sony full array tv, 4kTV technology is evolving at a breakneck pace. Resolution is improving constantly (hello 8K!) and light replication and colour reproduction via High Dynamic Range are all creating revolutionary TVs with the ability to create the most lifelike video pictures we’ve ever seen. If you’re shopping for a new 4K or 8K TV, you might see the term Full Array TV. What does this mean, and how does it factor into your decision about which new TV to buy?

What is a Full Array TV?

In short, full array is all about how your TV is lit; how the light brings life to your screen. TVs are lit in two main ways: side or edge-lit, and back-lit. Within back-lit TVs there is Direct Back-lit and Full Array. Stay with me for a moment here ….

What are Edge-Lit TVs?

Edge-Lit TVs, as the name hints, use light directed from the sides or edges of the screen to create the video picture. In these TVs, the LED lights that create the screen are laid out around the perimeter of the screen, with each lighting ‘zone’ brightening or dimming as a group; this is what creates contrast.

So why aren’t all TVs edge lit? Since the LED lights on an edge-lit TV can’t dim individually some say they’re missing some of the richness and depth of other lighting methods, and their colour and contrast levels may not be as evenly distributed.

sony full array tv, 4k
Edge-Lit TV (L) versus Full Array (R)

What are Back-Lit TVs?

Back-lit TVs by contrast use LED lights behind the TV panel. Depending on how much light is back there (too few LED lights can create a video picture that looks less vibrant and more washed out) dark scenes can end up too dark and light scenes can end up looking washed out and grey.

So then what is Full Array?

Full Array, also called Full Array Local Dimming or FALD TVs have what you could call a full array of LED lighting—hundreds of lights—spread out more widely behind the screen of the TV. These lights can be more precisely controlled so you should see more precision in the video, better black levels, better detail in dark or shadowy scenes, as well as more realistic brightness without washout or bleed.

How does Full Array technology work with other TV technology?

Full Array Local Dimming backlight technology allows for sharper 4K detail, more realistic colour, deeper black levels, more realistic contrast and a wider viewing angle.

sony full array tv, 4kWho makes Full Array TVs?

Many manufacturers offer Full Array TVs as part of their lineup including LG, Sony, and Samsung. Sony is offering several new 4K HDR TVs with FALD technology, like the Sony XBR65X900H and XBR65X950H, and the Sony XBR85Z.

If you’d like to shop the full array of Full Array TVs, check out all the offerings at Best Buy here.


Product Sony X900H Sony X950H Sony Z9G
Size 55″ 65″ 75″ 85″ 49″ 55″ 65″ 75″ 85″ 75″ 85″ 98″
Contrast Full Array LED Full Array LED 8K +Backlight Master Drive
Colour Technology TRILUMINOS Display TRILUMINOS Display with Super Bit Mapping TRILUMINOS Display with Super Bit Mapping
Processor X1 HDR X1 Ultimate X1 Ultimate
Sound/Audio 2ch/20W 2ch/30W 4.8.4ch/80W
Smart Platform Android TV Android TV Android TV
Smart Features Built-in Google Assistant.
Works with Alexa and Apple AirPlay
Built-in Google Assistant.
Works with Alexa and Apple AirPlay
Built-in Google Assistant.
Works with Alexa and Apple AirPlay
Special Features X-Motion Clarity Motionflow XR
Hands-free Voice Search
Motionflow XR
Hands-free Voice Search
Gaming Feature Gaming Mode Gaming Mode Gaming Mode
Suggested Soundbar Pairing HT-ST5000
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