Singstation Review BannerIf you are looking to add a little musical fun to your next gathering the Singsation Karaoke Freestyle, Tour, and Performer systems make a great addition to any party. In this review, we will explore the features, performance, and value of each model so you can decide which is best for you. The three different karaoke machines have their own set of features that serve audiences with a variety of needs. They have just about everything you need to make your holidays merry, musical, and bright or to take your karaoke nights to the next level. Let’s dive in and explore all the features of the different setups.

Choosing the right Singsation Karaoke Machine for you

Singsation Boxes

Based on my testing, you really can’t go wrong with any of these systems. From price point, performance, and portability these factors might make one more appealing than the other. Depending on your needs and budget there are some things to consider: They all range in size, sound, custom audio effects, and more. No matter which model you choose, you’ll have everything you need for a night of musical memories. Overall, the three systems have been designed to meet the needs of any level karaoke fan—from beginners to pros. So which Singsation karaoke machine is the right one for you?

Freestyle LightThe Singsation Freestyle – Baseline

The Singsation Freestyle is a great option for those who are just getting started with karaoke. The Freestyle offers entry-level karaoke fans great performance and value in an ultra-compact unit. It is designed to give users a quick and easy setup with two high-quality microphones, a single 15-watt speaker, and echo sound effects to help everyone sound their best. It also comes with a rechargeable battery which powers up to 6 hours of playtime, so you can sing the night away.

Tour LitThe Singsation Tour – Midrange

The Singsation Tour model adds more power with Dual 4-inch 15-watt speakers and a multi-colour LED light display to really kick up the volume and party vibes. Its compact cylindrical design features a carry strap and built-in handle for greater portability. The tour clocks in at 4 hours of use on a full charge, the shortened battery life is likely due to the tour’s dual speakers.

Singsation baseThe Singsation Performer Highend

Finally, the Singsation Performer is geared towards experienced karaoke users in need of features like an additional wireless microphone, DJ-style vocal effects, and four different lighting modes. The Performer also features 10 hours of battery life and the included power adapter provides non-stop singing fun. If you want a system that can handle big groups and provide superior sound quality, then the Performer is your best bet. This karaoke package is loaded with fun features like multiple sound effects, voice enhancements, and both a wired and wireless microphone.

All UnboxedUnboxing and setting up Singsation karaoke systems

The Singsation Freestyle offered the quickest set-up out of the box. It comes with a power cable, two USB cables and two microphones, and the main speaker itself. The main shell is designed to house all the main components inside of it so it was easy and convenient to move around. In terms of set-up all we had to do was plug in the power cord, give it some time to charge and we were ready to start singing.

The Tour and Performer systems both took a bit more time to set up since they had more wires, speakers, and light functions. The Tour out of the two higher-end systems was still easier to set up with its sleek, all-in-one cylindrical design. The Performer was the most complex to set up out of all of them, but the included user manual made it easier to understand how to connect all the components. Overall, each of these Singsation karaoke systems is designed for easy set-up and use; however, if you’re looking for more power then I recommend going with either the Tour or Performer editions—depending on your budget of course.

Sound and Performance

Singsation karaoke system sound and performance

Once everything was set up, it was time to test the sound and performance of each system. The Freestyle model’s 15-watt speaker provided enough power to fill smaller rooms and tinier gatherings. You could feel the bass when singing and it was surprisingly clear for such an inexpensive option. The Tour sounded great with its dual 15-watt speakers, it had some pretty sharp highs and mids which gave our vocals an extra boost.

The Performer’s ten-watt speaker was louder than both the Freestyle and the Tour models. It had a great range of sound with some crisp highs and booming lows that really brought out our vocals. Overall, all three systems performed well for their respective price points but if you’re looking for superior sound quality then I recommend going with the Performer model due to its larger speaker size and increased power output. All three models have different degrees of voice enhancement effects so you can still sound good no matter what your vocal range is.

Each system offers enough power and features to make any karaoke session enjoyable and entertaining. In terms of the voice effects category, the Performer led the way with the most options with ten. These include harmonize, echo, baritone, and alien and eight sound effects like applause, cheers, DJ scratch, and air horn. The additional audio effects in the Tour and Performer systems also allowed us to do some fun vocal tricks. This added extra excitement to our singing sessions as we were able to tweak our voices on the spot.

Singsation’s different lighting effects

All the karaoke systems have various degrees of lighting options. The Freestyle has a neat orb that projects different sets of colours with a disco ball effect. It does a great job of filling spaces with plenty of ambient light. It projected beautifully onto my home’s 9ft ceilings and surrounding areas.

Ring lightThe Tour uses light rings around the edges of the dual speakers. It is a basic setup but works well with the music. I found it was the most limited when it came to filling dark spaces with multiple coloured lighting effects. The Performer has four different lighting modes that you change depending on the ambience you desire.

What could be improved?

One element that was missing from each of the models was a screen, which requires you to have a smartphone to get access to lyrics and audio. The design choice to have no visual integration with lyrics was surprising to me. It seems par for the course with most karaoke machines. Although it’s not a make-or-break issue, there are many fantastic free apps for both iOS and Android. But it would be ideal to have an option right out of the box, and not depend completely on an external device.

Final light

Final thoughts on the Singsation karaoke machines

When it comes to having a fun night of singing and music, you can’t go wrong with any of the three Singsation karaoke machines. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level system that’s budget-friendly or one that offers professional features, there’s an option available to meet your needs. Each model offers great sound quality, easy set-up, and convenient portability. While the Performer is the most expensive of them all, it’s packed with features that give you more control over your karaoke performance. If you’re looking to level up your karaoke or party game then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any one of these Singsation systems.

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