The Yamaha Gigmaker electric guitar pack contains all the basic equipment a beginner would need to get started. As a guitar teacher, I have a good number of beginner guitar students. For this reason, I keep myself aware of the best beginner guitar equipment available. When I find something I believe to be of quality, I do not hesitate to recommend it to students (and readers!).

In this review, I will provide an overview of everything you will find in the kit. I will also offer my opinion on the quality and value of each component, so you can decide if this beginner guitar pack is a good investment for you or your child.

What’s included in the Yamaha Gigmaker pack

Yamaha furnishes everything you need to have an exciting first experience playing the electric guitar in this kit. The main elements are the EG 112C electric guitar and the GA-15 guitar amplifier. The pack also includes all of the small things that will complete your guitar-playing adventure.

Here is a list of everything in the pack:

  • YAMAHA EG 112C electric guitar (with whammy bar)
  • YAMAHA GA-15 guitar amplifier (2-channels, clean and drive)
  • Nylon gig bag
  • Guitar and bass electronic tuner
  • Nylon strap
  • Extra set of Yamaha strings
  • String winder
  • Three guitar picks
  • 1/4″ cable for connecting the guitar to the amp
  • Two hex Allen wrenches, for adjusting the guitar
  • Instruction manuals

A well-built electric guitar

Assessing the quality and value of the Gigmaker electric guitar pack begins with the guitar itself. The guitar is the most important element of affordable beginner guitar packs. Why? Because, at this price point, the instrument quality can be downright awful. We want the instrument to be playable right out of the box. We also want the instrument to feel good and inspire us to create, learn and have fun!

Yamaha Gigmaker guitar
The EG 112C guitar delivers great value

It is here Yamaha instruments excel above most other brands. For decades, Yamaha has made high-quality instruments at various price ranges. Their guitars seem to always offer amazing value for the price.

Upon opening the box, my hopes are high that the EG 112C electric guitar will be a quality instrument. I really do not want to find a lemon, I want the value and quality that I know Yamaha can provide. And provide it does! The instrument is well-built. Once tuned, the guitar more than meets my expectations. It is comfortable and inviting to play, and it definitely exceeds my hopes. I find amazing value here, easily worth half of the price tag of the guitar kit.

EG 112C guitar features

Now that I know it is playable, I can look closer at the guitar’s features.

The features of the EG 112C guitar are the standard features you will find on most Yamaha guitars—must-have volume and tone knobs control volume and timbre. Three pickups (neck, mid, and bridge) are managed via a five-way switch. This configuration provides a large palette of sonic choices, ranging from warm (neck) to biting (bridge).

The hardware (the metal and plastic parts) is definitely “budget” quality, which I expect on an instrument at this price range. Time will tell if the hardware is resilient, especially to younger hands and playing styles. My hopes are that Yamaha’s reputation for quality carries over to include the small details, even on an instrument in this price range.

If there is one drawback, it is that the instrument will need a visit to a guitar technician (luthier) to have its intonation set. This is not a pressing issue, however. Small adjustments are normal with a new instrument, and I have encountered much worse examples straight out of the box. It would nice to see Yamaha include some sort of arrangement for an instrument setup/adjustment, so you can be 100% confident the instrument is at its best.

My opinion is that the EG 112C, as the centrepiece of this guitar kit, supplies amazing value and is a great choice for a beginner electric guitar.

A solid starter amplifier

Yamaha GA-15 Amplifier
The GA-15 amp is easy to use and provides basic guitar tones.

This beginner guitar kit includes a small amp as well. After all, if you are going to play electric guitar, you need to play through an amplifier!

The included GA-15 guitar amp is small, making it very reasonable as a choice for a first guitar amp. The amplifier features two channels or inputs. One is for a plain “clean” sound, and the other is for a more distorted sound.

Whichever channel you choose, you will find the sound quality very basic. This is what I would expect from an amplifier in this price range. While the amplifier definitely has some volume to output, it is small enough that it gives the impression that you are “rocking it” without shaking the entire house. The amplifier also includes a 1/4″ headphone output. For parents, this may be worth noting!

Included extras add value for beginners

Yamaha Gigmaker Accessories
Essential accessories in the Gigmaker guitar kit

The Gigmaker electric guitar pack really does provide all the necessities to get you set up and playing music with little fuss. There are many extras in the box. All of these extras add value to the kit as a whole but individually, their quality is very basic. Some are more important than others, so I will list them in order of, what I think is, their importance.

The included guitar cable is essential for plugging the guitar into the amplifier. The cable is of basic quality. It does the job, but it is possible (especially with kids using it) that you would need to purchase a new (sturdier) cable at some point in the future.

The kit also features a gig bag. It too, is very basic, more of a guitar protector than a gig bag in my opinion. Treat it well, and it will last a while. Be careful if you carry the guitar outside in the elements, as it is not waterproof.

A guitar and bass tuner is a nice add-on in the kit. The included tuner is simple and easy to use. It meets the requirements at this level and seems to be of good quality.

An extra set of strings is a great touch! All too often, a broken string is a hassle to manage especially for beginners, so it is good to see you have a backup set available from day one.

A whammy bar allows for fun making some cool rock and metal sounds (I demonstrate its use in my review video). The drawback of this feature is that the instrument does not hold its tuning well when you use it. The type of hardware on a guitar at this price range lacks the strength to maintain the tuning. For young guitarists, the whammy will provide amusement, but also some frustration as the guitar will need consistent re-tuning.

The string winder is the kind you would find in any music store and helps you to replace that broken string when it happens (and it will happen at some point!)

The guitar pack also includes three guitar picks. They are of varying sizes and thicknesses so beginners can find what works best.

Finally, you will find two hexagonal wrenches that you can use to adjust the setup of the guitar should you desire. It seems like a nice idea to include these. However, you will need to know how to use them, which is not obvious for most guitarists. Perhaps YouTube can offer some tips on adjusting your guitar in this case.

Final thoughts

It is my opinion that the Yamaha Gigmaker electric guitar kit is a great purchase for beginner electric guitarists. The main selling feature is the electric guitar itself, which I find has great value. Add the amplifier into the mix, and you have all you need to get rocking! By providing many extras as well, this Yamaha electric guitar kit covers all of the basics, with more value than you might expect. If your child is a budding guitarist, then the Yamaha Gigmaker electric guitar pack could be the right kit for you.

You can also explore the many guitars and accessories on to find the best fit for your needs.

Clinton Ryder
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