baby1The beautiful days of summer are much more enjoyable when baby is in a great mood, smiling from ear-to-ear. And there are small things you can do to make baby as happy as possible, from protecting him from the sun’s rays during an afternoon walk in the park, to ensuring that baby is cool and comfortable at night. Remember, when baby is happy, you’re happy.

Here is a list of tips to help keep baby extra happy through the summer.

baby2Make stroller rides comfortable

If you’re going to keep baby strapped up in a stroller for a long walk outside, or trip to the mall, make that ride as pleasant as possible so that baby feels as though he’s getting the true VIP treatment. This might include offering a variety of toys for baby to play with, including ones that feature bright colours, fun activities and textures. You could also get a comfortable head rest,  to drape over his legs (if you’re inside and the air conditioning is blasting, or even outside with strong sun rays), or a mini stroller fan if you’re outside on a sweltering day, or somewhere indoors without AC. Of all of the gear I had on my many outings with my son, my mini, clip-on stroller fan got the most inquiries. I couldn’t go anywhere without at least one person commenting on how it was “cool” and asking where I got it.

Keep a watchful eye to pre-empt upset

It used to be that parents had to wait until they heard those painful cries to realize that baby was hungry. With the latest video monitors and cameras that work with smartphone apps, you can literally keep an eye on baby 24/7 and take proactive steps – even if you’re out gardening in the yard, or sitting on the patio enjoying a good book. For example, as soon as you see baby’s eyes open as he awakens from a nap, you can run into the room to comfort him before he has to call for you.baby3 If you see baby sit up in his crib, you’ll know he’s hungry and can pre-empt the cries by offering sustenance. Baby may start to wonder if mom and dad are superheros, since they seem to know exactly how he’s feeling!

Making the car ride more pleasant

Similarly to the stroller, we all like to be comfortable during our car rides. First and foremost, this includes a safe, secure, and properly installed car seat. But for baby, this might also include a comfortable headrest, taking off his shoes, running soothing air conditioning, and maybe even playing his favourite tunes, whether it’s nursery rhymes, Taylor Swift, or audio books.baby4

Liven Up Meal Time

My son loved sitting in the Fisher Price SpaceSaver High Chair/Booster Seat as a baby, as it could recline back or forward to accommodate what was most comfortable to him. And the attachable tray made it easy for him to make a big, sloppy mess of his pureed foots or soft fruits as he explored the tastes and flavours. Because the tray is easily removed and washed (even in the dishwasher), and the seat cover machine washable, mom and dad can enjoy, too, without worry about the cleanup after.

Help them ease into summer activities

More appropriate for toddlers that have reached the age of 2, you will want to make sure they get the best out of the summer months with some outdoor activities. And bike riding is a must. The Zum Balance Bike is a great way to keep your little one happy by easing him into it: there are no pedals, just two wheels, handlebars, and a seat that will help your child learn to balance himself and maneuver turns as he pushes along manually with his feet. After having pushed my son down the street on his standard tricycle that had pedals, but that he did not quite understand how to manipulate, a bike like this sounds like a dream come true!

baby5You can also keep baby happy by letting him help out while you work outdoors. For toddlers around the age of two, a toy like the Melissa & Doug Tootle Turtle Lawn Mower will let baby feel like he’s involved, and will keep him busy while you tend to important outdoor chores. It even comes with a fuel can, and a cord that simulates a motor sound when baby pulls.

Keep it cool

In the warm summer months, baby will be happiest when he’s cool and comfortable, which will require light-coloured, loose fitting, cool material outfits. For baby girls, consider some sweet summer dresses, and for boys, a short-sleeved romper. With both, also look at protective clothing, like sun hats. And, of course, don’t forget the sunscreen – baby is happiest when he doesn’t have a painful sunburn with which to contend.

Provide comfort during bedtime

baby6Let’s face it: a sleeping baby is a happy baby. Part of an ideal bedtime routine might include a soothing bath, comforting milk, a story or lullaby, and then, of course, a comforting nightlight. This one from bbnove employs an interesting concept: it’s designed to wrap around the crib bars or musical mobile, but can be easily removed for baby to hold it in his hands until he dozes off. It’s safe, environmentally-friendly, rechargeable via USB, and comes on automatically at night.

One thing that inevitably will have any pacifier-loving baby crying at some point during the night is losing his pacifier. This cute and handy pacifier holder from bbnove fastens to the bars of the crib so baby can easily spot his num-num and pop it back into his mouth. Worried baby may have lost the soother behind him, or thrown it out of the crib? No worries, this holder can secure up to three of them, which should hopefully help keep baby happy through an entire night.

And, of course, what baby doesn’t love a comforting teddy or other sleep friend? One like this Cuski Original Baby Comforter Doll, which is made of soft cotton terry material, will help baby cuddle up and enjoy a good rest.


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