Gifts for Mother's Day

As a mom myself, I’ve come to realize that while flowers, candy, ornaments, and clothing are all great gifts, what mothers really want for Mother’s Day is practical, everyday products they’ll actually use. Flowers and candy only last so long, after all. Moms everywhere are running out of space for ornaments. And moms can be picky about their clothing. Practical gifts might not be as flashy nor as traditional, but the truth is that mom will love them, use them, and think of you every time. Now comes the question: what everyday product should you get for your mom or the mother figure in your life?

It all depends on the type of mom and what they like to do. Consider what you think might inspire them to pick up a new hobby, or perhaps encourage them to take a little more time for themselves. Here are a few gift ideas that your mom or the mom figure in your life might enjoy!

Gifts to encourage mom to relax

Woman using Kobo eReader

Every mom works hard, whether at a paying job, tending to a home, kids, or all the above. Encourage mom to take a load off with relaxing tech, like an eReader. Instead of adding more clutter, an eReader provides thousands of books at the fingertips for reading pleasure virtually anywhere. They offer weeks of battery life with varying storage capacities. Some connect online as well, and some work with a stylus for jotting down notes. Waterproof designs mean mom can dive deep into a captivating murder mystery while soaking up suds in the bathtub or check out a romantic novel while at the beach.

Four iPads in a row showing different screens

Another great gift for moms who enjoy leisurely playing games while lounging on the couch or savouring a coffee on the deck is a tablet or iPad. Mom can read the morning news, or do the day’s Wordle. Enjoy video calls with the kids or grandkids, surf the web, message friends, or even watch favourite true crime shows in bed or on the plane while traveling. A tablet is the perfect Goldilocks option. It’s bigger than a smartphone but more compact than a laptop. Make sure to get a fashionable and functional case with it, ideally one with a built-in kickstand.

Self-care gifts so mom can take care of number one

Woman smiling with her eyes closed wearing an Oura Ring

Moms can’t take care of everyone else unless they take care of themselves first. For many moms, myself included, that means focusing on fitness and health. If mom doesn’t already have a fitness tracker or smartwatch, Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to get one. Moms who work out, run, go for walks, or play sports will love being able to keep track of those exercises.

But even those who don’t exercise daily will appreciate that the latest premium smartwatches track so much more as well. This includes stats like 24/7 heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, ECG, detailed sleep analysis, menstrual health, and more. There are so many great models from brands like Fitbit, Garmin, and Amazfit. I personally love the Apple Watch, which pairs beautifully with my iPhone. It captures detailed health and wellness data while also delivering notifications and useful apps on my wrist.

If mom doesn’t want to wear something on her wrist (maybe mom is still sporting the fancy wristwatch you gifted last year), consider an alternative like a smart ring. The Oura Ring is one of the best known brands in this space, offering an unobtrusive way for mom to keep track of vitals. Plus, it looks stylish, too. Just make sure to bring a ring from mom’s jewelry cabinet to a Best Buy store nearby to get the Oura sized using the Oura Ring sizer tool.

Woman wearing the JBL Live Pro 2 earbuds

Mom could probably also use a good pair of true wireless earbuds for listening to tunes while relaxing, commuting, exercising, or gardening outside in the summer. A great pair to consider that I love myself are the JBL Live Pro 2. You get signature JBL sound along with adaptive noise cancellation for cancelling out the world around you.

Dyson Supersonic Special Edition Hair Dryer Mother's Day Limited Edition Gift Set

For the mom who loves to get all dolled up for a night out (really, isn’t that every mom?) consider treating mom to a gift most would consider too much of an extravagant indulgence. But any mom will squeal with delight if gifted Dyson hair care products. These are generally more expensive than your typical hair dryer or straightener, but Dyson technology means they work beautifully on all types of hair, don’t generate extreme heat that can damage her locks, and are sleek and elegant looking. Choose the hair dryer, hair styler, or hair straightener in a colour mom will love, like Iron/Fuchsia, Nickel/Copper, Blue/Rose, or the limited edition Mother’s Day gift set in Ceramic Pink/Rose Gold.

Gifts for the eco-conscious mom

Ember 355ml (12 oz.) Smart Temperature Travel Mug 2+

If mom is concerned about the environment and living a sustainable lifestyle, Future Forward at Best Buy can help you find products and services that promote and celebrate this. Think of a product that sports the ENERGY STAR logo, for example, which could range from an energy efficient small appliance to a new laptop. Every product that meets this certification has been independently certified to confirm it uses less energy and thus causes fewer emissions.

A great option any type of mom will appreciate is a reusable mug or water bottle. For moms who stop at the local café for a morning coffee during the week, they can use a reusable mug to reduce unnecessary waste from single-use cups and plastic water bottles. With one like the Ember Smart Temperature Travel Mug 2+, mom can ensure coffee, tea, or other beverage stays sufficiently hot for as long as needed. That’s thanks to the built-in battery and temperature control settings. Once at the office, mom can plop it atop the included charging coaster.

biodegradeable phone case

For something simple and affordable if you’re on a tight budget, consider an eco-friendly phone case for mom’s brand new iPhone or Android device. These cases are biodegradable and/or made from recycled materials, so mom can feel good about sporting one. When mom upgrades to a new phone a few years down the line (or even sooner!), they won’t feel guilty that the old case will end up in a landfill somewhere.

Go for a bright and bold colour if mom stuck with basic black or silver for the phone itself. If mom went the other route and chose a phone in a fab colour, look for a clear case that will protect the device while still showing off the beauty of the phone’s own back cover.

Cooking and coffee in the kitchen

Breville espresso machine

Plenty of moms love to cook, and for those moms, a small kitchen appliance can be one of the most exciting gifts to receive, especially if it’s something they have had their eye on. Some of my most prized small kitchen appliances including my stand mixer, food processor, Instant Pot multicooker, air fryer, and espresso machine. If mom doesn’t have any of those items in the kitchen, trust me, it will be used.

Consider that before I got an espresso machine, I used to make a quick cup of coffee in the morning and was happy for the java to fuel my day. After reviewing several espresso machines for the Best Buy Blog, however, I became a premium espresso machine convert. It’s amazing the difference having a freshly brewed, high quality cup, or a fancy cappuccino or latte, at home can make in getting your day started.

With some machines, mom will be able to grind beans and create all types of drinks, right from the machine. (Yes, they work with milk alternatives, too). Over time, mom will appreciate making a cup at home and pouring it into her reusable mug versus forking over a hefty sum at the local coffee chain each morning. Grab a few flavoured syrups and a package of fresh coffee beans to go along with the gift and mom will be eager to try the machine out right away.

Need more inspiration?

Whether you opt for an eReader, a smartwatch, or a small appliance, your mom will love receiving a practical gift this Mother’s Day. If you’re still not sure what to get the mom (or moms) in your life, you may want to choose based on your budget instead. Shop gifts under $50, gifts under $100, gifts under $200, or gifts under $400 for more ideas. Best Buy has plenty of everyday gifts mom will love available in every price point to meet your budget. You can also get mom a Best Buy Gift Card. Browse these options to find the perfect gift for mom this year.

Christine Persaud
With 20+ years of experience in trade and consumer tech journalism, I have covered the tech space since before social media was a "thing" and the smartphone as we know it was even invented. Writing for various technology, lifestyle, and entertainment sites, I have covered and reviewed hundreds of tech products, from home appliances to wearables, fitness tech to headphones, TV entertainment products and services, and more. I'm also a passionate foodie who loves to cook and bake, a TV show fanatic (happy to give what to watch recommendations!), and proud mother to a 12-year-old son.


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