Not everyone has the open concept living spaces you see on Pinterest and in home magazines. For most people, parts of your home like the living room are on the small side, and you have to really work to make the most of each and every square inch you’ve got.

But living small doesn’t have to mean living with stress, because decorating small living spaces just requires a bit of imagination and some specific home pieces to maximize what you’ve got. It’s actually fun to live small because it forces you to be creative, and that’s where home décor magic can really begin.

Here’s how to make the most of a small living room.

Comfortable, space-saving seating

When I first moved out of the house my mom insisted I purchase a living room ‘set’ of furniture. Once I had it set up in my house, with a large couch, loveseat, and big, overstuffed chair, I realized my living room was too small for it. For years I struggled to make space by rearranging the furniture, but the room just ended up looking cramped and uncomfortable.

So what did I do? I gave away the loveseat. Then, after a bit of consideration, I took out the chair. I was left with a single sofa, and as far as seating goes, that’s really all I ever needed.

By having one sofa I managed to free up space for other pieces I really wanted to have, and the room didn’t feel cramped anymore.

Make space on the table

Living room tables aren’t just for looks – a properly placed living room table like the Monarch Sofa Console Table looks great and works to keep everything looking clean and uncluttered. Because it’s not a solid piece of wood and is contemporary in style, it opens up a small room. Plus, if you put a lamp on a table behind your couch you won’t have to have one taking up space on either end of your sofa. You can also use the table to store a basket full of odds and ends or line up some books.



Choose your accents wisely

Lighting is a great way to maximize the feeling of a small living room, but you should choose your lighting wisely. For a small space, I love the Gen-Lite Alegria Table Lamp. It’s not bulky or too tall, and on a sofa table it would light up your entire room.





Don’t forget to go small with cleaning equipment

I can’t imagine wanting to tackle the cleaning in a small living room with a bulky central vacuum or other large cleaning appliance. Small living spaces call for small cleaning appliances like a Dyson DC62 Animal Stick Vacuum. It’s a lightweight stick vacuum that cleans everything from your floors to your ceilings, and when you’re done with it you can just tuck it away in a small closet or put it under your couch.

There are a lot of positives to small living spaces. They’re cozy, comfortable, and a great place to hang out with the family. Find furniture or inspiration for your small space by checking out Best Buy’s Living Room Furniture section now.

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