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There are few greater pleasures than being able to enjoy the great outdoors without ever leaving home. From quiet relaxation to outdoor activities and entertaining guests, there’s a lot to do outside throughout the entire day. If you’re investing in your outdoor living space this year, then you want to get the most out of it by using your backyard morning, noon, and night. Here are a few ways you can make it happen.

In the morning

Backyard mornings are all about the patio. Creating the right setup for your outdoor living patio opens up possibilities for dining, exercise, and more.

Patio furniture for breakfasts in the sun

bistro patio set with two chairs and a table

The first step for any morning-worthy patio is getting the right patio furniture. Even smaller patios can accommodate a bistro set for an outdoor breakfast or coffee nook. With the right pieces on your patio, you can make a sunshiny outdoor breakfast as part of your morning routine. What could be better?

Take your morning workouts outdoors

dumbell set

Or maybe you want to get outdoors for your morning exercise routine. The morning is a great time to work out since you haven’t tuckered yourself out with other activities and the air outside is still cool. And exercising with some workout gear on your patio makes it that much more pleasant. Consider adding a yoga mat, a jump rope, or even some dumbbells to your outdoor living setup to give you that extra motivation to work out in that crisp morning air.

Make mornings magical with pots and planters

Costway Wooden Vegetable Raised Garden Bed Backyard Patio Grow Flowers Planter

Everyone knows connecting with greenery is a great way to start the day. That’s why you want your patio flushed with plant life for your optimal outdoor morning. If you’re looking to get more plant magic on your patio, you’ll need some pots and planters to get started.

Afternoon outdoor living

Afternoons are for action, and your outdoor living space is no exception. When noon rolls around, it’s time to use your yard to do the things you love best, like sports, games, or entertaining. But don’t feel guilty if you just want to get some R&R, too, on a lazy Sunday.

Get active with outdoor sports and games

a soccer goal with netting

One of the best things about having an outdoor living space is that you can use it to move around to your heart’s content. If you have a big yard, consider getting some sports equipment like soccer nets or a volleyball net to have fun and inspire healthy competition. Or if your space is a bit smaller, you can still get in those outdoor activities with outdoor games like bocce ball, mini golf, or croquet.

Have the neighbours over for a BBQ

Napoleon Rogue BBQ with Grill Cover

Love the outdoors? Love to entertain? The best way to do both is with a good old fashioned BBQ. A gas or charcoal BBQ is the perfect addition to any backyard. And even the smallest yards can accommodate a portable BBQ. Burgers or veggie kabobs prepared on the grill aren’t just delicious, they can bring people together too. And if you need some extra seating, don’t forget to pick up the right patio set to keep all your guests comfy.

Unwind with your own hammock

freestanding hammock on a metal stand

After a long day of play and socializing, you might be ready for an afternoon nap. A hammock or hanging chair is the quintessential way to relax outdoors. Most of them are free-standing and don’t require any tedious installation. Just assemble, place on your lawn like any other patio furniture, and you’re ready to sway in the breeze. Don’t forget to complete the experience with your favourite tropical drink.

Outdoor living at night

Not using your yard at night? What a waste! Enjoying your backyard at night is half the fun. There are lots of ways to keep your party going, set a romantic mood, or relax in your yard long after the sun goes down.

Keep the party going with outdoor speakers and a hot tub

ALEKO HTISQ6GY Square Inflatable Hot Tub

Your afternoon BBQ doesn’t have to end in the afternoon, let’s keep the party going! Everyone loves a good hot tub. They’re warm, fun, relaxing, and will definitely make your yard a popular hangout spot. Many hot tubs are easy to install and aren’t as expensive as you might think. But not everyone will have the yard space for one. The good news is that just about any yard can accommodate some outdoor speakers for nighttime jams. An outdoor speaker is built to withstand the elements like rain and snow to deliver loud, crisp audio anywhere in your outdoor space.

Set the mood with outdoor lights

a set of outdoor string lights

Not a party person? No problem. You can still set a more romantic, intimate mood outdoors with a little help from some outdoor lights and heaters. You’ve got lots of choices when it comes to outdoor lighting. String lights are a common choice that can be installed on any patio and really set the mood. There are also bug zapper lights that come in many colours to keep pesky insects from ruining the ambiance. Don’t forget a patio umbrella with built-in lights so you can smoothly transition your outdoor space from day to night. Or use all three! The choice is yours.

Wind down for the night with an outdoor heater or fire pit

a round stone fire pit

If you want to spend a relaxing evening in your backyard, there’s one thing that might get in the way: the COLD. To get the most out of your night outdoors, you’ll need to keep warm. Patio heaters are pretty versatile, as they can be placed nearly anywhere on your deck. Freestanding heaters can be placed anywhere you have space and can be moved around as needed. Or to save on floorspace, you can get a hanging heater to spread the warmth from above. But if you ask me, the most luxurious way to stay warm outdoors is next to your very own fire pit. Fire pits and fire pit tables come in a wide range of sizes and styles to fit your favourite aesthetic, so you can set the mood, keep warm, and maybe roast some marshmallows to boot.

Get outdoors any time of day

an outdoor fire pit surrounded by patio furniture

Your backyard is yours, so get the most out of your outdoor living space! There are so many ways to use your backyard space no matter what kind of day it is. Whether you love to play, entertain, or just relax, if you’re upgrading your yard this year, make sure you can get the most of it by getting outside morning, noon, and night.

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