I’m a mother of a two and a half-year-old so my time of stroller use may be coming to an end soon. However, during this time I did go through a couple stroller variations. As a new parent-to-be, the stroller buying process can be a stressful one, so I hope my review can help while you shop around. I had the chance try out the phil&teds Dot V3 Double Stroller. After using it for a week, I can confidently say, I wish I had a stroller like this one when my son was first born. The stroller is built for every stage of your parenting life.

It’s Strong, Mighty and Compact

phil&teds Dot V3 double stroller is one of the most compact inline strollers on the market. This especially comes in handy when maneuvering around tight spots and narrowdoorways. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to get around places in a stroller. This is why I like the “stack” style when it comes to double stroller. Side by side doubles can be quite cumbersome when trying to get through a door. You can use it as a single or convert it to the double mode with the second seat, which is also conveniently included. As urban city dwellers, I would say we are a fairly active family. Hitting up the parks, going for long strolls to our favorite cafes and enjoying flat hikes are some of our favorite family activities. This is an all-terrain baby stroller that rolls on 10-inch air-filled wheels which makes getting through the playgrounds, over grass and light gravel a cinch.

phil&teds Dot V3 Double Stroller side view

Full to the Brim With Features

One of my favorite features of this baby stroller is the fully flat reclining main seat. You can lay your newborn down like you would in a bassinet (up to a maximum of 20 pounds) and if you have a toddler, you can get them set up on top with the second seat attachment. In this combination, the seat up top takes a maximum weight of 44 pounds. It comes with all the other bells and whistles most other baby strollers have like: Adjustable handlebars, a step foot brake, easy one-handed folding and it only weighs approximately 26 pounds. As a petite-framed person, I can easily manage this stroller up and down a few stairs when needed. The storage basket underneath is a good size and easily accessible. You can stroll on over to the store and it can carry up to 2 full bags of groceries.

phil&teds Dot V3 Double Stroller rear view

Set Up and Assembly of the phil&teds Dot V3 Stroller

Now, I’ve had some experience already with a couple other strollers. However, out of the box, I found the assembly to be quite simple. The main seat and hood cover was already attached to the frame and all that needed assembling were the wheels and the fenders, once you figure out how to is to unfold the frame. I spent more time fiddling around with all the features on the stroller than setting it up.

phil&teds Dot V3 Double Stroller front view

How is the Handling of the phil&teds Dot V3 Stroller?

It’s a very easy stroller to handle with one hand, again a feature that is a necessity as a parent. Especially if you are a parent of 2+ more kids, having the ability to free a hand while pushing your stroller is a big bonus. Trust me, you’ll appreciate the ease. It’s simple to turn and the handlebar has a nice cushioned grip and is adjustable to your height. The 10-inch wheels have a signature Aero-Maxx design and are puncture free, which makes for a nice comfortable ride for all. Keep the front wheel at swivel while you are zipping through the city or set it straight (and locked) while you are in rougher terrain.

Let’s Go Over the Safety Features

phil&teds Dot V3 Double Stroller seat
Both seat attachments have a 5-point adjustable harness to keep your little ones snug and safe. It’s a very simple click-in attach system and one button push to release all the straps. There is a handlebar that attaches across the seat if you find you need it. It, unfortunately, does not swivel so when you want to take it off, you need to remove the entire handlebar. I suggest keeping it attached, as it comes in handy for when you are folding up the stroller. The step brake is easy to use and as mentioned previously, you can also lock up the front wheel when needed.

phil&teds Dot V3 Stroller Has You Covered

I would say the hood is a medium size coverage hood. I’ve seen ones that are a bit larger but considering the frame of the double stroller, it’s a decent size. It has an additional flap that pulls down to ensure your toddler’s eyes are kept shaded from the sun and a peekaboo window at the top. The Dot V3 comes with a couple other shade attachments for when you have the stroller fully reclined flat or when you have a second toddler underneath.

There’s a Variety of Seating Modes

phil&teds Dot V3 Double Stroller  fully expanded

The variations seem endless with the Dot V3 double stroller. From recline to flat mode, single and double mode to forward facing mode. My son loves falling asleep in the stroller and it reclines enough for him to have a comfortable short nap. With an additional car seat attachment (sold separately), it becomes a full travel system and is compatible with Maxi Cosi CF, Pebble, Mico, and Cybex Aton infant car seats.

Overall, a great stroller that is super functional yet sporting a well designed modern look. The phil&teds Dot V3 double stroller truly grows with your family from infant to toddler phase and is now available (online) and is exclusive to Bestbuy.ca!

I am the founder of the lifestyle blog "Shut Up I Love This". I focus mainly on parenthood and everything else in between. I'm a minimalist mom at heart and I've appeared in numerous publications from Fashion Magazine to the Vancouver Sun. Follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter @theSunnyShum. I'm also currently an employee at Best Buy Canada!


  1. Can you tell me about the attachment for car seat? I don’t see that in any of the videos. I’m curious how easy it is and how the car seat attaches.

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