Danby Parcel Guard Mailbox Review

One of the best parts of online shopping is the delivery. You can just click to shop, click to buy, then sit back and wait for your packages to arrive. The only problem I’ve ever come across is when my packages arrive, but someone decides to take them from my house. That’s where Danby Parcel Guard comes in.

Danby Parcel Guard is a smart mailbox. It gives you a spot to keep your packages safe and sound until you can get to them, and you’ll know exactly when your packages have been delivered thanks to the Parcel Guard App. You can even put a package in your mailbox, unlock it from the app, and have your delivery person pick it up.

I installed the Danby Parcel Guard at the top of my driveway, and I have enjoyed every second of having it up there. Not only are my packages delivered, but I know exactly when they arrive, and I can see video clips of the delivery. This smart mailbox also gives me a safe spot to place items I’d like other people to pick up, and you can either unlock it via the app, or you can give them a code to open it themselves.

After using it for over a month, I absolutely love this mailbox. It has decreased my stress level for deliveries because I don’t have to worry about the dogs barking at drivers or that someone is grabbing my packages.

It’s my absolute favourite smart home device right now, and I think everyone needs one. Here’s my look at this amazing smart mailbox.

Appearance and features of Danby Parcel Guard

Danby Parcel Guard Smart Mailbox Review

Danby Parcel Guard is a small, compact mailbox made of durable industrial-grade plastic. It measures 50 cm x 100.1 cm x 40.3 cm and is available in black or tan. You can place it anywhere you receive deliveries, and it will bolt to your porch (or wherever you put it).
  • Danby Parcel Guard fits envelopes, boxes, and small parcels measuring 8″ x 10″ x 15″ (or smaller)
  • IP camera streams live in 720p, so you can see exactly who delivered your package or monitor your packages until you get home
  • Motion sensors record audio and video when your smart mailbox senses movement
  • Weight monitor, so you’ll get a notification when a parcel is dropped inside
  • A loud alarm will alert you if someone is tampering with your mailbox. It will also send you notifications if someone is tampering
  • Notifications for motion, parcel delivered, parcel pickup, and door ajar
  • You can add users and give out codes for pickup
  • Call button so someone can notify you if they are at your mailbox
  • Plugs into any power outlet
  • Works via Wi-Fi
  • 3-hour backup battery in case of an outage

How to install Danby Parcel Guard

Danby Parcel Guard Unboxing

Danby Parcel Guard arrives in a fairly large box, but it’s pretty light, and the overall set up is easy. To unpack you just pull the box off the top of the mailbox and place it where you’d be likely to receive deliveries. When you plug it in, there will be a voice prompt asking you to download the Parcel Guard App.

When you download the app, you’ll be asked to connect to the Parcel Guard’s internal Wi-Fi, and once you do it will redirect you to your own Wi-Fi. Once you’re connected, you’ll be ready to receive packages.

Placing your Parcel Guard away from your router

Danby parcel guard power

I wanted to move the Parcel Guard to the top of my driveway so I could receive packages beyond my front gate. I have two large (but harmless) dogs that all delivery men are terrified of, so having it up there means they can deliver without having to risk coming into the yard.

I had to install a Wi-Fi repeater to get the Parcel Guard working that far away from my router, but once I had the repeater up there, the mailbox maintained a strong and steady connection. I bolted it down with screws so it couldn’t be lifted, and I’ll add weight to the bottom as well.

When installing the Parcel Guard, you’ll need to make sure it’s level. I had to shim it slightly because the wooden stand I had it in is on an incline.

Testing Parcel Guard

The hardest part of testing out Danby Parcel Guard is waiting for a package to show up. I had to wait a few days, but they have been arriving steadily ever since. I had to put a sign up for the drivers to understand they needed to use the mailbox, but now they are in the swing of things—they love it, and so do I.

They don’t have to go near the dogs, and I know exactly when my packages show up.

Live streaming and video clips

Using Call Button Danby smart mailbox

Parcel Guard has an internal microphone and 720p camera built-in. It will stream live, or you can download the clips to your phone.

The timing between notification that a package has been delivered and when you can view the clip is minimal. I didn’t time it exactly, but it’s less than a minute. The clips are one minute if motion is detected, or longer if someone is up there delivering.

You can set your motion sensitivity so the camera won’t trigger unless someone is standing directly in front of the device. It’s very responsive when you do hit the live stream, and the stream quality is very clear even at the middle setting. I don’t think this is the type of device that needs to be 1080p (because you’re just recording who delivers), and it’s clear enough that if someone was trying to steal the mailbox, you’d have a good look at whoever it was.

The only feature I’d add is night vision. The camera has recorded clips in the dark, and I could sort of tell someone was walking past my camera, but it wasn’t bright enough to see. I’m going to put a light up at the top of my driveway to help my mailbox “see” in the dark.

For me, the camera doubles as a gate camera. Anytime someone pulls in, I get a notification of activity. I love this so much I can’t even describe it. It’s the best of all worlds.

Adding tracking information to your smart mailbox

Parcel Guard app Danby Parcel Guard Notifications copy Danby Parcel Guard Motion Detection

I had a few shipments showing up, and I wanted to add tracking information for them. I entered the data in the app under the “Expected” tab. The idea is that, when the package shows up, the app registers it as an expected shipment and tells you that it’s arrived.

There are only three options in the “Shipper” column: Canada Post, UPS, and Other. I think because I choose “Other” a few times, it didn’t register that specific shipment as delivered. What it did say was “unexpected package delivered,” and at that point it was easy to check my notifications, see it was the package I was expecting, and move it to the delivered column.

I’d like to see Purolator, FedEx, and Intercomm added to the app, but I didn’t mind checking other notifications to see which package had been delivered.

Weight notifications on Parcel Guard

Inside Danby Parcel Guard

When someone drops a package in your Parcel Guard, it slides into the main compartment and slips into the bottom. Once it does, it’s completely secure and you’ll receive a notification because the package will hit the bottom and trigger the weight notification.

Very light envelopes that were mail didn’t trigger the weight notification, but every other package did.

Assigning codes for pickup

Danby Parcel Guard menu

I didn’t have a chance to use this feature, but I tested it out by entering a code, and it works really well. This is the perfect way to ship boxes for pickup—especially if you’re on a first-name basis with your delivery drivers the way I am with most of mine. I can just text them a code for package pickup, and I’ll receive a notification on my phone when they do.

For me, the other amazing use for this smart mailbox is having people pick up farm packages that I’ve left out for them. I use the stand the Danby Parcel Guard is in to sell eggs and honey in the summer.

I’ve left eggs out for people, but when they arrive there are no eggs. I’m not sure why someone would steal eggs, but I won’t have to worry about it now that I have Parcel Guard. I can place the eggs inside, send the person buying a code, and they can leave the money inside the mailbox. It’s a win-win for both of us.

Call Button

Danby Parcel Guard Mail Slot

Danby Parcel Guard has a call button on it. If someone wants to pick up and you haven’t assigned them a code, they can notify you via the call button and have you remotely open the door. When someone presses the button, a notification will pop up on your phone.

Door open sensor, and remotely opening the door

You can tap the app to remotely open the bottom door where your packages will land. You can also use the included keys, or assign a code. The interior has a light, so it’s easy to see in the dark.

If you or someone else leaves the door open, the Parcel Guard will say “Please close the door.” That’s a great reminder for anyone who is picking up, or if you are about to walk away without closing the door properly. You’ll also get a notification on your app that the door has been opened.

Tamper alarm

Danby Parcel Guard Mail

I didn’t capture the tamper alarm going off in my review video, but I did trigger it once when I was attempting to move the mailbox. It’s very shrill, and you’ll receive a notification on your phone that someone is tampering with your mailbox.

Between the alarm and the fact that I have the mailbox drilled down to a wood base, I’m not worried about someone leaving with it. If the alarm went off, I could be out there in less than a minute.

Say yes to the Danby Parcel Guard

Danby Parcel Guard Review

It’s pretty clear I love the Danby Parcel Guard. It has solved so many issues I’ve had with packages being delivered. Given how normal it is to order online now (and how fast delivery is), it’s likely that most people, just like me, receive packages almost every day. Parcel Guard keeps them safe.

The video clips are clear, the audio is decent, and the features built into the app are very handy when you’re tracking your packages. My Parcel Guard is at least 100 feet away from my house, but when something is delivered, I know almost instantly.

For people on rural roads, the Parcel Guard is a valuable tool to make sure your mail and packages are safe. It’s just as valuable if you live in the city and are likely to experience theft. If you do any amount of online shopping and have your boxes delivered to your house, you’ll love having a Parcel Guard. While a network camera trained on your door can alert you if someone steals a package, it can’t actually stop them from stealing it. Danby Parcel Guard can.

You can find Danby Parcel Guard at Best Buy right now.

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