Elegant-otherwise-simple-kitchen-Optimized-2.jpgNow that I’m older I find I love buying new accessories for the house, especially the kitchen. I’ve always been a baker and I don’t mind cooking meals either. I especially love hosting for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

After cooking my Thanksgiving turkey dinner I realized that a few of my pots and pans and kitchen accessories are needing an update or preferrably an upgrade. My current set of pots and pans are actually quite decent considering my previous ones were always just whatever was on sale or the cheapest buy, but I did shatter one of my pot lids and I just don’t seem to have enough pots for every day use either.

There are some great kitchen brands out there that I have been eyeing up. Kitchen Aid is one of them of course, and believe it or not, I still don’t own a Kitchen Aid Mixer. There’s a chance I may be the only person who doesn’t. I also am loving Mauviel for their gorgeous copper pots and pans, and then there’s Staub, who know how to make beautiful dutch ovens or cocottes as they call them.

Kitchen Aid

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I’m thinking it’s time to treat myself to a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. One of the things I’m most looking forward to is the ease of use and convenience. With this beautiful KitchenAid Ultra Power Plus Stand Mixer, in red of course, all I’ll have to do is start the mixer and slowly add each of my ingredients in through the pouring shield. I love that I will no longer have to start and stop my hand mixer every time I need to add another ingredient.

I also have a Christmas tradition of making cinnamon buns for Christmas morning breakfast and making them this year will be a breeze using the dough hook that comes with the Kitchen Aid.




Another splurge that has been on my list for quite some time is a decent dutch oven or cocotte. I have had the experience of cooking stew and short ribs in one at a friends, and there is really nothing like them.

Staub has a huge assortment of cocottes in different sizes and colours so you can even match them to your kitchen decor. I love that they are designed to go from stovetop to oven, so you can sear your meats and then roast them in the oven all in one dish. This Staub 3L Cast Iron Oval Cocotte is the perfect size for cooking small family dinners and this colour will be amazing in my kitchen. If red is not your colour, have no fear they have an amazing colour palette to choose from.



My pots and pans are currently a bit of a mix and match and for some reason I never seem to have enough pots. My husband has been known to also forget to put water in the bottom of the pot under our veggie steamer, so that could be why my pots don’t last.

I have been seeing a lot of copper in kitchen designs lately and was happy to see Mauviel has a beautiful line of copper and stainless steel pots and pans. This Mauviel M’heritage 7.1″ Sauce Pan will be next in my kitchen. The interior of their pots and pans are stainless steel so are very durable, but the outside is copper which is a great heat conducter and also distributes heat evenly.

I also love that this pot can go in the oven or under the broiler. Any kitchen accessorie or appliance that has more than one use or purpose is always good in my books.

Splurging on some great items or accessories for your kitchen this year can be a Christams gift for yourself. You really can’t go wrong with any of these above brands, and they will be worth it because they will last you for so many years to come. I’ve finally learned myself, that if I spend the little extra in the begining, it saves me in the long run.

Check out bestbuy.ca for more kitchen accessories available fromKitchen Aid, Staub and Mauviel.

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