Smart home devices have always been popular at CES, and this year was no exception. From Ring finally releasing the Ring Dashboard Camera to the Bird Buddy AI bird feeder that will capture feed, capture photos, and identify your favourite feathered friends, there’s something for everyone who loves their smart home. Here’s a look at a few devices revealed at CES 2023.

CES 2023 shows us what’s coming for smart homes

Ring Dashboard Camera


The long-awaited Ring Dashboard camera is finally coming to a car near you. In development for two years, the Ring Dashboard camera is a dual-faced car camera that draws power from your car’s battery via the OBD-II port. It’s fairly small, and it has a cantilever arm that’s mounted on your dash.

The dual-cam faced camera is a great feature on a dashboard camera because it can monitor what’s happening inside and outside your vehicle. The camera has sensors that trigger video capture when motion is detected. There’s also a microphone and speaker you can use to speak to and listen to whoever is near your car. It also has voice control, so you can ask Alexa to record video if you’d like to capture footage while driving.

Ring Always Home Cam

There is no release date yet, but this is the Ring camera we’ve all been waiting for. The Ring Always Home Cam is a mini-drone that patrols for intruders when you aren’t home. It’s a small drone, and it zooms around one floor of your home. You’ll need to train it by taking it on test flights called flightpaths, and you can set up multiple paths and have the drone stop and check different waypoints. There’s also independent control, and you can pause the camera in mid-air and rotate it to take a  look around.

Learn more about the new Ring products shown at CES 2023 in this more detailed article on the blog.

TP-Link Homebase Tapo H900

tp link Homebase Tapo H900

TP-Link has entered the world of smart displays with the TP-Link Homebase Tapo H900. It’s a smart hub that supports all types of smart home devices including those based on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Matter, and more. Not only will the Homebase Tapo H900 control smart home devices, but it’s also a video surveillance and storage centre so you can see a live stream of up to 16 cameras. When you’re not monitoring your smart home, you can use the hub as a digital photo frame, alarm clock, and calendar.

TP-Link Wi-Fi 7 Mesh Routers

TP-Link won two CES innovation awards for their Wi-Fi 7 mesh routers—the Archer GE800, a BE19000 Tri-Band WiFi 7 Gaming Router, and Deco BE95, a BE33000 Whole Home Mesh WiFi 7 System. We announced these on the blog a couple months ago and at CES 2023 got our first look at this new technology. Deco Mesh Wi-Fi routers use the Deco system v3 for True Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi. It also protects your network with HomeShield to prevent unwanted access or attacks. Deco works by placing connection units in different spots in your home so you can roam everywhere and connect to high-speed Wi-Fi without dropping  your signal.

Moen Smart Sprinkler Controller

Moen is well known for high-end home plumbing products, and the brand has ventured outside with the Moen Smart Sprinkler Controller. Winner of a 2023 CES Innovation Award Honoree award, the Moen Smart Sprinkler Controller offers you smart control of your garden and yard sprinklers.

You can set up zones and watering schedules for different parts of your yard. The sprinkler system will check the weather and adjust the watering schedule based on whether it’s raining outside. You can also pair it with Moen Smart Wireless Soil Sensors to measure how much water your soil has at one, three, and five inches.

Moen Motion and Voice Control Faucet

The Moen Smart Faucet with Motion Control is a completely touch-free faucet you control with hand gestures and voice commands. You can swipe left for hot water, right for cold water, and swipe down for warm water. You can also control it via your smart speaker, asking it to turn off or on when you need it, or use the Moen app to create custom presets.

Moen Smart Shower

If you’re not a fan of waiting for your shower to warm up every day, you’re going to love the Moen Smart Shower. It’s a smart home device that starts the shower from the Moen app. You can also use voice commands to control the shower, and you’ll be able to set an exact water temperature, pause your shower to prevent water waste, and receive notifications when your shower is ready.

LawnMaster All-in-One Robot Lawnmower

Robot lawn mowers are really mowing their way into the mainstream. LawnMaster, a popular lawn mower brand, has released a new robot lawn mower that can clip up to 400 square meters in one go. The LawnMaster robot lawnmower can work for 10 hours a day and can be set on a schedule so your lawn stays mowed without you having to head outdoors at all. It can roll up slopes up to 35% and is IPX5 rated so it can be sprayed clean with a hose.

Baracoda BBalance Smart Bath mat

MatscaleThe Baracoda BBalance Smart Bath mat is the world’s first Matscale. It’s a multi-use device that records your weight, checks your balance and stability, and evaluates your posture. The scale uses a bio-impedance analysis system to take your weight as well as your muscle and fat mass. It helps you improve your balance by giving you a daily score based on your center of gravity, and has a patent-pending 2800 dot pressure mapping system to give you a posture score as well.

Baracoda Smart Bathroom Mirror

Baracoda has designed a smart mirror called the BMirror, and I think this is one a lot of people are really going to be interested in. It’s a mirror that can identify whether a mole on your face has changed colour slightly or let you see how you’d look if you changed hair colour.

Bird Buddy AI bird feeder

Bird Buddy AIOne of the most interesting smart home devices at CES 2023 was the Bird Buddy AI bird feeder. It’s a bird feeder with a built-in camera, and it uses AI to log bird visits, send you photos and videos, and detect what type of bird is in front of it. You can use the app to take photos, and they’ve just announced a new feeder that works for Hummingbirds too.

Nanoleaf Sense+ Controls


Nanoleaf is a very popular smart home lighting system, and at CES 2023 they announced the Nanoleaf Sense+ Controls. A winner of a CES 2023 Innovation Award, it’s a line of controls that learn over time to create a hands-free smart lighting system.

Nanoleaf Sense+ is Matter-enabled and includes the Wireless Smart Light Switch, Nala Learning Bridge, and hardwired Smart Light Switch. You get built-in motion and ambient light sensors, and Nala uses automated learning technology so it will learn your lighting preferences depending on your daily routines. As time goes on, Nala will completely control your lighting experience so you don’t have to flip the switch on your lights at all.


During the CES 2023 press conferences, the big brands made it a point to talk about sustainability. They detailed their plans for moving toward clean energy, and it’s very likely Powerfoyle is going to be a big part of that. Powerfoyle is a light-charging solar cell material that’s starting to appear in all kinds of new devices.


You’ll find Powerfoyle in remote controls, headphones, and more. Read a review of Urbanista headphones that incorporate Powerfoyle technology to remain charged.

The material can harvest all forms of indoor and outdoor light and convert it to clean energy. Not only is Powerfoyle environmentally friendly, but devices made with it are self-powering. You won’t have to worry about plugging into them to charge because they charge themselves as you wear them or use them.

Upgrade your smart home in 2023

That’s a quick recap of everything announced at CES 203 for the smart home. You can find all of the latest smart home devices at Best Buy.

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