Depending on your what your favourite form of fitness is, there are some great wearables available to help you reach your fitness goals. One of my favourite forms of exercise is running. I love it for many reasons including the freedom I feel when I run, the health benefits such as for my heart and lungs, and it’s a great way to keep my legs toned and in shape.

Keeping track of your fitness is a great way to monitor your goals and make any adjustments needed, and there’s so many wearables to help you depending on what you want to track and if you have a preference on where you like to wear your fitness tracker.

The basic tracker

If you’re looking to track your basic fitness such as the amount of steps you’re taking, the distance you’ve travelled or the amount of calories you’ve burned in a day, then this Fitbit Zip Fitness Tracker is a great tool to help you do that. It’s small size is perfect to wear on your waist band or even in your pocket, and is great if you’re not into wearing a watch style tracker. I also love that it can wirelessly upload your info to your computer, smartphone or tablet so you can keep track of your progress.

As a runner I love to be able to keep track of my distance travelled, especially if I’m training for a specific goal or upcoming run. With a fitness tracker like Fitbit Zip I can make sure my runs are progressing and make a training routine that will help me be successful. I ran a 10K last year and was able to do so by following a recommended training routine and tracking my running distances. Tracking my runs each time allowed me to vary and slowly increase my runing distance until I could make the the 10K mark.

Trackers with more options

If you’re a runner and you not only want to track your distance of each of your runs, but also keep an eye on your heart rate, then this Tom Tom Runner Cardio GPS Watch with Heart Rate is a great option.

Like many fitness trackers, this one also counts your calories burned as well as your distance travelled too. The size of the watch screen also makes it easy to glance at and read your stats while you’re running. With bluetooth technology you can also sync your workouts to your phone or tablet to keep track of your stats or share them online.

Tracking your heart rate during your runs can make sure you are having the most successful run possible. You’ll know if the pace you’re running is right for you, and it will also let you know when you can speed up or when you should slow down.

Using wearables for any workout has it’s own benefits, but for running the most common seems to be for distance and to track each of your runs. I love being able to look back at my past routes, pace and distance travelled. This way I can decide what I want to change or adjust according to my current fitness goals with running.

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