ToucanToucan’s Smart Home products have come a long way since their introduction to the market a few years ago. Drawing its roots from things like outdoor light fixture add-on cameras, Toucan has grown to include smart and very affordable solutions for inside and outside your home. As parent company VuPoint Solutions exhibits Toucan at CES 2021, here’s a look at a couple of the things you can expect to see from them this year. These items, by the way, are now available at Best Buy.

Toucan offers a 180 degree smart doorbell with a wireless chime

One of the difficulties you’ll find with smart doorbells is how to angle the video camera towards the door in order for you to see who’s there. Sometimes you’ll just never get the perfect angle no matter how hard you try, which shouldn’t be surprising. Most of our homes have doorbells installed to sit right next to the front door. That’s great for people ringing the doorbell, and not always so great for a video enabled one. Toucan’s Wi-Fi Video Doorbell will take some of that stress away.

Toucan’s doorbell is one of the few out there that provides a 180 degree wide field of view, which captures more from its vantage point than just about all of its competitors do. It’s got a really slimmed down look compared to other video doorbells too, and holds an IP56 rating, meaning that it’s really well equipped against dust entry, moisture, rainfall, and snowfall.

It also comes with a wireless chime you can place anywhere indoors so that you don’t miss whomever is at the door, and a picture in picture feature (which I have not seen with any other camera) so that it can fixate on one area in addition to its live feed.


Wire-free security cameras offer a flexible mounting solution

In addition to all of the base security features, Toucan’s Wire Free Security Cameras (also available in a 2-pack) feature magnetic mounts. This means that you are free to mount the camera in any place you see fit and angle it to where it needs to look. You can easily pull the camera off the mount to charge the batteries too. If the outside of your home has some weird angles, you don’t have to fight much with the installation since you can just swivel the camera into place.

Toucan’s Security Camera features Night Vision, a 131 degree camera with motion detection, and also comes with an IP56 rating. The camera is completely wireless and has 24 hour online playback to watch back everything it has captured throughout the day.

Both devices are supported by the Toucan App and feature really easy installation that allows you to set things up within minutes of setting up an account and powering up your devices. The app does offer a certain amount of free playback capability, but cloud storage is available if you’d like to retain more footage than what you can keep for free. The products are also supported by digital assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo and are fully compatible with their video solutions too, like the Echo Show.

Lastly, Toucan also maintains their own online blog with helpful tips and features to help you get the most out of your products.

All of the above products mentioned in this blog are now available at Best Buy and online at For more announcements from CES 2021, check out our other blog posts covering the event.

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