Original Bundle Me - GraphiteThe seasons come and go, and with them, in many parts of Canada, that can mean drastic changes in weather. It almost seems like we go from hot and humid to chilly and raining overnight.

While, for adults, this might be swapping the sandals for socks and taking that fall jacket out of the closet, with a baby, it means far more accommodation.

Here are some great new items for baby for fall 2016.


Layers are a parent’s best friend, particularly for the fall when it can be warm and sunny during the day but rapidly dip to chilly temperatures come nightfall. A zip-up cover for the stroller or car seat can come in handy for this season. The JJ Cole Urban Infant Bundleme  has a zip-off top so you can pull it down when it’s warm, then zip it up and bundle baby inside once the weather starts to get a bit nippy. You can still rest a car seat, JJ Cole urban infant bundlemestroller, or jogger safety straps directly on the child while they’re housed inside, making it safe to use as well. Other colour options beyond black include graphite and pink

JJ Cole also offers a larger Urban option for toddlers, which has the same zip-off top and safety strap access. It is made with a quilted outer nylo that protects against wind and rain, and soft inner thermaplush.

If you live in a province or city where the temperatures tend to dip quite low in the fall, you might want to opt for one with a thicker, warmer lining, like the JJ Cole Original Infant Bundleme, which has plush inner shearling and soft outer thermaplush. You could opt for basic black, or bold pink. Like the Urban, a larger version of the Original is also available for taller, toddler-aged kids, in both grey and pink.

Fall means time to stock your diaper bag up with those accessories that might come in jj cole original toddler bundlemehandy now that the weather is getting cooler. Among these are items to keep baby’s head, hands, and feet warm.

Another option is a weather shield that can keep your baby thoroughly warm and safe from the elements in his car seat or stroller without the need to get him in and out of bulky jackets and blankets.

The JJ Cole Original Bundleme Infant Car Seat Weather Shield has a removable top when you need to let baby cool down a bit, but will full cover baby and keep him warm when needed. Grab it in navy, standard black or cable knit black, (or cream knit),  bright aquacreamgraphite, or an attractive and classic Knit graphite.

For strollers specifically, there’s the JJ Cole Polar Bundleme Stroller Weather Shield, which has an extendable bottom to offer more leg room as your child grows, thus fitting jj cole bundleme stroller weather shieldkids up to the age of 4. The soft thermaplush interior with a hood helps keep the heat in, and it’s fully machine washable. In addition to black, you can also get it in slate.


The JJ Cole Bundleme Shearling Baby Hat, Mittens & Booties Set comes in unisex cream, and is suitable for babies from 0 to six months old. The items are machine-washable, and made from soft faux shearling material with a stretch polyester lining. It’s a perfect set to keep on hand just in case.


Once fall comes, you may no longer be able to leave your baby to sleep with just his pajamas as the temperatures begin to dip. But, particularly at a young age, you should not use loose blankets, as babies may accidentally cover their face with one and not yet have Original Bundle Me Hat Set (0-6 Months)the capability to remove it, or could get their limbs caught or twisted up. This is where sleep sacks can come in handy, and HALO Innovations offers a number of neat options.

The SleepSack Swaddle is great for newborns up to three months, wrapping the baby in warm cotton without risk of it covering her face. You can choose to keep baby’s arms inside or out if he tends to like the ability to move them around in his sleep. And the zipper makes nighttime diaper changes easy without having to remove clothing – just put baby inside with only a diaper. That was one of the biggest advantages I found with sleep sacks, considering that multiple diaper changes are inevitable with newborns. Because the bottom portion is spacious, baby will still be able to move his legs around, and enjoy those important kicking motions to stretch out his limbs.

There’s also an option for toddlers if you still wish to keep them in a sleep sack: the SleepSack Early Walker is ideal for kids aged 18-24 months, and adds small feet covers halo innovations sleepsack swaddlethat keep them safer than using loose blankets, but allow for greater mobility.

If you prefer a blanket, you can actually get a wearable one! The Cotton SleepSack Wearable Blanket from HALO Innovations zips up over baby, but offers the advantage of not being able to cover baby’s head, or being kicked off, leaving baby to cry because he’s too cold. HALO offers options for both newborn babies and toddlers, and in various colours, like blue, white, and pink. They’re approved as “Hip Healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, and have “Back is Best” embroidered on the front to remind parents and caregivers that baby should always sleep on his back.

lolli living printed velour blanketOnce you are comfortable using a loose blanket for bedtime (when you know your child is capable of removing it from his face), or if you just want a blanket for added warmth while you nurse, feed, or rock your baby to sleep in a glider chair, look at something a bit thicker, like the Lolli Living Printed Velour Blanket. It has a cute blue cloud pattern. And, in addition to using it at home, it would make a great blanket to bring along with you to drape over your child whenever extra warmth is needed.

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