debra-trackr.jpgHey gang! Debra here, ready to change your life—yet again! I think I’m a professional life helper now. I’m totally getting new business cards!

Perhaps you’re like me, or perhaps you’re a “normal” human—either way, you lose stuff. Here is a typical scenario: you’re getting ready to leave your home (already scary), check yourself in the mirror (often scarier), give one last Beyoncé hair toss, and go for the door. But wait, “Where are my keys? I just HAD them. Did I just lose my keys, again?”

“HOW? I live in a one-bedroom apartment.  They’re not in the billiards room!”

And then you rush around searching desperately, tearing your home apart, cursing your life, your partner, your keys … upsetting huh?

Now, picture this: You. Calm. Non-sweat drenched. You know where all your stuff is. You are happy. People notice you. A movie producer walks by and offers you a role. You win an acting award. You and Meryl Streep become besties.


Does this sound impossible? I am here to tell you that it is totally possible.

The delightful people at Best Buy Canada (and a cutie-patootie named Chris Herbert, the inventor of TrackR) are showing us technology that will essentially give you a super-robot memory and stop you from losing your mind and ruining your life. This all comes in the form of the TRACKR WALLET.


The TrackR Wallet is a little doo-hickey (almost an official term) that you hook up with your phone (iPhone or other phones that are smart—it’s non-discriminatory!) and/or your tablet. Download an APP (make sure Bluetooth is on!) and it acts, essentially, as a GPS for your stuff. It fits into any wallet, hence the name TrackR Wallet . Clever, huh? AND, like Natalie Portman at a dinner party, it’s small and unobtrusive.


Lose your phone? Hit the TrackR “locate” button and it tells you how far you are from your phone and then emits a nice little noise until you can physically find it. EVEN IF YOUR PHONE IS ON SILENT! What?! Is this the future!? Nope. It’s

the TrackR Wallet .

And, let’s say you leave your phone somewhere and can’t go retrieve it immediately, the TrackR marks the location on a map so you can find it with ease later. But what if your phone is too far away? Don’t worry—the TrackR alerts the entire community of TrackR users and the person closest to your phone is able to do the finding for you. How stinking awesome is that? There’s just no more lost stuff!*

*Please note: It will not bring back lost youth. I KNOW! Bummer.

Check out the TrackR if you are a normal human. Even if you’re an abnormal human (like some unnamed lovable blogtress), the TrackR will make your life a lot easier. These are the moments when I realize it’s amazing to live in 2015 with all of our wonderful time saving technology (though I think I would’ve really enjoyed the 70’s; I love it when dudes look like they need a bath! Plus- BELL BOTTOMS! HELLO!)

… But, I digress! I need a TrackR Wallet for my thoughts. But that’s another day …

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Best Buy
Best Buy is one of Canada’s largest and most successful retailers, operating the Best Buy (, Best Buy Mobile, and Geek Squad ( brands.