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The list of things to get when you have a new baby on the way is extensive, to say the least. From furniture and everything else necessary to outfit the nursery, to on-the-go items like a diaper bag, stroller, and car seat, it all adds up. I’m not just referring to the cost (a well-planned baby shower hosted by friends and/or family can help alleviate some of that burden!) but also time. Between researching reviews, making visits to the store, and pick-ups and deliveries, outfitting the nursery can be overwhelming. So there are plenty of reasons why bundling up your baby gear can help.

It’s quick and easy to bundle up your baby gear

bundle baby gear - bebelelo 8 piece baby gear setBuying all of your baby gear from one place can greatly simplify the process. You only have to visit one store and/or Website, pay one bill, and manage just one delivery. In most cases, everything will arrive at once if you’re having it delivered, or you can bring the items home with you in one trip. Then, you can set aside a day to get everything set up instead of having to wait for one or two items on order that are taking longer to arrive, and holding you back.

Make it even quicker and easier by opting for a bundle that not only contains large furniture for the nursery, but on-the-go items and accessories, too. The Bebelelo 8-piece nursery furniture and Graco/Thule/Clek baby gear set, for example, includes a convertible 4-in-1 crib, changing table, stroller, infant car seat, car seat adapter, changing pad, crib mattress, and car seat. Phew! That kills eight birds with one stone!

You can have a nursery that matches and looks great

bundle baby gear - delta children cambridge nursery packageWhen it comes to nursery furniture, in particular, chances are that you’re looking for multiple items, not just a crib. You’ll need a crib for sure, but also perhaps a change table, dresser, and other décor items. Bundling up your gear can ensure that everything matches in finish and style, and can be put together using the same tools and type of instructions. Delta, for example, offers several “everything but the kitchen sink” packages, like this one that includes a convertible crib, dresser, and glider, and even items for when your little one grows out of the crib, such as guard rails and a bed frame for converting the crib into a twin bed once he or she is ready. It also comes in a lighter rustic rye/seabreeze and rustic white/sweet grey finish so there’s an option to fit every nursery style.

If you have a smaller nursery, or only require certain items, there are simpler bundles as well, such as the Delta Children Cambridge package that includes a 4-in-1 convertible crib, dresser, and swivel glider in a rustic grey/cream, rustic rye/seabreeze, or rustic white/sweet grey finish.

bundle baby gear - delta children cambridge nursery partsBundling your gear can help you save money

As with any type of bundled deal, whether it’s Internet with television service, razors with blades, or burgers with fries and a drink, getting a package that includes multiple items can help you save money. Typically, pricing is discounted as a result of you buying multiple items together, as an incentive to do so. Best Buy, for example, offers huge savings with its bundles.

Bottom Line

There’s plenty of value in bundling your baby gear for the nursery, including saving money, time, and stress, and ensuring that you end up with a nursery that is sufficiently ready for baby’s arrival, and looks amazing, too.

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