Samsung wants you to focus on what matters most. With 14 billion connected devices in use, they want to make it easier to connect to your home, car, and to other devices. They are committed to net zero carbon emissions and are building sustainability into their new devices. Here are the highlights from the CES 2023 Samsung press conference.

Samsung TVs, home theatre, and appliances

At the Samsung First Look the brand unveiled several new TVs as well as updates to the BeSpoke appliance lineup. They didn’t mention the TVs specifically at the CES 2023 press conference, but I’ll highlight them below. You can read about the Bespoke appliances and see photos from the floor in Christine’s post.

Samsung’s sustainability goals


It’s great to see the big brands highlight their commitment to the environment, and Samsung was no exception. At the press conference, they outlined their sustainability goals.

  • By 2050 all operations will reach Net zero carbon emissions
  • Each product will have a new feature that makes the use of tech more sustainable. They call it everyday sustainability
  • The idea is that by building sustainability into the product experience, everyone can help make the planet healthier

Samsung TVs and smartphones now include recycled plastic. As they move forward more devices will also include recycled materials.

Energy Star Rating and SHEMS

Samsung wants to maximize energy savings by creating an improved connected home experience. It was announced that their partnership with the US Environmental Protection Agency and SHEMS (smart home energy management system) has resulted in Samsung being awarded the first Energy Star rating for a massive smart market system.

Smart Things Energy Mode and Carbon Trust

With thousands of connected devices, Samsung wants to lower energy costs for running your smart home and reduce your environmental impact. They have joined the Carbon Trust to develop an industry standard for reducing carbon emissions. The eventual goal is to have a net zero home that conserves resources.

Partnership with Patagonia to keep microplastics out of our oceans

Last year Samsung partnered with Patagonia to develop a washing machine that could reduce microplastics in water. The ‘less microfiber cycle’ available in the Bespoke line of washing machines will reduce microplastics as you wash. There will also be a filter available to filter out microplastics that will fit all washing machines, not just Samsung.

A connected smart home


While they didn’t speak of specific device features, the press conference highlighted different services you can use to make your home and your family more connected.

SmartThings Pet Care

SmartThings has a service called SmartThings Pet Care. It takes your smart devices and puts them to work monitoring your pets. For example, the Jetbot has a camera that can detect dogs and cats. The newest TVs have sensors that can pick up on barking. Working together, they can alert you if your dog is unhappy and turn on a nature video for him. You’ll also be able to turn on your home’s air conditioner if the room is too hot for your pet or turn on the air purifier to reduce pet odours.

Fitness with Samsung connected devices.

Your new TV will be able to sense motion and compare it with your connected smart watch to completely customize your fitness experience. You’ll be able to work out with a trainer right on your TV and receive custom tips and workout motivation.

New Samsung Family Hub Plus

The Samsung Family Hub Plus is a fridge with TV panel. It has a built-in screen and it’s able to communicate with other devices in your smart home. It even lets family members chat with each other.

SmartThings Station


Samsung SmartThings is the smallest smart things hub.  It’s built inside a wireless charger and it has a button on it that you can use to program your smart lights or an air conditioner matter. It’s also the first smart home device to have Matter built in right now.

Samsung TVs and Philips Hue sync your smart lights


Samsung announced a new partnership with Philips Hue. You’ll be able to sync your  TV with your smart lights and use the Philips Hue Sync app instead of needing a separate Philip Hue Play box. The service is available on TVs starting tomorrow.

Samsung security via Knox Matrix

Samsung announced the new Knox Matrix is security for your smart home. There are two parts to Knox Matrix – Credential Sync secures your data and Trust chain connects your devices so they monitor for security threats together. If there is an attack on your smart devices, Knox matrix will let you know. The service is managed by a private block chain.

Samsung and Harmon keep you safe in the car

Samsung and Harmon have collaborated to create ICX. ICX is an in-cabin experience for the car that is aimed to make the car safer to drive. Harmon has designed a machine learning process to measure your drowsiness and distraction levels. It can use your devices like your Galaxy Watch to sense your stress and notice if your focus is decreasing. You can decide if you want the car to change your interior lights or cool the cabin to wake you up.

Samsung Personal AI

Samsung is creating personalized AI that uses åsmart home devices to create individual experiences. It will sense which room you’re in and map out your home, eliminating the need to give your smart devices detailed instructions. For example, when you say ‘go clean under the table,’ your Jetbot will understand and head to the table you’d like it to clean under. There’s also generative AI which lets creative people become their own artistic directors.

Relumino Mode

Relumio mode

The last thing announced at the Samsung CES 2023 press conference was an accessibility feature called Relumino mode. It’s a TV feature for people on the blindness spectrum, and it can enhance contrast, ratio, brightness, and sharpness to make the screen easier to see.

Samsung TVs unveiled at CES 2023

Samsung announced several TVs at CES 2023, but they didn’t mention them specifically at their press conference. Here’s a quick look at what was revealed at CES 2023.

Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K and 4K televisions

Samsung 2023 Neo. QLED. TV

The 2023 models of Samsung Neo QLED are available in 8K and 4K resolution. They are Quantum Mini LED-lit TVs with so many unique features.

  • Powered by a Neural Quantum Processor with 14-bit processing and AI upscaling
  • Shape Adaptive Light Control and Real Depth Enhancer Pro for the most vivid, realistic picture
  • Auto HDR remastering that uses AI deep learning tech to analyze and apply HDR in real-time
  • HDR remastering uses AI deep learning to process your standard resolution images on a scene-by-scene basis, so your 720 SDR content will seem even brighter and real to life

Samsung MicroLED gets smaller

Samsung revealed its MicroLED lineup including TVs that range in size from 50 inches to 140 inches. They’ve also said that the new MicroLED lineup won’t require professional installation, but there was no word on the exact cost of the TV.

New Samsung OLEDs for 2023

2023 Samsung OLEDs will be available in 55 inches, 65 inches, and a new 77-inch model. They have the same Quantum Dot technology in Samsung’s Neo QLEDs and Neural Quantum Processors to enhance peak brightness and true-to-life colour. They also have 144Hz refresh rate and Samsung’s Gamer Hub built-in. For the first time, the new Samsung OLEDs have AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro certification for the best possible OLED gaming experience.

Samsung Press Conference at CES 2023

That’s a wrap on the Samsung Press Conference. Be sure to look for more Samsung content as we cover CES 2023 on the Best Buy blog.

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