I think I might have spent more timing choosing the right diaper bag than I ever have a designer purse. And the reason is simple: there are so many more parameters a diaper bag must meet.

A standard daily-use purse simply needs to be the right size, have the right look, a comfortable and long enough strap, and the required number of pockets to fit your wallet and other essentials. A diaper bag, well, it is your right-hand-man when out and about with a new little one.


Finding the right diaper bag

A diaper bag needs to function as a hybrid device of sorts, carrying everything you need for your baby, as well as your own essentials. Because who wants to lug around both a purse and a diaper bag? The Jolly Jumper Manhattan diaper tote bag looks like a purse, finished in stylish red. There’s everything you’d need for baby, including side pockets for bottles and a padded change mat, as well as zippered pockets inside for your stuff, like your wallet, keys, ID, cash, and smartphone. And the inside can be easily wiped clean in case of spills. The shoulder strap comes off as well, so you can wear the bag over your shoulder, strap it over a stroller’s handlebars, or simply carry it in hand.

Second, it needs to have easily-accessible pockets for the essentials: an insulated one for a bottle, and zippered pockets for things like creams and snacks. It also needs a changepad that’s actually large enough to be used with an average-sized baby. A separate, insulated area for snacks is a bonus, as is a nice slot for your smartphone. The Kidiway All-in-One Elegant Diaper Bag is like the Swiss Army knife of bags. It has 20 pockets in all, including inner pockets to keep items like wipes, creams, and toys separated, side pockets that are lined with aluminum fabric to keep food at the right temperature, a transparent pouch for holding medication, and a bottle cooler bag for keeping baby’s milk cold.

It’s worth getting more than one

I consistently switched between two diaper bags with my son: our main, large-sized ones for daily trips, and a small messenger-style bag for quick outings. My quick-trip bag was similar to the Safety 1st Lux Backpack, which you can keep stocked with the basics (extra clothes, diaper, cream, wipes, and a toy) then just throw
your wallet inside along with a fresh bottle when you want to head out to grab groceries or walk to the corner store. It can be strapped around the stroller handlebars, or worn messenger-style for hands-free tending to baby.

Aside from grabbing a smaller diaper bag for day trips, it’s also worth getting a unisex one as well. Remember, dad is going to be carrying it around as well, and he may not be privy to the feminine, floral patterns and designs of mommy’s more stylish bag. The Jolly Jumper Stockholm Diaper Messenger Bag, for instance, comes in basic black and can be thrown over the shoulder or worn messenger style. It’s perfect for the more understated, functional look.

Whichever diaper bag, or bags, you choose, remember: you’ll be bringing it with you everywhere for the next year or more of your life. So it’s worth exploring to find the perfect one to meet your needs, and investing in more than one to suit various occasions and types of outings.

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