If you’re shopping for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift, it’s not too late! Best Buy has a great selection of pendants, earrings, and his & hers watches to make the day extra special. Whether you’re buying for him, her, or the both of you, 2018 offers plenty of eye-catching watches from Bulova, Citizen, Seiko, and G-Shock.

Eye-catching pendants Valentine’s Day jewelry

One of the things that I love about Best Buy’s jewelry selection is that it has a great range. Pendant picks start at a really accessible price point, which means that the final decision is really up to the consumer. You can pick what fits your style, budget, and situation the best, so you’re always making a purchase that works for you.

The 0.048ctw Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace in Yellow Plated Silver is a great example of that. It’s a budget-friendly piece that isn’t too ostentatious, and it’s set in yellow-plated sterling silver for extra durability.

In a more classic pendant shape, there’s the Classic Round Halo Pendant in Sterling Silver with 0.16ctw Round Diamonds on an 18″ Silver Chain, which is from Amour’s 2017 Mystique Collection. Crafted from sterling silver and I2-I3 clarity diamonds, it’s a lovely, sparkly pendant that’s still quite understated. It’s a little more versatile than a heart-shaped pendant, and is office-appropriate.

The Classic Round Halo Pendant comes in a similar rose gold style, which I really love. Rose gold is incredibly flattering against most skin tones, and I find that it always looks a bit more delicate than its gold or silver counterparts. The rose gold halo pendant features a 10-karat rose gold chain, and its centre stone is a round-cut pink morganite. (I love morganite. It’s not as classic as diamonds, but its light tint and beautiful refraction always makes it look extra luxurious.)

For a bit more effect, the Amour 17″ White Gold Classic Necklace is a bit larger, with a more intricate design. It features an almost knotted design with a round-cut diamond in the centre of a square detail.

Attention-grabbing diamond earrings for Valentine’s Day

Diamond earrings are one of those classic, can’t-go-wrong gift ideas. (Well, you can go very wrong with them–but only if you misjudge whether or not your parter wears earrings.) They’re timeless and simple, and a great set of diamond earrings can last you a lifetime.

Cluster, pendant, and hoop diamond earrings can be attention-grabbing and lovely, but simple studs are unparalleled. They go with any outfit, and look great no matter what the occasion is.

Best Buy’s JGJ Trading Luxury Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold with 0.15ctw White Round Diamond are a great place to start when it comes to shopping for studs. Each earring is crafted in scratch-resistant 14K white gold, and hand set with a G-H near colourless diamond. The studs come in 0.15ctw0.25ctw, and 0.50ctw sizes, letting you scale your purchase to fit your budget.

What’s most important to me when it comes to buying diamonds is their background, and Best Buy sources all of their diamonds through the United Nation’s Kimberley Process. The Kimberly Process  tracks and documents each step of the diamond’s journey starting at its origin, ensuring that each one is conflict-free.

Watches and timepieces to celebrate your time together

If you’re going to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, why not go full-out? Chocolates, roses, and matching timepieces are a very on-the-nose way to celebrate your time together (pun fully intended), and Best Buy offers watches from Bulova, Citizen, Seiko, Fossil, and G-Shock that’ll do the trick.

The Bulova 43mm Men’s Chronograph Analog Dress Watch and Bulova Classic 32mm Women’s Analog Dress Watch are the perfect his & hers combination. They’re similar in colour and style (both have round casings and are made from stainless steel, with link-style bands featuring thin, symmetrical runners. “Her” watch is thinner all around, and his features a rather James Bond-ian chronograph watch face.

For couples with different watch brand preferences, cross-brand pairs are another great option. The Seiko 42mm Men’s Analog Dress Watch is similar-to-but-different-from the Citizen Paradex 44mm Men’s Dress Watch, making them a great his & his pick. The Seiko is a little more stately, with a deep teal watch face and a bolder stainless steel case; the Citizen has a much more modern, almost futuristic feeling, in a stately black and silver. Two partners in a pair are never exactly alike, so why should your watches be? Why not pick two watches that’ll look great next to each other, but not so similar that you’ll mix them up on the dressing table.

Watches for her

Best Buy has quite a selection of watches for her this Valentine’s Day, too. Women’s watches tend to have more room to play, with more options for office-appropriate watch faces, metal tones, and more.

The Bulova 34mm Women’s Analog Dress Watch is a rose gold watch with a mother of pearl face. It’s quiet and sleek, like the rest of the Bulova line, with Japanese quartz mechanics for durability through the years. The body of the watch is a rose gold-toned stainless steel, maximizing durability while minimizing the cost, and the watch face is framed with Swarovski crystals. Surprisingly, it’s water resistant up to 30 metres, making it appropriate for rainy climates or sink-side splashes.

(I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely more likely to get my watch wet than my partner is–so much so that I don’t even wear one. But I use my smartphone to keep an eye on the time, and that thing is practically always soaking wet!)

Fossil has a few interesting offerings for Valentine’s Day as well, starting with their Fossil Jacqueline 36mm Women’s Casual Watch & Bracelet Set. It features the Jacqueline rose gold-tone novelty watch with a matching rose gold-tone bracelet. Like the Bulova, it’s water-resistant up to 30 metres, and the Fossil uses quartz movement mechanics.

The Fossil Jacqueline watch face has glittering hearts instead of numbers, and it’s held in place with a pink leather band.

Finally, the Fossil Jacqueline 36mm Women’s Casual Watch offers something a little different from the same line. It’s done up fully in rose gold tones, from the watch face to the stainless steel bracelet. The sunray dial sits upon a “glitz heart icon” (read: bedazzled glitter heart), and has no numbers or time markers.

And I mean … That last part makes me struggle with the concept a little. I’m old-fashioned, I suppose, but I cannot wrap my head around why anyone would wear a watch that you can’t tell the time on. Like, what if you really want to know what time it is, and your phone has died? You can’t look at your watch to keep yourself on schedule, because it’s just rhinestones.

The sentiment, however, is sweet – and I know many people wear watches more as bracelets nowadays than as timepieces. But I’ll be in the back with a Bulova far before I ever venture out into the world with nothing but my own mental fortitude to keep me on track!

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  1. Valentine is a special day to express our love for the special person in our lives. We can do this by sending our love a Valentine gift. Yes, I agree with you that jewelry and watch are the perfect gifts for this day. Recently I have ordered a Wooden watch for my love from “Lux woods” an online store. But I am looking pendants as like you.


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