Champs Marquis luggage set review

As a kid, I was (like many other children) obsessed with English nobility. It’s a common byproduct of growing up in the commonwealth: every little one wants to be a prince or princess, or possibly a knight in shining armour. I, in particular, longed to be a lesser noble—you know; high enough up in the ranks that life would be easy and fresh fruit would be plentiful, but not so high up that my siblings might end up plotting my demise. However, marrying a marquess isn’t a viable option for a commoner in the Canadian prairies, so I’ll have to settle for travelling with the Champs Marquis hard side luggage set.

The Champs Marquis 3-Piece Hard Side Luggage Set comes in four colours, but this red one is my favourite. It’s bright enough to stand out at the baggage claim without being lurid. Other than the standard black, it also comes in grey and navy, which are still quite pleasing despite being slightly tougher to spot.

(Note that the Marquis’ shade of navy is a little more turquoise than you might be expecting. I’d call it more of a petroleum blue—a very pleasing shade that’s still quite uncommon.)

What’s in the Champs Marquis 3-Piece Luggage Set?

Champs Marquis 3-piece hard side luggage set

Any long-time reader of the Best Buy blog will know that I’m an enthusiastic proponent of the 3-piece luggage set. Luggage sets are frequently a much better deal than buying solo pieces (on sale, it’s often like getting three pieces for the price of two), and let’s be honest: I love it when things match. It’s incredibly handy to not have to think “which print am I looking for today?” while standing at the baggage claim of a 12-hour flight, and it’s just… Nice when everything matches.

As a bonus, matching sets are guaranteed to fit together perfectly. They take up significantly less storage space than separate pieces that are just slightly too large to pack together, and their even weighting makes them a little less cumbersome to handle simultaneously.

In the Champs Marquis 3-Piece Hard Side Luggage Set, you’ll find one 20″, one 24″, and one 28″ hard side suitcase. (If you need dimensions to cross-check them against the baggage requirements of your favourite airline, they’re 20″ x 14″ x 9″ for the carry-on, 24″ x 17″ x 11.5″ for the mid-size, and 28″ x 20″ x 12″ for the largest piece.)

Champs Marquis TSA friendly zipper lock

Champs technologies: TSA-friendly locks & expanding zippers for your luggagge

Hard side luggage has become pretty standardized in the past decade, but there are still little quirks inherent in each line that are good to know. The Champs Marquis pieces, for instance, all come with four 360-degree spinner wheels. (I always count double wheels as one piece, but these are equivalent to having eight wheels. You’ll notice a little extra stability with each piece, and a little bit of a smoother pull over uneven surfaces.)

Each of these three pieces also comes with a flexible top handle and a telescopic rolling handle, which make the lightweight frame easy to manoeuvre. When lifting, ABS plastic bottom handles add an extra point of contact so you don’t pinch your back before takeoff. For the heavier middle and large-sized pieces, you’ll also find side handles (perfect for heaving luggage up onto luggage stands or off of conveyer belts). These are paired with expanding zippers—a must for any long trip! Even if you don’t go shopping or buy gifts, it’s always nice to be able to come back with luggage that’s a little messier. After all, you’ve been busy!

The Marquis is one of Champs’ fancier pieces, and like the Champs Journey, it comes with built-in, TSA-friendly combination zipper locks. Unlike an independent lock, these lock the zippers right into the luggage itself—so there isn’t a big, unwieldy lock that you can lose. It also minimizes a point of access, making it more difficult for a thief to simply snip your lock off and open up your luggage.

Champs Marquis interior

Stay compartmentalized with your luggage set

Unlike an actual marquess, I do not, sadly, have a personal manservant. Instead, I have evenly-split hard case luggage, which is… Almost as good, I guess.

(I mean, okay. It isn’t nearly as good, but it is significantly more affordable, and also just jives better with the fact that I’d go crazy if someone else tried to pack my luggage for me.)

Inside each of these pieces of luggage, you’ll find a zippered top pocket on one side with an additional mesh pocket on the nylon flap. On the other side, there’s a bit of a hodge-podge of options. They include two wide flaps that snap shut to hold your belongings down, a long zippered pocket, and a plastic toiletries sack that’s perfect for anything that you’re worried might leak.

I love a good bit of organization in my luggage (especially in a carry-on, which is my most-used size). The Champs Marquis luggage set is totally up to par.

Champs Marquis external port photo

Charge on the go with your carry-on Champs Marquis! 

One of the biggest trends in luggage right now is the charging case. It’s a pretty smart and snazzy trend, if you ask me—layovers can be long, and using your smartphone is a great way to get through them. Not all airports have enough communal charging ports for the number of passengers flying through, however, and external batteries are easy to lose.

So, instead of juggling your smartphone, carry-on, personal item, and external battery, the Champs Marquis carry-on has a solution. On the inside of the case, below the nylon fabric, is a pocket. In the pocket, there’s a cord with which you can plug in a battery pack of your choosing. On the outside of the case, near the zipper lock, is a USB port for you to plug your charging cable into. Boom: that’s it. You’re not carrying anything extra, your personal item is a little lighter, and you can charge your phone wherever and whenever you may need to.

Champs Marquis charging carry on review

See? Super simple, and surprisingly low-tech for how high-tech it is. It uses what you already own and turns it into a discreet, hassle-free charging experience. (Oh, I’m sorry—do most people not have three battery packs within arms’ reach at all times? Is that just me?) I love the way that Champs pulled this off, because its simplicity is super low-commitment. If airport security agencies change their battery guidelines, for instance, you can simply switch out your charger. There’s no risk of having to replace the entire piece of luggage prematurely, and there aren’t any spring mechanisms that could break.

USB charging ports are just beginning to roll out in the “big luggage brands,” and if everything else is this good? Well, I’ll be a happy camper. I really enjoy that Champs took a high-end technology and made it more affordable. Plus, with luggage this rugged and lightweight, you really do feel like you’re still getting the high-end experience.

It’s not, perhaps, at the same caliber of being an actual marquess, or marrying one. But for us common folk, the Champs Luggage Marquis Collection is a pretty fancy way to travel!

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