It’s worth starting off by noting that every mother should be appreciated, and have that appreciation shown, all year long. Putting that aside, and assuming that you’ve already made the obligatory tray of breakfast in bed, remember that no mom will deny (secretly or otherwise) that receiving a nicely-wrapped package is a great way to show your appreciation, too.

But what can you get for that special mom? Whether it’s your mother, grandma, wife, sister, aunt, or just a particularly deserving mama you know? The options are endless, and really depend on what kind of mom we’re talking about. Moms, of course, come in every shape, size, and age, and have many different interests.




Here are a few great gift ideas for some of the likely types of moms on your list:

The Healthy Mom

Health and fitness is trendy for moms of all ages. That’s evidenced by the growth in products like wearable fitness trackers (one of those is on this list, too!), yoga mats, and healthy organic foods.

Healthy juices, in particular, have been getting a lot of attention. And buying these from your local shop can get expensive. Wouldn’t it be great if mom could make them herself at home?

The Kuvings Silent Juicer can make that happen. Throw whatever you want inside, from fresh fruits to veggies, then watch the device do its thing and pump out delicious, healthy juices. It uses technology that the company says can help eliminate heat and oxidation that can destroy enzymes in the produce. And the food is juiced at a low speed to help retain the maximum amount of nutritional value and flavour. The uber-funky design will spruce up the look of the kitchen, and the gadget will make mom the talk of the neighbourhood as friends pop by for a refreshing juice smoothie.

The Coffee Mom

Who doesn’t love a hot beverage? Whether mom is at home, working at the office, or relaxing on her front porch with a hot cup of java, the single cup coffee maker craze is here to stay. No one in the family has to be responsible for brewing the coffee in the morning anymore; everyone can have their preferred type, with each cup brewed individually.

The Nespresso VertuoLine brews a perfect wake-me-up cup of coffee (hot or iced) or espresso by recognizing the type of coffee capsule placed inside, and adjusting brew settings accordingly. All it takes is popping in a pod, and pressing a single button. In less than half a minute, after the machine spins the capsule at 7,000 rpms to ensure it gets every luscious drop, mom will have a piping hot cup from which to sip, complete with crema, just like you’d get from a barista at a high-end café. There’s room for both average-sized coffee cups, or extra tall glasses should mom want to make something especially fancy (macchiato or milkshake, anyone?) Trust me, mom will thank you.

The Fashionista Mom

You can never go wrong with jewelry. And it’s always nice to change up accessories to match an outfit, style, or particular mood.

A staple piece that pairs well with a variety of looks is a set of pearls. Best Buy offers the Amour White Pearls Set, which comes with a pendant necklace and chain, plus two pairs of earrings: one traditional button rice-shaped, and a second with a more playful bow-style. Each pearl is crafted in sterling silver. It’s a great gift for a mom, sister, or friend on this special day.

The Baking Mom

Many moms (present company included) love baking. It’s a great way to bond with the kids, an important part of dinner (some would argue the best part), and a nice way to unwind, especially if you pair the process with some tunes and a nice glass of red wine.

Baking is both an art and a science, and there are a number of tools that help enhance the experience for both the mom who’s just getting started, and the dessert devotee.

First, she’ll need a good cake mixer, like Cuisinart’s SM-55BCC stand mixer, which boasts impressive specs like 12-speeds and 800-watts for meeting a variety of mixing needs. It comes with a stainless steel bowl that can hold up to 5.5 quarts, plus a flat mixing paddle, whisk, dough hook, and splash guard. Three power outlets allow for attaching optional accessories once the new baking mom is ready to tackle more complex projects, and to enhance the experience right out of the box for expert bakers. It even 

comes with a recipe book to get mom started, and provide some new ideas.

Complement the mixer with some bakeware to house the scrumptious finished baked delights. Wilton has an extensive line that includes everything from basic cookie and muffin pans, to icing colour kits, and, for the extra ambitious moms, a tool caddy for decorating accessories. Sweet, indeed!



The Active Mom

Closely related to the healthy mom is the mom who strives to maintain an active lifestyle. A fitness tracker makes a great companion. Mom can strap it on her wrist, then let the device do the work, tracking steps, calories burned, and overall activity levels. There are tons of wearable devices from which to choose, but one of the most known and liked is the Fitbit.

The Flex Wireless model adds the ability to record and analyze sleep patterns, including how long you sleep, and how many times you wake up throughout the night. It’s water-resistant, which means you can keep it on 24/7, even while in the shower or washing dishes. Use the partner Android or iOS app to record additional data, like a food diary and weight, and set goals and earn badges. The battery lasts from 3-5 days before it needs recharging.

Whether mom is already heavily active, or looking for something to motivate her to become more active, she’ll love a fitness tracker like this one. It comes in three colour choices, plus you can grab mom some extra coloured wristbands to swap out.

The Everyday Mom

A purse is a very personal accessory. Every woman has her own taste, wants, and needs. That said, these days, most women own about as many purses as we do shoes, switching them up to match style, occasion, and destination. So why not grab mom a new one to add to her collection?

The ELLE Open Tote Bag comes in a fresh, Spring-friendly aqua colour that will add a bit of flare to mom’s look, and hopefully a spring in her step to match. The hanging pouch with top zip is great for carrying a smartphone, or can be used as a change purse, or even a tiny makeup bag.

Made from simulated leather, the purse has a magnetic closure, and ample space inside for mom to throw everything she needs in before heading out of the house for a day of errands, a business meeting, or out for lunch with a friend. And while a pair of matching shoes aren’t included, it’ll give mom a good reason to go treat herself to a new pair.

Bottom line

Mother’s Day comes but once a year. And while flowers are nice, why not get mom something she can really use this year, whether it’s a small appliance to complement a newfound passion like baking, a fitness tracker to encourage a goal like being more active, or an accessory to help spruce up her look for the special Mother’s Day dinner you’ll be taking her to…right? Come on now, you know she deserves it!

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