cover my staircase, foyer, exterior entrance and driveway. Maybe one in the living room to catch the dog acting crazy.

  24. I would like to have 3 to cover the front and back as well as around the garage! Thanks for the chance!

  25. I would like 4 cameras: one on my garage, one on the back of my house, two on the front of my house to catch the person who keeps stealing things from my car!

  26. I would need at least 4. One covering the front entrance, one for monitoring the driveway and cul-de-sac, one covering side/front yard so I can catch the dogs that come do their business there, and one for the back yard and patio entrance. Thank you.

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