why to choose hoop earrings

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been obsessed with hoop earrings. I don’t have pierced ears, but my mom did when she was younger. Throughout my childhood, I poked at the tiny little holes in her ears, and was always asking her to put earrings in—she could wear them when I was a toddler, I think, but could only get an earring into her right lobe by the time I started school.

As fashion trends and my own style choices changed, so did my fascination with hoop earrings. In the late 90s, I fixated on the dangers of large, dangly hoops. In the early 2000s, I stared starry-eyed as a teenager at the entire hoop earring sub-plot of Mean Girls. (Hey. It holds up! I will never not believe that Mean Girls, Miss Congeniality, and Legally Blonde were truly great, iconic movies.)

Now, in my late 20s, I love the subtle glamour of a small hoop tucked around the earlobe. There’s something so classic about them. I know exactly where my love for them comes from, too: they were a style of choice worn by Emily in Gilmore Girls. While Emily’s parenting choices were questionable, her taste was not.

Small hoop earrings with Parisian style

white gold and diamond earringsThe hoop earring is an iconic shape, but smaller hoops are an alternate version that will last you generations. With a thicker profile but zero drop, hoop earrings that tuck up against your earlobe look refined without looking delicate. Instead, they’re a very subtle statement: I am tolerating you for the time being, but I really wish I was taking hearts in Paris right now.

At Best Buy (and many other retailers), you’ll occasionally find the small style of hoop that I’m talking about listed as a “huggie earring.” They’re distinct from other hoops, but not quite a category of their own. Most of them sit right up against your earlobe and look like hoops from a front view, but you’ll notice that their side profile cuts down on the weight of extra metals behind your ear. As a result, they’re more comfortable to wear than your standard hoop, with many wearers even reporting being able to sleep in them.

Going slightly larger, hoops that don’t touch the back of your ear are a slightly more delicate version of huggies. Their circular shape gives the design more flexibility, so they can be quite a bit thinner than a huggie style (although they aren’t always). I love styles like this diamond-encrusted version from Amour—their slim profile and sparkle make them delicate, but the small diameter keeps them from coming across as girly.

Smaller hoops are a great way to explore with chunky styles, too. Look to playful designs like this bronze Ti Amo pair or this indulgent pair of huggies.

Going big or go home

silver hoop earrings

For more of a statement (and more of a throwback), go big and bold with your hoop earrings! Hoop earrings are a style favourite of celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, Penelope Cruz, and the ever-ageless J. Lo. A thin band draws the eye downwards, complimenting a high neckline and slimming the neck. For a style that you’ll wear for years, select a simple gold or silver band—solid gold and sterling silver are your best choice, as they’ll never wear down or tarnish.

If you already have a simple gold hoop that you love, stretch your jewelry repertoire by adding a pair of hoops with extra style. Chunkier designs feel heavier on the ear and will require a little more wardrobe finagling to pull off, but they’re a vibrant way to highlight a look. Plus, because they’re so eye-catching, bright designs help highlight your face. They’ll draw the eye to your mouth and eyes… Which is perfect for those of us (myself included) who are a little sensitive about our necks.

(I’m 5’2″! You can’t expect me to have a long, delicate ballerina neck!)

One last pair of hoop earrings

the perfect hoop earrings with diamondsI’d be remiss as a style blogger if I didn’t finish this post with one last pair of earrings. These have been available at Best Buy for a while, and they’ve always been my favourite. I’ve never pulled the trigger, but they’re so beautiful that I’ve gone so far as to look up piercing shops in my area.

These sterling silver hoops from Amour are encrusted with 40 baguette-cut diamonds, channel-set in a way that makes them absolutely sparkle. Aren’t they exquisite?

Shop hoop earrings online at Best Buy today.