My bed is the most important piece of furniture in my home. I spend at least six to eight hours there per night, so a good mattress is a must. If you wake up lethargic after sleeping for at least seven hours or your back is beginning to feel the pain, it’s a sign that you may need a new mattress. The good part is that, when you choose one, you’ll likely have your new mattress for the next ten years.

Since there are thousands of models to choose from, finding a new mattress can make you want to go right back to bed. Moreover, one style might feel like heaven to you but not as great to someone else another. That’s what might make it even more of a challenge if you share a bed.

If you need a little help choosing a new mattress, here are a few tips to help you pick the right one for you.

Speak with Your Doctor Before You Buy A New Mattress

If you have specific health problems, speak with your doctor. I need to visit the chiropractor every couple months to align my spine, so when I was buying a new mattress, I went to her for advice. Keep in mind that doctors aren’t mattress experts, but they can give you a few tips to help you on your journey.

Types of Mattresses to Choose From

Understand that there are different types of mattresses. The four common types are innerspring, foam, latex, and air filled. We’ll focus on the first two.

Why you’d choose an Innerspring mattress

By far the most popular type on the market, this is perfect for someone who likes his or her bed to have a little bounce. The mattress is made with metal coils that allow the bed to be springy. Although you can use the number of coils to help you choose the level of spring you desire, I must mention that a mattress expert told Lifehacker that you shouldn’t worry about it too much.

What is important is to “always ask if the innerspring mattress you’re looking at has edge support to keep the edges firm and keep it comfy for you getting in and out of the bed.” These mattresses either have a fiber-filled layer or are covered in a quilted ticking. Watch out for cheaper models, especially if they don’t provide enough springs to cushion your back. Check out this Sealy Aspire Silent Harbour. It’s a great innerspring mattress that anyone would love to curl up on.

Why you’d choose a memory foam mattress? 

This type of mattress is starting to build in popularity in North America. WebMD describes these mattresses as being “made of layers of different densities of foam that respond to weight and temperature, and [they] are known for comfort because they contour to the specific shape of your body.”

It’s pretty cool to have a mattress respond to your body’s shape, weight and movement while you’re sleeping. The only problem is that since the mattress softens to accommodate your body based on its temperature, people complain that it gets hot. This mattress doesn’t work for me since I like to feel cool when I sleep, but if you do like the idea of memory foam, be sure to check out this Zinus 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress.

Why you’d want to test your new mattress  

If you are at the store, lie down on your new mattress for at least 15 minutes to ensure that you are getting the right one. If you’re ordering online, make sure the company has a good return policy. At Best Buy you can return a mattress within 30 days, and that gives you a lot of time to test the bed to see you are getting the best sleep, every night.

If you love to sleep and sleep well, a new mattress will help you get that good night’s sleep. You can find all types of mattresses in all types of sizes on Best Buy.

Good luck with the process, we hope you have a good night sleep.

Leila Pejman
Leila Pejman is a producer and storyteller whose work encompasses content creation, media, social media, and communications, topped off with a passion for emerging technologies. On the domestic side, she's on a mission to create the best quinoa muffin recipe.