When most people think of Valentine’s Day gifts, they’re probably thinking of things like cards, candy, and flowers. Well, today I want to discuss a category of gift that will show your loves ones they’re important to you in a somewhat different manner. Today it’s all about Health Tech, and why one or more of these handy little devices might just be the most loving gift you can give someone this Valentine’s Day.

Health Tech is a very broad category of products that serve a number of beneficial (to your health) purposes. Products under the Health Tech umbrella include ThermometersBlood Pressure MonitorsMassagersHearables, Sleep Tech, and many other products and devices. Let’s consider a few of these sub-categories now to better understand how they can enhance—and possibly even save, the lives of your loved ones.



Health TechOne of the most basic and yet most useful types of Health Tech devices is Thermometers. If you or a loved one has ever been sick with a high temperature, you know how useful a thermometer can be. They let you know exactly how high your temperature is so you can take the appropriate action. But today’s smart thermometers are better than ever. The one shown at left—the Medical Grade Infrared Forehead Thermometer Contactless Digital Temperature Meter, works for both kids and adults and is fully certified by Health Canada. Why? Well, for one thing, it requires no contact with the person whose temperature is being taken (due to infrared technology), and for another it’s highly accurate in its measurements.

This model also features a large LCD display screen, is super easy to use (with its single-button temperature measurement), and it automatically turns itself off after 30 seconds to help save on the battery. Of course, this is just one example of a modern, high-tech thermometer, but these are the kinds of features to look for in today’s Health Tech products.

Other features that you might find in some modern thermometers include built-in memory space and the ability to display temperatures in either degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. When shopping for a thermometer for a loved one, consider what features they might find most useful and look for a model with as many of these as possible.


Blood Pressure Monitors

Health TechIf one of your loved ones is struggling with high blood pressure due to stress or other causes, one very worthwhile gift is a home blood pressure monitor. These monitors are known as being accurate and easy to use, and many of them talk to your smart phone to transmit readings and provide related data and advice that will help users to achieve the best possible results going forward. The information provided by these monitors may be shared with one’s doctor and used as the basis for ongoing monitoring and a proper treatment plan. I recently tested one of these devices myself for this blog and wrote the Beurer Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with app review to present the results. Although there were a couple of hiccups with the Bluetooth connectivity, I found the device both useful and worthy of a purchase for anyone wishing to track their ongoing blood pressure.

Note: Another (related) type of item that you may want to consider is Heart Rate Monitors. Each of these devices could be highly beneficial to a loved one’s future health.



Health Tech

Another great Health Tech gift idea is a cordless (rechargeable) muscle massager. Whether your loved one has stiff muscles from working out or is sore from just plain old working, Massagers like the Hyperice Hypervolt Bluetooth Percussion Massage Device can relieve muscle pain, stiffness, tension, soreness, and discomfort of all kinds.

Massagers like this one have adjustable speed settings (there are 3 in this case), a variety of different interchangeable head attachments in specialized shapes and sizes that target specific areas or muscle groups, and in some cases they even have more specialized features like special feedback sensors and Bluetooth connectivity to communicate information to your smart phone or similar device.

Your loved one will appreciate the relief that comes with a daily massage that doesn’t require a trip to their registered massage therapist.



Another area of Health Tech that many people find invaluable is the category of Hearables. If your loved one has difficulty hearing clearly, perhaps something like the Nuheara IQbuds BOOST Hearing Amplifier could help? Products like this one connect to a variety of sound-producing devices (phones, computers, etc.) and help to suppress background noise so that the user can hear whatever they’re listening to loudly and clearly.

This particular set offers high-fidelity audio, up to 20 hours of battery life, and comfortable foam tips, as well as a personalized hearing assessment (known as Ear ID) whereby the buds can be properly calibrated to meet the individual hearing needs of the wearer. Hearing impairment is a health malady that nobody should have to endure. If someone in your life suffers from it, buds like these might just be the perfect hearing remedy.


Sleep Tech

Sleep is a funny thing. We all need it, but for some it doesn’t come easily. For those of us for whom sleep is elusive, restless, difficult, or otherwise a complicated process, Sleep Tech is here to help.

But what is Sleep Tech? There are so many different sub-categories of products that make up Sleep Tech that there’s an enormous amount to learn regarding this area of Health Technology. Among the many types of devices that make up the category of Sleep Tech are White Noise and Sound MachinesLight Therapy ProductsSleep EarbudsSnoring RemediesMeditation DevicesAromatherapy & DiffusersAlarm ClocksMattressesBeddingAir Purifiers, and more.

As you can see, Sleep Tech covers a significant amount of territory, and it’s sure to have something for everyone. For this reason, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find an appropriate Valentine’s Day gift for the troubled sleeper in your life.


And having an abundance of choice doesn’t just apply to Sleep Tech, but for the entire category of Health Tech—an area that is simply packed with items that would make great Valentine’s Day gifts. If you’re looking for something to boost a loved-one’s health or quality of life, you certainly can’t go wrong with today’s ever-advancing Heath Tech. And I’ve only just scratched the surface of what all is available, so take a look around and you might just be surprised at how many amazing ways there are to track, monitor, and potentially even enhance the health of someone special in your life. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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