Finding a handbag fit for the office is surprisingly difficult. You either find one that’s stylish but too small to carry the ‘essentials’, or perfectly sized but simply not appropriate for post-work activities. Lately, I’ve been carrying two, sometimes three bags to work, depending on what I have planned and if I packed a lunch. It’s exhausting. And I know I’m not the only one as I see women carrying multiple bags each and every day on my commute to Toronto.

But recently, after searching long and hard for the perfect handbag to wear to my internship I said ‘Yes’ to handbag of my dreams, the Vince Camuto Tina Satchel (and evidently yes to the TV show Say Yes To The Dress). But, honestly, it’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more. From the softness of the leather to its unique square shape and striking gold details to the signature Vince Camuto lining, it’s perfect. And to be quite honest, if I could be reincarnated into a purse, this would be it.


Aside from looking great, the Vince Camuto Tina Satchel is also practical and surprisingly spacious. Although not compartmentalized, the unique shape provides a large opening, which allows you to easily find and retrieve items – something I’ve never been quite good at. The handbag also features a cross-body strap, which I tend to attach on days I bring my computer to the office in order to offset the weight. And of course, my beloved Vince Camuto ‘Tina’ carries all of my office/work ‘essentials’.

My Must-Haves For The Office
I was always taught that success begins with preparation, which is why I rarely leave the house without my cellphone, iPad mini, or notepad. It might seem redundant to bring a physical notebook when both the phone and tablet contain a notepad feature, but personally, I believe something occurs on a psychological level when you physically writing down your goals that simply can’t be re-created when done on a device. And, I mean, beyond that, it’s always nice to doodle.

For beauty products, I like to carry a mint-flavoured gel lip balm, a classic nude lipstick, and hand cream. I’ve been pretty obsessed with the Caudalíe Hand & Nail Cream because it also looks after my cuticles. And with the temperature dropping it’s becoming more and more essential to use it, and my lip balm, throughout the day.

Finally, there’s the only truly necessary item of all, my Chanel wallet, which I purchased on a trip to New York City when I was in high school, over 8-years ago. It amazes me that this wallet is still in great condition, but I’m ever so thankful because it perfectly compliments the Vince Camuto Tina Handbag.

If you had asked me to fit these ‘essentials’ into one of the other purses in my wardrobe I would have laughed, but the Vince Camuto Tina does it all and even features additional room for my lunch. But my favourite feature of all? The fact that I can bring it out to post-work cocktails or a dinner date without feeling out of touch with my personal style.

Haven’t found the handbag of your dreams yet? Your bag-charming could be hiding within the amazing selection of handbags Best Buy has to offer. Have a look!

Amy McKissock
Amy McKissock is the blogger behind the Toronto based fashion and beauty blog, Bratty B. She is dedicated to bringing her readers regular inspiration through outfit posts, beauty reviews, and photo diaries, all while staying true to her monochromatic philosophy. When not blogging she can be found exploring the city in hopes of stumbling upon the next hot spot. Follow her adventures on Instagram, @brattyb.


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