If you enjoy a nice, extended session of intense gaming action, I’m sure you’ve experienced the pain and discomfort that can come from sitting in a poorly designed chair—or, worse yet, directly on the cold, hard floor. If this has been your experience in the past, why not consider taking a load off with one of the brand new Cybeart Gaming Chairs I’m discussing in today’s blog? These beautiful and wonderfully comfortable chairs were designed by a gamer for use by gamers.

The Apex Series, which is specifically what I’m looking at here today, is Cybeart’s flagship product line—a selection of racing-style gaming chairs whose quality and comfort are matched only by their strength and durability. And now they’re available at Read on to learn all about these amazing gaming chairs from a fine Canadian company.

Introducing Cybeart gaming chairs – The Apex Series

Cybeart’s Apex Series Gaming Chairs feature supreme PU leather that is both scratch and abrasion resistant. In fact, it’s 10 times stronger than the industry standard for PU. Apex Series chairs also feature cold cure foam and plush memory foam for maximum comfort and support, and they’re adjustable in a variety of different ways, such as the length, width, and height of their arm rests—AKA the 4D arm rest (which also has a 45 degree swivel angle). Additionally, these chairs can recline by 165 degrees, they offer integrated adjustable lumbar support, and they even provide a massive 5 year extended warranty. And, since we’re now living in the era of working from home, one need not strictly be a gamer to make use of one of these chairs. They’re perfect for any home office wherein comfort and good ergonomics are a must.

Cybeart gaming chairs feature premium materials


Cybeart’s Apex Series Gaming Chairs feature high quality materials that make them durable and strong, comfortable and attractive, and tough and long-lasting. Among the materials used are 75mm PU padded wheel casters on a reinforced ADC #12 700mm (and BIFMA-certified) aluminum wheelbase, as well as premium PU leather (a highly durable covering with a soft, luxurious touch and special fleece lining for added flexibility).

Other materials include soft, premium memory foam—particularly in the removable neck pillow, cold-cured foam (for comfort and stability in the seat and backrest), and a heavy duty hydraulic (gas lift) system that allows for height adjustment and stability in a variety of different sitting (and reclining) positions.

This combination of materials means that virtually every part of your body is supported when sitting in a Cybeart chair. If you’ve experienced back soreness (or potentially even more serious back issues) from office chairs in the past, Cybeart’s Apex Series chairs are not just designed to offer all the support that you need, but their choice of materials ensures that you will get that support even when sitting for long hours of gaming or work—and you’ll enjoy it for many years to come.

Cool designs inspired by classic DC superheroes

CybeartOne of the best aspects of Cybeart’s Apex Series Gaming Chairs is their fun selection of DC inspired designs. In fact, the six chairs featured in this blog represent classic DC superheroes. There’s the Cybeart Superman Gaming Chair, the Cybeart Wonder Woman Gaming Chair (shown at left), the Cybeart The Flash Gaming Chair, the Cybeart Aquaman Gaming Chair, and the Cybeart Batman Gaming Chair. They also have the Cybeart Apex Signature Edition Gaming Chair, for those that might be somewhat indecisive about their favourite superhero. Each of these chairs is visually appealing in its own unique way, with bright colours and artistic touches that range from the bold to the subtle. Whatever your superhero preference, there’s sure to be a chair for you!

With Cybeart gaming chairs, ergonomics is everything!

For many of us, working from home is a relatively new phenomenon that presented itself over the last few months and brought with it a number of home office requirements, such as a proper home workstation. While this comprises many different components (a desk, computer, office equipment, proper lighting, etc.), a comfortable and supportive chair might just be the most important ingredient when it comes to your long term health and wellness.

This major change in our working lives led to a rise in the number of at home workers discovering the quality of gaming chairs versus the typical office chair. While many office chairs are designed with ergonomics in mind, gaming chairs take this idea to a whole other level, aiming to provide both ergonomics and a high level of comfort throughout the long and sustained hours of working or gaming.

Cybeart’s Apex Series of chairs epitomizes the quality of modern gaming chairs. Considered a premium product, they offer features like high and ergonomically padded backrests with memory foam neck pillows and many other features that one would be hard pressed to find in a typical office chair.

Other benefits of an Apex Series chair are their multi-tilt mechanism with 165 decrees of recline and 30 degrees of tilt, padded and adjustable armrests, and hooded shoulder support (note the cobra-like shape of the backrests). Add to that 360 degrees of swivel built over a reinforced aluminum wheelbase, a heavy duty hydraulic height adjustment system, adjustable lumbar support built in, and premium PU leather upholstery for comfort and durability, and you’ve got one great chair to sit back in!

Together these features combine to provide support for nearly every part of your body, helping to minimize discomfort and injuries as you go about your work or play. In other words, if you’re looking for a high quality gaming chair that won’t destroy your back, Cybeart’s Apex Series Gaming Chairs are certainly a product you should consider.


As you can see, Cybeart Apex Series Gaming Chairs are built to handle whatever kind of sitting action you can throw at them. Whether it’s long hours of gaming, the nine to five action of working from home, or just sitting back relaxing in a chair that’s built with comfort and ergonomics in mind, Apex Series Gaming Chairs are fully capable of holding and supporting you for hours at a time. Give them a look on today and see which one speaks to you.

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