You can improve your video skills quickly with great photography accessories from Aputure and Deity. I recently sent several of their products, Aputure lights and Deity mics, out to independent writers for reviews and I was quite surprised at the enthusiasm in those reviews. If you are a photographer or videographer, read the reviews then enter to win some of these great accessories in this contest.

Aputure provides unique lighting options everywhere you go

You can’t always predict what the lighting conditions will be when you take your camera away from the controlled conditions of your home or studio.  Even at home, you might want to expand you lighting options with softer light source projected from an odd angle, or perhaps adding a dash of accent hues in pink or blue to the situation for a dramatic effect. I learned in this review by Ted Kritsonis, that Aputure lights offer a huge range of lighting flexibility.

Get inspired! I did when I read that review article. As you can see at the top of this article, I regularly take product shots of the prizes that will be given away in a contest. And those product shots are okay, but kind of boring—especially when compared with the dynamic product shots that are demonstrated in the review article. If I had one of these lights, I would definitely use it for all of the contest shots that I take in the future.

Deity mics are perfect for all video settings

You can’t have good videos without clear audio. I assign dozens of video projects each month, to many different content creators. Most of those videos turn out great, but once in a while, they are submitted with terrible sound. Usually this happens when the video is shot outdoors, but even some indoor shoots pick up too much ambient noise to be publishable. Justin Morrison explains in his review of Deity mics that they are great for solving a wide range of audio issues. He discusses the features of each mic to make it easy for you to decide which one is best suited to your particular needs.

Inexpensive and indispensable for all photographers and videographers

Aperture lights and Deity mics are accessible for any one with a camera. And since they are not pricey, you don’t have to wait for a birthday or holiday gift to get one. Which one will you choose? If you enter this contest you don’t have to choose: we are giving away five prize packs: each pack with have both lights and both mics that were reviewed. That’s all four of these great products … and all you have to do is enter for you chance to win.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy but you can only enter once. In a comment below, tell us which of the products we are offering in the prize pack for this contest will you use the most and why.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we will randomly select five (5) winners and each will receive a photo accessory prize pack that includes: Aputure Amaran AL-M9 LED, Aputure MC RGBWW Film Light, Deity V-Mic D3 Pro Camera Microphone, and Deity V-Mic D4 DUO Microphone.

This contest runs from April 16th to May 2nd.

Remember you can only enter once. However, you probably lots of people with a penchant for photography who would love a chance to win these great lights and mics. Share this contest with them so they too have a chance to win.

Win Aputure and Deity Photography Accessories Contest Rules and Regulations

Good Luck


  1. I would really lolve the Deity Mic microphone for sound and because I love music so much , also for that

  2. I would use the Aputure Amaran light for photos of my husbands bowls for Sometimes the light isn’t great in our kitchen.

  3. Definitely the Aputure MC RGBWW Film Light to help me take crisp pictures and support my home business. I am a young (woman) entrepreneur trying to support herself and her family solely on this candle business, which launched in the pandemic after being layed off.

    (And also to take pictures of my newborn nephews!)

  4. Deity V-Mic D3 Pro Camera Microphone. I would get a polished professional look to record sounds at every occasion

  5. Definitely the mic! It will really help with the quality of sound and overall clarity of my videos! Thanks

  6. I would definitely use the Deity V-Mic D4 DUO Microphone, as it would greatly change the audio of my videos on YouTube

  7. I would use V-mic D4 DUO the most, because it would help the wind sound for my videos, this package would be amazing to win!

    • I would love to win the Aputure MC RGBWW Film Light (APA0142A10). It would make my photos more professional as I am in the influencer field. Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. The Aputure light and multi-coloured light would be awesome to have, it would certainly make my photos appear more professional.

  9. The Aputure MC RGBWW Film Light would be very helpful in taking photos. Thanks for the opportunity.

  10. The Aputure light and multi-coloured light will be super useful. I’m starting a blog and need to be able to take non-boring photos.

  11. I would probably use the Aperture light the most as I take a lot of pictures so this would give me more to work with

  12. Definitely the Aputure MC RGBWW Film Light. I make a lot of selftapes and getting the lighting just right is always super important

  13. I would absolutely love to win the Deity mic for my new ASMR YouTube channel, and some new amazing shoots!

  14. The Aputure Amaran AL-M9 LED Fill Light because I find lighting is the best way to improve a photo.

  15. Definitely will use the Deity V-Mic D3 Pro Camera Microphone most for getting the most out of my nature shots. Babbling brooks have more overtones than most people think!

  16. Aputure Amaran AL-M9 LED as I have no lighting now and need to add products to my website as my store is closed down right now

  17. Since my filming is split 50/50 indoor/outdoor I would use the Aputure MC RGBWW Film Light indoors and the Deity V-Mic D3 Pro Camera Microphone outdoors.

  18. Deity V-Mic D4 DUO Microphone! My younger sister is in a Degree program at Ryerson called New Media. She is constantly recording sounds around the house for her multiple projects. It would be great for her to have some new equipment to assist in her studies!

  19. Aputure Amaran AL-M9 LELD Light because lighting is the most important for a scene. You can get away with having a lower quality camera if you have decent lighting. Lighting really makes a scene pop out and give it some flare. It adds life and emotion.

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