Arlo Pro 4 Bundle Review

As someone who has been using Arlo cameras for a few years, I was very interested in taking a look at the Arlo Pro 4 security camera. Arlo Pro 4 is a 2K camera that doesn’t require an Arlo Smart Hub to connect. After unboxing and setting up the Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Security Camera bundle, I am really impressed with the clarity, field of view, and anti-theft features of this set of cameras.

Unboxing Arlo Pro 4 Security Camera bundle

Arlo Pro 4 bundle unboxing

While Arlo Pro 4 cameras are available individually, you get an entire security system when you choose the Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Security Camera bundle. It’s exclusive to Best Buy and it’s packaged with the following:

  • Three Arlo Pro 4 security cameras
  • Four Arlo rechargeable batteries
  • Dual Battery Charging Station charges two batteries at one time and works 15% faster than other Arlo chargers
  • Anti-theft mounts
  • Anti-theft security key
  • Arlo sign for your yard
  • Screws and drywall plugs for mounting

Features on Arlo Pro 4 security cameras

Arlo Pro 4 black

Arlo has had the same wire-free, weatherproof white style for their camera lineup for a long time. Arlo Pro 4 and Arlo Ultra 2 are slightly different in that they have part of the mount built into the camera itself. The Arlo Pro 4 is also available in black.

  • Arlo Pro 4 works right out of the box without the need for a Smart Hub
  • 2K HDR resolution with 160-degree horizontal viewing angle
  • Weatherproof from -20 C to 45 C
  • 300-foot line of sight range
  • Colour night vision
  • New anti-theft design locks the camera securely to mount using a security key
  • Spotlight lights up when motion is detected
  • Siren on camera is activated in-app or can be set to turn on with motion detection
  • Two-way audio lets you speak to whoever is in front of your camera
  • Six months of battery life depending on motion settings
  • Video clips are saved to Arlo app
  • 3-months of Arlo Secure Trial for 30-day cloud recording and smart object detection to define whether motion is a package, animal, person, or vehicle

Setting up Arlo Pro 4 security cameras

Arlo Pro 4 Security Bundle Review

Setting up the Arlo Pro 4 Security Camera bundle was very easy, and I love the new anti-theft features. The battery is placed inside the camera and locked in with the security key. They’ve changed the design of the camera to include part of the mount, so the camera itself is mounted to a wall plate you can place wherever you’d like. It’s impossible for anyone else to pull down because you attach the camera body to the mount by threading it on. Once it’s mounted you use the security key to tighten a small pin at the bottom of the mount. As long as you have your security key, no one else can take down your camera.

The anti-theft design of the Arlo Pro 4 is pretty fantastic. If you follow the instructions and mount the Arlo Pro 4 camera properly, it’s impossible to pull it down unless you’re strong enough to pull the camera off the wall itself. I pulled at it and I couldn’t budge it. With three screws attaching the base plate and a very solid plastic design, I’m not concerned the camera could be taken down. Even if I place it right where someone could reach out and touch it, it’s still very secure.

Connecting to the Arlo app

Settings Arlo Pro 4 FOV Arlo Pro 4 Arlo library video clips

Arlo Pro 4 cameras don’t need an Arlo Smart Hub to connect, so when you set them up the app will connect the camera itself to your Wi-Fi network. This is different from the Arlo Ultra 2 4K cameras I just reviewed. If you’d like to be free of any extra devices plugging in via Ethernet, Arlo 4 is a great option.

To set it up you’ll put the battery inside the Arlo Pro 4 and attach the mount. The camera will begin blinking blue to indicate it is ready to sync. The Arlo app will recognize the camera and add it to your profile. Once it’s added you’ll see it on your device list. At a glance, you can see Wi-Fi strength, tap record or photo to manually capture a snapshot or video clip, and turn the spotlight or alarm off and on. You can also tap the microphone to talk to someone via the camera.

Within the settings for each Arlo camera, you can adjust the Activity Zones to focus motion detection on one area, change the field of view, adjust audio settings, and more. I really like how you can adjust the settings for each camera and add an individual arm/disarm schedule for each camera. When you have the Arlo Smart Hub connecting your cameras, all 3 cameras will arm/disarm together. I’d rather have the option to set one camera to be armed all the time and two working on individual schedules.

Testing out Arlo 4 Security bundle

With the new Dual Battery Charging station, your Arlo Pro 4 camera battery will charge in about 3 hours. I love the charging station. It can keep one battery charged and ready to go so you can switch it out. Having the extra battery means your camera is never offline.

Your battery should last between 3 to 6 months, but that time can vary if you’re almost continually triggering the camera with motion detection. I couldn’t test out the exact time as I didn’t need to recharge the battery during my test period.

Solid connection to Wi-Fi and 2K HDR video

Arlo Pro 4 Image capture

Arlo Pro 4 cameras stream in 2K, and it’s pretty impressive. The addition of HDR lightens up any dark corners you may have and adds a level of colour, contrast, and depth to the videos you capture. I was surprised at how bright everything was, and you can really see detail in the video. The 160-degree field of view is impressive too, and it gives you a wide angle to capture vehicle details or take in any people who may be in your yard.

Arlo Pro 4 cameras have a line of sight connectivity range of 300 feet. I placed an Arlo Pro 4 camera about 200 feet away from my router and I maintained 3 solid bars of Wi-Fi. I also placed an Arlo Pro 4 camera 100 feet away and also had 3 bars of Wi-Fi for that camera. I’m very impressed with that strong of a connection considering there is no Smart Hub to bounce signals off. The quality was consistent too. No matter when or where motion was detected, Arlo 4 cameras consistently produced video within seconds and were very responsive when I tapped for a live view.

Auto track and follow in 2K

Arlo antitheft mount

One of the best features of Arlo cameras is how you can set them to auto-track and follow, and Arlo Pro 4 cameras have this feature too. You can’t use 2K live view at the same time as Auto Track, but when you turn it on the camera will follow detected motion. That means you get a clear look at license plates, people’s faces, animals, and packages someone left for you.

On occasion, I found the camera became a little confused and veered in the opposite direction after tracking for a few seconds. More often than not it would follow the motion, pan out for a wider view, and then zoom in again. If I paused the video I could easily see a license plate or whatever detail I needed to see.

Sound quality and colour night vision

Arlo Pro 4 colour night vision

Arlo Pro 4 has two-way talk and colour night vision. I haven’t really used two-way talk as of yet, but I found the sound quality on Arlo Pro 4 is great. The microphone could pick up background audio very easily, and in one clip I could hear my chickens clucking when they were 200 feet away.

Colour night vision is another option on Arlo Pro 4 cameras, and the spotlight will turn on when the camera detects motion at night so you can see better detail. I’ve picked up a few interesting animals at night with Arlo Pro 4 cameras, including an opossum who happened to be walking through my yard. I like how the video quality improves significantly when you use colour night vision. If someone is in your yard when they aren’t supposed to be you’ll be able to see what colour clothing they are wearing or other details that standard night vision can’t pick up.

Arlo Secure and smart alerts

With each Arlo Pro 4 Security Camera bundle, you get a 3-month trial subscription to Arlo Secure. You can use your cameras without Arlo Secure, but you won’t be able to store your video unless you manually capture it. Arlo Secure also adds a layer of smart options you don’t have access to unless you subscribe. With the plan, you get 30 days of cloud storage, smart alerts, and other features like an Emergency Response button you can tap when you turn your siren on. There is a range of subscription options, with prices starting at $3 and moving up to $15.

One of the smart features you get with Arlo Secure is motion identification. The camera will identify motion and label it as a package, animal, vehicle, or person. In my experience, it’s extremely accurate, and it helps because it reduces the number of times I had to pick up my phone and look at the footage. If an animal sets off my camera at 3 am I’ll chalk it up to my dog walking past, but if a vehicle or person is picked up I’d likely go to live view and may set off the siren if needed. The siren itself is quite loud, and I think it would definitely deter someone who was within range of the camera. It sounds shrill, just like a car alarm.

Should you choose Arlo Pro 4 Security Camera bundle?

Arlo Pro 4 camera review

Arlo Pro 4 cameras are easy to use, weatherproof and wire-free, and they are stand-alone so you don’t need an Arlo Smart Hub. I was very impressed with the 2K HDR video quality and motion detection, and I never had trouble connecting to the camera to watch a live feed or view my video clips.

While Arlo Secure costs a bit per month or per year, it feels worth it to me. It stores 30 days of video and the smart notifications make it easy for me to monitor what’s going on outside of my home.

The Arlo Pro 4 Security Camera bundle is a great choice for anyone who wants to set up a camera-based security system. The Dual Battery charger is my favourite Arlo charger yet, and you can use it to charge older batteries you have from other generations of Arlo cameras. I also love the anti-theft mounting system, and I’m very confident that no one will be able to pull the cameras from where they are mounted. Even if they could, it would continue recording video because they would need the security key to get the battery out.

The Arlo Pro 4 Security Camera bundle is an instant security system for anyone who wants to keep an eye on their home or yard. This Best Buy exclusive security camera bundle is available right now.

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