Family around the Epson FastFoto scanner.This Mother’s Day, help your mom create, share, and put together memories with the perfect gift. Moms tend to be the scrapbookers and picture-takers of the family; they are the ones who grab for their phones just in time to capture pivotal moments, from the Grand Slam the grandson hit at their softball game to baby’s first steps. Here are a few Mother’s Day gifs ideas to not only make it more easy for her to capture those moments, but also more fun to share with the whole family. 

Make memories with a camera

The most obvious way to help mom improve her photos-taking skills and have fun is with a camera she can use alongside or instead of her smartphone for snapping photos.

Sony ZV 1F cameraCameras

Moms who love to create content to share online, including videos (maybe she makes her own Instagram reels?) will love a camera like the Sony ZV-1F content creator vlogger camera. It has a 20.1MP sensor and has tons of features to help automate tasks like autofocus add artistic effects, like defocusing the background or recording in slow motion or hyper lapse.

Nikon Z30 mirrorless cameraFor something more versatile, a mirrorless camera such as the Canon EOS R10 or the Nikon Z30 could help mom capture high-quality images while giving her more creative control. They both come with lens kits and features like 4K video capture as well as high-res image capture. The Nikon Z30 even has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, and an SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot for easily connecting, sharing, and storing content in a multitude of ways. Both have a swivelling 3-inch LCD for framing the best shots and videos.

Instax cameras

Fujifilm Instax Mini 12

If mom is more interested in photography for fun, candid shots, she might appreciate an instant camera like the Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 that’s perfect for printing tiny selfies or even group photos she can add to a scrapbook.

Polaroid Now instant cameraMake things simple with a bundle that includes everything she needs in the box and is ready-made for gift wrapping. The previous generation Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 is available in a cute floral bundle that’s perfect for gifting. It’ll get her started right out of the box with the camera, a case, a pack of instant film, flower photo holder, batteries, hand strap, and shutter accessory set. Or there’s the Polaroid Now instant camera everything box that includes the camera, charging cable, neck strap, and a double pack of colour film.


DJI Mini 3 drone

You might think of drones as just fun, outdoor toys. But they come with cameras for capturing video from unique bird’s eye view perspectives that mom will love, making them a solid gift of memories. DJI is one of the top brands in the business with models for every level of user. Mom will likely pick up controlling it in no time then get to filming exciting footage. Start her off with the DJI Mini 3 quadcopter drone with smart controller that can go as high as 4,000 metres capturing 4K video and photos and run for up to 38 minutes per charge.

Or if you think mom will be navigating like a pro in no time, opt for the DJI Mini 3 Pro quadcopter drone with camera and smart controller that has a real-time video transmitter for watching footage as it happens along with advanced features like auto follow mode so it automatically tracks and follows her movements.

Print memories

Having a big selection of photos on your phone and posted to social media is great. But sometimes, it’s nice to have something tangible you can hold in your hand. And for moms, most importantly, show off with pride. Whether it’s for her desk at the office or to frame and hang on the wall or place on a side table at home, she’ll love being able to print a memory from time to time using a good printer or scanner.

Epson EcoTank ET8550Printer photo scanner

What mom will love about a printer like the Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8550 wireless all-in-one Supertank inkjet printer is that she won’t have to rush out to the store to buy replacement ink cartridges every month or two if she gets especially excited and makes tons of prints. It uses refillable ink reservoirs that last for up to two years per bottle, so she can print to her heart’s content. This includes not only stunning, full-colour photos on photo paper that are worthy of framing, but also other documents and creative items. I have owned an Epson EcoTank printer for years and love it. I have only ever had to buy replacement ink bottles a handful of times.

Epson FastFoto photo scannerIf mom is into scrapbooking or wants photos for an album, especially old photos from her childhood before the days of digital, the Epson FastFoto 680W scanner will wow her. I tried this scanner out when it first launched and was thoroughly impressed. Not only can it scan and digitize stacks of photos at once at a rapid pace of one per second, it can also correct imperfections in old photos. Mom will love being able to digitize her old photos to post online, or re-print for a new album or scrapbook. She’ll be using this to make personalized gifts for all her family members and friends in no time.

Instant printers

Canon Selphy QX10

For quicker jobs that make prints from mom’s smartphone photos, consider an instant printer like the Canon Selphy CP1500 wireless compact photo printer. She can use the pocket-sized printer just about anywhere, even adding a QR code so anyone who wants a copy can scan and get one to upload to social media. The square-sized Canon Selphy QX10 compact photo printer is even more compact, able to produce tiny 2.7 x 2.7 inch photos with an adhesive backing so she can use them in scrapbooks, photo books, or Canon Selphy CP1500create collages.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 smartphone printer is super-simple to use and opens up the option to extract stills from moving videos, add fun sketches to the photos, and more. It’s a creative mom’s dream.

Display memories with a digital frame

Along with physical prints for photo albums and frames, mom might appreciate a digital photo frame she can use to display a rotating selection of photos and videos. With the companion app, she can easily add photos and change up the slideshow, creating things like event, time of year, and holiday-themed playlists.

Aura Carver digital photo frameWith the latest digital photo frames, like the Aura Carver 10.1-inch Wi-Fi digital photo frame and the Aluratek 8-inch Wi-Fi digital photo frame, you can load photos remotely to surprise mom when she sees a new selection magically appear on screen. Multiple family members can chip in, like siblings. Everyone uploads photos for her to enjoy a constantly refreshed set.

I gifted one of these to my mother years ago and she loves sitting in her living room and looking at photos, seeing new ones pop up whenever my son has a new softball game or we go to a fun event and I upload photos from home.

Help mom capture and share memories

If you know a mom who loves to take photos, make prints, even do a bit of scrapbooking now and then, celebrate this pastime with a gift she’ll love using, again and again. Check out plenty of great Mother’s Day gifts for capturing and sharing memories at Best Buy Online.

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  1. I’d love to get something like the Aura Carver 10.1-inch Wi-Fi digital photo frame, so that pictures don’t just live forgotten on a hard drive but often get seen and bring joy.

  2. My mom always enjoyed taking pictures of her many children, 16 in total, (9 girls and 7 boys), and now her many grandkids, great grandkids, and her great, great grandkids. Three (3) boys have passed but the 13 surviving children, me included, want as many memories as we can get with Mom. She is 99 years young and is not doing very well. She wants to live to 100, so we are hoping she gets there. Mom is in Long Term Care and we are visiting with mom daily, and helping her out as much as we all can. We all take many pictures with our mom and family so we have them when she does leave us. I would love the ” l would love a camera like the Sony ZV-1F. It has so many amazing features and I could take many memories with my mom now for keepsake. My cell phone does not take great pictures at all so this camera would be amazing.

  3. my mom is not great with technology and the Instax Mini would be good for her as it is easy to use and the pictures are printed out right away.

  4. I think my mother would like the Aura Carver 10.1-inch Wi-Fi digital photo frame as she is always complain how hard it is to find pictures for wall as she needs to change the photo all the time and it is space consuming

  5. I would like to get an instant camera for my mom because she’s not great with technology and an instant camera would be the easiest to use.

  6. I think my mom would love a digital photo frame, as she loves displaying our photos but photo albums can sometimes be really bulky. She has always talked about getting one, but never actually bought it yet.

  7. I would love the Aura Carver 10.1-inch Wi-Fi digital photo frame for my mother-in-law. She loves seeing pictures of her family – she would love this.

  8. A digital frame is my favourite choice for a gift for mom – especially if I can upload pics remotely! That way I can send over new and updated pics of her grandkids anytime, and keep the memories fresh.

  9. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 would be perfect as it comes with everything she would need to take any pics she would like.

  10. I am sure my Mom would love a digital photo frame so she could enjoy family photos throughout the day. Photo albums are so bulky but she would have fun with the frame.

  11. My Mom is not great with technology and this Instax Mini 12 would be perfect for her as it is easy to use and light enough to carry in her purse!

  12. A digital frame is my favourite choice for a gift for mom – especially if I can upload pics remotely! That way I can send over new and updated pics of her grandkids anytime, and keep the memories fresh.

  13. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 would be perfect as it comes with everything she would need to take any pics she would like.

  14. I would love to get my mother the Fujifilm Instax Mini 12- she loves taking pictures and I know being able to place the actual photo’s from this camera around her house would make her smile 🙂

  15. I am sure my Mom would love a digital photo frame so she could enjoy family photos throughout the day. Photo albums are so bulky but she would have fun with the frame.

  16. I would like to give the Canon Selphy CP1500 wireless compact photo printer. Mom takes a lot of pics on her phone and this would be a great way to print them to display on the fridge door

  17. My mother would love the Digital photo frame because she would be able to watch all of the photos I’ve taken of our family over and over again. I would love the Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 in lilac so I can take and share a ton of photos of my boys.

  18. I would like to get her a Canon Selphy CP1500 wireless compact photo printer so she could print photos from her phone.


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