Ergobaby Omni 360 four position baby carrier

When I had my son nine years ago, we lived downtown Toronto and I walked with him everywhere. Today, I live in the suburbs and see many parents going for walks with their babies and toddlers secured safely in strollers and/or baby carriers.

No matter where you live, once you have a baby, you’ll be traveling with them. It might be for road trips or by plane or train, or simply for day trips to the grocery store, walks to the park, and visits to friends and family. So, you’ll want gear to transport your baby that is comfortable and safe for both you and them. And it has to be easy to use as well.

Baby carriers can be great for travelling with a baby for a variety of reasons.

They keep your hands free

Wearing a baby carrier can keep your hands free to do things like push a cart at the grocery store, browse for the latest fashions at the mall, or care for a second child while still securing your baby close to you. If you’re on a day trip or vacation, you can enjoy all of the sights and scenery around you while keeping your baby close, doing things like snapping photos and checking out souvenirs, all with your baby in tow.

Ergobaby Embrace baby carrierThey are comfortable

Baby carriers often come with padded shoulder straps and secure and adjustable straps that go around your waist or hips so you can carry the baby in such a way that is both comfortable for you and them. For example, the selection of carriers from Ergobaby are particularly convenient because they support up to four ergonomic positions so you can wear it the way that is most comfortable, including on your back, hip, or at your front either inward- or outward-facing. Four-position baby carriers like the Ergobaby 360 Four-Position baby carrier are good if you think you’ll want to carry your child like this for a number of years: they can accommodate a child up to 45 lbs. in weight. The waist belt is adjustable and offers lumbar support and the shoulder straps are padded so you can ensure a secure fit and avoid bruised shoulders or hip pain.

Some carriers, like the Ergobaby Embrace, let you carry a baby in one of three positions to ensure even distribution of weight between your hips and shoulders: front-inward, hip, and back (no outward-facing option.) Regardless of which way baby is positioned, they are in a natural sitting position that is comfortable for them, especially for long walks or trips through busy areas, like the airport. The shoulders straps can even be adjusted into a crisscross design for petite parents who require a tighter fit.

The waist belt is also adjustable on most carriers to accommodate parents and caregivers of all sizes and can be worn high or low to reflect different body shapes. Some people, for example, have longer torsos than others. Buckle it in the front, then use the double adjusters on the waist belt for tightening.

Baby can relax

Man with baby in front in carrier

In a baby carrier, babies can catch up on their sleep while nestled close to you, or explore the world around them from the same vantage point as you when you position them to face forward. Plus, some models offer shielding from the sun or heat. The aforementioned Ergobaby 360 Four-Position carrier, for example, is made of lightweight and breathable cotton for keeping your baby cool when it’s hot outside. As a bonus, it’s also machine washable.

They are convenient

While strollers are great for holding items like jackets, purses, and purchases, you still have to wheel them around. And that can be tricky when in tight spots or areas where there are stairs or inclines. Plus, if you’re only going out for a quick day trip, or going on vacation where you’ll do a lot of walking, you don’t want to haul out a stroller if you don’t have to, or at least have an alternative option for the times when you want to be able to navigate around places more easily.

Ergobaby Omni 360 cool mesh

A baby carrier may be more convenient for many mothers than a stroller since baby is right at your torso: you can go upstairs and navigate through crowded streets with ease; you can sit down at a local café for a coffee or brunch without having to navigate a stroller around everyone and peruse a small local shop without squeezing through the aisles. Learn more in this article: 5 ways a baby carrier is better than a stroller.

Some baby carriers, like the Ergobaby Omni 360, come in a wide selection of designs and colours as well as materials. You can get that model, for example, in cool air mesh, cotton, or breeze so you can choose according to what you might find more comfortable depending on the weather. It even has built-in pockets and a detachable storage pocket so you can leave your purse at home if you’re just running out for a short errand. And the Breeze comes in cool colours like midnight and sapphire blue, graphite or pearl grey, and onyx black.

You can use them from newborn to toddler age

Many carriers are suitable for babies as young as newborns all the way up to kids who are 4 years old and weigh up to 45 lbs. who might still need to be secured.

Some may come with an insert, which can be used immediately with a newborn without any additional accessories; those can easily be removed as the baby grows. Usually these ensure babies are always in a seated, spread-squat natural “M” shape position.

Ergobaby Omni Breeze baby carrier

They come in handy with multiple kids

If you have a second child you need to tend to as well and you haven’t opted for a double stroller, or the child is too old for a stroller, a baby carrier is great for travel because you can hold your older child’s hand while still securing your young baby. This way, you can ensure that everyone is kept safe and secure and you won’t have to chase down a rambunctious and mischievous 7-year-old with a stroller in tow.

Bottom line about baby carriers

Baby carriers like the ones mentioned here are great for travelling with a baby. They are convenient, easy to put on and place your baby comfortably inside, comfortable to wear, and secure. And the extra benefit is that your baby is enjoying that closeness with you while you are out and about, able to look up at any time and see you while you deliver reassuring pats on the head and forehead kisses.

It’s much easier to strap on a baby carrier or throw one in your luggage than it is to bring along a big stroller. While there are lots of ultra-compact umbrella strollers that are great for travel, these are typically designed for older kids, not newborns and small babies. So it’s always a good idea to have a good baby carrier as another option for traveling with your little one.

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