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Minimalism is something everyone is talking about lately, and if you’ve decided it’s for you, you’re probably wondering where to start. Besides going through and tossing piles of paperwork, storage is really the first step toward tidying up in a permanent way.

In the words of Marie Kondo, “Clutter is caused by a failure to return things to where they belong. Therefore, storage should reduce the effort needed to put things away, not the effort needed to get them out.” Focusing on multi-functional furniture instead of large, awkward pieces you’ve always used to hold items in your home is the key to having a neat and tidy lifestyle.

Here’s 3 pieces of multi-functional furniture you can use to practice minimalism in your home.

Install a Wall Tree

wall tree

I’m a huge fan of wall trees and wall mounted coat racks. They take a large, open hallway and give you a spot for everything, and some even have cubbies you can use to hide away shoes, scarves, and other daily must-haves. I have a wall tree with hooks, cubbies, and a bench, and I find it a lifesaver for storage and a nice place to sit when you’re putting on your shoes.

You can also find shoe cubbies to hold every pair of shoes you have at the back door. You could have 20 pairs of shoes at your back door but it won’t feel cluttered.

Storage ottomans hide away whatever sparks joy

storage ottoman minimalismOne of the Marie Kondo staples is that you should hold an object and decide whether or not it sparks joy for you. If it does, keep it. If it doesn’t, you can give it away. Unfortunately for some of us, there’s a lot of stuff that sparks joy. To practice minimalism, you need a place to put all of these must-keeps.

That’s why storage ottomans are one of my favourite pieces of furniture. I’ve got one at the end of my bed, one in front of my couch instead of a coffee table, and one by my front door as a place to sit and to catch extra odds and ends.

There are a lot of different styles of storage ottoman, so there’s something for every room in your home. With a family of six I even store loose socks in my storage ottoman, and we find it’s an easy way to grab a pair instead of spending hours sorting after laundry.

Media storage for every living room

media storageTossing out everything that clutters your house is a nice thought, but it’s hard to put it into practice. What about those Blu-ray discs of your favourite movies? Or what do you do if you have several streaming devices hooked up to your TV and you use every single one of them?

There’s no question my Apple TV sparks joy, but so does my Chromecast and Roku. They just spark joy for different reasons, so I need a place to neatly store them all. Media storage and TV stands are the key to storing these and all of your tech devices. You can choose open or closed media storage, there’s a place and space for every type of multimedia, and once you organize everything you’ll love how minimalist it looks.

These are just three ways you can easily tackle the clutter in your home and tidy up every room. For more multi-functional furniture ideas, check out Best Buy right now.


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