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Revolution Toaster with touchscreen on

The Revolution Toaster isn’t your ordinary kitchen appliance. Not only is it packed with top toasting tech to get the perfect browning every time, it’s also equipped with a big, fancy touchscreen to bring your toasting experience into the modern age.

But is a high-tech toaster worth it? Well, I’ve spent some time with this toaster that looks like it comes from the future, trying out all manner of breakfasts from bread to toaster strudel. While not everyone will find a place for the Revolution Toaster in their kitchen, I’m confident that those who do will never toast the same way again.

Are you ready to revolutionize … your toaster? Well, get ready.

Why the Revolution Toaster rocks

There are a lot of things to appreciate about this powerhouse of a toaster, especially when it comes to its high-tech features. Its combination of a touchscreen with smart technology let you toast bread, bagels, English muffins, waffles, and pastries with a few quick taps.

As intuitive as any toaster

the touchscreen options of the Revolution Toaster

One of the great things about a typical toaster is its simplicity—bread goes in, toast comes out. And what I love about the Revolution Toaster is that despite its futuristic appearance and features, it manages to hang onto that simplicity.

The touchscreen is simple and intuitive to navigate. Just pick your toasting product, the darkness you’d like, and whether you need it defrosted or just reheated, and you’re ready to go. And despite the inclusion of a touchscreen, the only setup process required is to set the date and time, which is both easy and optional.

Take the guesswork out of toasting

When you get a new toaster, it often takes a little trial and error to figure out just how dark “level 4” will get your toast. But the Revolution Toaster’s touchscreen and smart heating technology make that guesswork a thing of the past.

While it may seem superfluous to put a touchscreen on a toaster, the Revolution puts it to good use. When you select your darkness settings, the screen will give you a little preview of how dark you can expect your toast to get. How does it do that? That’s where this toaster really shines.

The Revolution has sensors that can not only track the heat of your bread but also its shape and size. Then it uses algorithms (ooh la la!) to adjust its temperature to make sure it’s delivering the optimal level of heat to get as close to your desired darkness as possible.

bagel slices on a plate toasted to perfection

But does it actually work? Well, after a week of consuming way too many carbs, I can say that for the most part, the answer is YES. In almost every case, this toaster browned my bread with remarkable accuracy. Was it 100% identical to the photo? Of course not, but it was uncanny enough to impress this toaster reviewer. My bagels consistently had my ideal crunch-softness ratio and my toaster strudels were perfectly crispy.

However, there was one notable exception, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Perfect toast at light-speed

closeup of touchscreen showing toasting progress

One of the major selling points of this toaster is that it’s fast. They are not exaggerating.

When I first tried the Revolution toaster, one of the first things I noticed was how fast it was. The touchscreen will give you a little countdown clock so you know exactly how soon you’ll get your toast, but I don’t see why you’d need it. Often I’d go to grab my butter or cream cheese, and by the time I got back, there was only 10 seconds left on the clock.

Say goodbye to toast-related jump scaresa cat next to the Revolution Toaster - he didn't get startled once

One of my pet peeves, as mentioned in other toaster reviews, is getting scared out of my wits when the toaster pops. But with the Revolution Toaster, those jump scares are a thing of the past.

You might have noticed that this toaster doesn’t have a lever like a traditional toaster. That’s because instead of a spring-loaded mechanism, it electronically lowers and raises your toast. When you hit “Start” it will softly sink into the toaster. And when it’s done, it will rise up with a gentle beep to let you know it’s ready.

Where the Revolution falls flat

Almost no product is perfect, and sadly, neither is this toaster. Before you join the Revolution, there are a few caveats you should know about.

Watch those waffles!

While the Revolution Toaster cooked nearly everything perfectly, there was one glaring exception that just didn’t live up to expectations: WAFFLES.

No matter what setting I used, all of my toaster waffles came out way darker than the preview image, and sometimes even a bit burnt. It was very odd, since it handled bread, bagels, English muffins, and even toaster strudel with no issues. I thought it might be the kind of waffles I was using, so I bought more types from different brands with varying thicknesses and shapes. I found that only one of my three kinds of waffles fared well in the Revolution. Below, you can see my three types of waffles all cooked on the same setting, with only one, the thick and fluffy brand, being properly cooked. 

3 types of waffles on a plate, 2 of them are overcooked

It’s entirely possible that you would have different results with your favourite kind of waffle. As I said, every other product came out perfect and it did work well with one of my types. I can’t tell you why it didn’t like most of my waffles, but if you love a toaster waffle, the Revolution might not be for you. I suppose you could always hit “Cancel” before they get too dark, but that seems like an inconvenience for a toaster this advanced.

Speaking of which…

A high-tech toaster with a high-tech price tag

It shouldn’t be a surprise that this toaster packed with sensors and algorithms comes with a price to match, much higher than your typical model. While the high price is justified by all of the incredible innovation dedicated to the Revolution, cost is a big factor in any appliance purchase. So, I wouldn’t blame anyone if it were outside their budget.

Is it worth the price? I think only you can decide that for yourself. But I would recommend this toaster more for busy households and workplaces that need to do a lot of toasting and quickly. It is incredibly fast and (waffles aside) will get you the right browning on the first try.

Top toasting tech

inside the Revolution Toaster as it uses InstaGlo to toast English muffins

Whether or not it belongs in your kitchen, you can’t deny that this toaster is leading the Revolution in toasting tech. I was incredibly impressed with its design, innovative use of a touchscreen, and intuitive operation. If the Revolution Toaster sounds like your kind of party, you can check it out on to keep your breakfasts revolutionary.

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