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Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan said, “We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us”. In today’s world of influencers, that quote still holds true. The camera and accessories we choose, shape the content we create. 

If you’re already a creator, or just getting into the world of content creation, you’ll need a camera kit. It will encompass all the gear and accessories influencers like you need to create content on the go. 

What do influencers carry in their camera kit?

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Choosing the right camera

The matrix of any camera kit is the camera itself. Creators need a camera that is quick and easy to use. The different types of cameras include DSLR Cameras, Mirrorless Cameras, Action Cameras, and even Smartphone cameras. Each creator must choose which camera is right for them

Most professional creators use DSLR cameras.  This is an abbreviation for Digital Single Lens Reflex. They have a viewfinder that can be flipped over to see yourself while recording. This gives creators real-time feedback during recording.  However, some people may find it distracting and flip it so they can’t see themselves. It really comes down to your personal preference.  

Action cameras are ideal for creating content at the center of the action, such as sports and recreation activities. Many of these are wearable and come with body-mounted camera accessories. Drones are also popular for capturing content from the sky. 

Can you create content with a smartphone?

Many influencers also use a smartphone for content creation. Taking smartphone pictures and videos is second nature for many young people who grew up with social media.

We all know that high-end smartphones have amazing cameras. They also use AI to enhance photos and videos automatically. Content can be recorded, edited, and shared—all from a smartphone. It’s a swiss army knife device for quick content creation. It’s no wonder why it’s the camera used most by influencers. 

Camera Kit - Gimbal

Stabilizing your camera

Once you’ve decided on a camera, the next step is to mount or stabilize it. Creators can choose between tripods, monopods, and selfie sticks to mount cameras for taking pictures or recording videos. Camera kits need a variety of tripod heads and camera mount accessories to accommodate different filming conditions.

Many influencers use gimbal stabilizers to film smooth video footage. A gimbal is a tool that uses motors and sensors to support and stabilize a camera. Influencers use it to shoot fast-moving clips that are clear and stable. They are battery-powered so you might want to also include a power bank in your camera kit. 

Lighting accessories

Lighting accessories 

Camera kits need lighting accessories to control the lighting in dark environments. Many influencers use selfie-ring lights. As the name suggests, these are used for selfie photography and videos. They provide a warm, even light that is flattering to the face. 

Another option is on-camera LED lights. This is an affordable, portable option to control lighting in various environments. Unlike selfie-ring lights, they can light up more than faces.  Influencers can also use on-camera LED lights to control the lighting temperature on the fly. 

Camera Kit - Microphone

Recording clear audio

Audio often gets overlooked in a camera kit. Influencers must decide the type of microphone to use for content creation. Camera microphones are a popular choice for their versatility. They mount to the camera itself and capture audio sound at a distance. Essentially, they are designed to pick up low-level signals.

Many influencers prefer to use wireless mics. They provide a high level of convenience and flexibility. They typically include a mic, a transmitter, and a receiver. Creators can wear it and move around without being attached by a cord. There are also wireless microphones that work with smartphones. This can drastically improve smartphone videos by providing crystal clear, professional audio. 

Microphones for podcasts

Many influencers are getting into the world of podcasting and require audio solutions that complement video recordings. In this case, a camera kit should include condenser microphones. These are the ideal microphones for recording the human voice in podcast settings. Typically, these microphones connect to a mixer where the audio levels can be adjusted. 

Creators also have the option of carrying a computer microphone in their camera kit. These connect via USB and provide a studio-quality recording. Many creators will record audio into their laptops and later sync it to a video they filmed on their camera.  

Carrying your gear 

Camera Kit - Camera bag

Of course, any camera kit needs to be stored inside a camera bag. Content creators have a variety of options available. For influencers who travel a lot, there are heavy-duty camera cases. They are typically built with hard plastic and have foam inside to protect the camera and accessories. 

Another option is a camera shoulder bag. These are lightweight, can be carried over a shoulder, and is perfect for creating content during day trips. They typically include adjustable dividers for organizing camera gear. With a top-loaded design, it’s easy to access the camera and gear when inspiration hits.

For creators with a lot of gear in their camera kit, a camera backpack might be the right choice. They are designed to carry a camera, lenses, cords, a tripod, and other accessories. Padded shoulder straps ensure users can carry a lot of gear comfortably for a long period of time. It’s also a good choice for new content creators who expect to add to their camera kit over time. 

Building the right camera kit for influencers

Successful influencers create content all the time. The quality of that content ultimately depends on the gear they use. That’s why it’s important to be strategic in designing the right camera kit for you. A good start is to read this vlogging buying guide which goes into detail about all the things you need to get started. 

Outside of the camera itself, creators need gear to stabilize it and add lighting for pictures and videos. Camera kits should also include microphones to capture crystal clear audio in both quiet and loud environments. Finally, all your gear needs to be stored in a camera bag that fits your style and portability needs. 

Whatever you choose, Best Buy has the tech for vloggers that will turn you into an influencer in no time. 

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