Decorating small spaces can be quite a challenge. This is especially true of bedrooms. You obviously need the basics – a bed, lighting, and storage for your clothing and ever-growing collection of shoes – but sometimes the basics aren’t quite enough. Just because you’re tight on space doesn’t mean you have to be tight on style. With close to twenty years of urban apartment living under my belt, I’ve dealt with my fair share of small spaces. Here are my top 5 tips for making the most out of a small bedroom.

#1  Do Double Duty

If you’ve ever tuned into one of those home renovation and décor shows on TV, you know that thinking outside the box often leads to innovative design. That’s where double duty furniture comes in. Think about making a bedside table serve as it is intended, but also as a small desk. By choosing a side table with a single drawer and empty space below to fit a chair, you’ve got a very useful and multifunctional space.  

Alternatively, use a desk as a footboard for your bed. This is an ideal solution for small kids bedrooms as it gives them a dedicated space to do their homework or crafts right in their own room. It also provides much needed storage space for supplies like pens and pencils, or even socks, books, and everything else you’d rather keep out of sight.

For your kid’s bedrooms, think about opting for a hutch headboard as opposed to a standard headboard. They are perfect for keeping toys, favourite books and lamps close at hand, while all organized at the same time. To keep things neat, simply add a couple baskets or boxes and everything from trading cards to leg will be kept out of sight and out of mind. 

#2 – Go Vertical

Walls are not just for displaying framed art. No sir. They are valuable pieces of real estate and should be utilized to their full potential. Wall mounted shelves are essential in any small bedroom, especially if, like the TechCraft Atrium Storage Wall Shelf they have storage built right in.  Your favourite books, pictures, and knick knacks can be displayed on top while accessories like belts can be stored in the two wicker drawers, and hats or scarves can be hung on the three hooks mounted below. 

Jewellery storage has always been an issue for me as I’m sure it is for other females out there. In my small bedroom, I’ve made mine into a work of art! Simply mount a basic corkboard on your wall, and find some interesting hooks to hang your necklaces, bracelets and earrings. To add a little more spice, you can remount the corkboard in a frame, paint the frame your favourite colour, and you’ve got a unique and organized way to display your favourite pieces. 

Making use of the wall space in your small bedroom draws the eye up making the space feel much larger than it actually is.  

#3  Reflect

An easy and relatively inexpensive way to create the illusion of space is by adding light reflecting mirrors and glass accents to your room. Mounting a large mirror on the wall above a dresser or across from a window will not only give your room a much bigger feel, but will allow you to see how fabulous you look before you head out the door. 

As far as glass is concerned, I’m not talking about adding crystal vases to yours or your kid’s bedroom. Instead, think about incorporating glass or glass-like elements in your furniture, like Monarch’s fantastic Contemporary Bombay Chest with its mirrored drawers, or the metal and crystal table lamp from Gen-Lite. You can also hang your art in glass or mirrored frames to create reflections and the illusion of space. 

#4  Use Corners

Corners are often underutilized, but when you are dealing with a small space, there is a lot you can do with them. Tuck a coat rack in one corner so your jackets, scarves and hats all have a place to live. In another, add a corner shelf to display candles, books, toys, or even a plant.

#5  Keep Colours Light

A good rule of thumb is to avoid a dark colour palette in your small bedroom. Dark hues absorb light and can easily make an already tiny room look miniscule. Instead, opt for a light and monochromatic colour palette to make the space seem much larger. Keep the walls relatively neutral and stick with light coloured furniture and bedding. To add some spice, opt for unique and interesting throw cushions that bring out your personality and add a pop of colour.

With some creative twists on decorating you can easily make your small bedroom an organized, inviting space you can retreat to every night. Find more inspiration by checking out Best Buy’s Bath and Bedding selection now.





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