I’m one of those people that like to pack the most amount of living into the least amount of space. By that I mean that I like to have all of the areas I need – corner library, play area, and home office, all set up on my main floor so everything is accessible.

Because space is always an issue at my house, as it is in most homes, I have to keep my eye on the prize and focus on sleek and simple. Take my home office as an example – I’ve dedicated a corner of the living room, a spot that’s underneath a sunny window, as my ‘home office.’ Although it doesn’t give me ton of space, it’s the perfect home office for me.

Not every home office has to be a full room full of furniture, shelves, and filing cabinets. Some of the best home offices are simple, stylish, and compact. Here are some solutions for creating a great home office without taking up a ton of space:


Find the perfect desk

A home office really begins with the desk, and finding the perfect one is essential to creating the vibe you want for your workspace. Are you into pretty or practical? Do you like contemporary or old world style desks? If modern is your style, you’ll want to take a look the Monarch L-Shaped Office Desk. The warm cappuccino color livens up any spot it’s placed in, and the stylish, clean lines will complement any modern or contemporary décor.

The Monarch L-Shaped Office Desk has a hollow-core, and you can store your printer, books, paperwork, and supplies within the frosted glass panels. The desktop is roomy enough for laptop or desktop, and it can even hold a task lamp and some personal touches.

Take to the walls

Don’t have space for a huge bookcase to store everything? No problem – just take to the walls for your storage needs and you’ll keep things clean, neat, and uncluttered. Storage like the Deflect-o Wall Pocket System mounts on the wall and has three pockets for files and folders.

Buy a chair that does double duty

A desk chair doesn’t have to look like a ‘desk chair’ – meaning it doesn’t have to have an up and down adjustment or be flat, dull grey. When you are trying to save on space for your home office, buy a desk chair that will work with your dining set.

A chair like the Monarch Café Chair will slip in as an extra dining chair when you have people over, but it’s stylish enough to work as part of your home office too.

Tack it up

Receipts, memos, and to-do lists can get lost amongst the rubble when you just toss them on your desk, so having a big cork board in your home office area is a must. You can get everything you’ll need to stay organized with a Quartet Webco Cork Bulletin Board with Push Pins & Fasteners Bundle. It includes an 18 x 24” corkboard, push pins, magnetic paper clip dispenser, fold-back binder clips, and vinyl coated colour paper clips.

Place it on a wall in front of or beside your desk or, if you’re especially lean on space, you can put it on the wall under your desk and keep everything out of sight.

Going small isn’t a tall order when you know how to squeeze the maximum amount of home office into the leanest spaces – just pick a corner, find a great desk and chair, and create!

If you have a small home office and have some tips for maximizing space, be sure to share them here.

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