Earlier this week I provided ideas for creating a man-friendly home office, but now it’s your turn ladies! Below are some great ideas to create a delicate, feminine home office.

Before beginning to decorate your home office space, it’s important to think about what you have to work with. A home office should be a calm, clean room to ensure that it is a productive working environment. Because of this, you need a space that works with the room you are using and you need to  find a balance between fitting in the components you need without overflowing and cluttering the space.

Here are some clean simple furniture ideas that you can easily mix and match to achieve a unique workspace to suit your needs.


As I mentioned in my previous post, the desk should be the center of your office space. If you need a lot of work space, I would recommend the Monarch 3-Drawer Corner Desk. The solid white table top design paired with the more delicate silver metal legs will make even a small office look open and spacious.

The simple design also gives you ample leg room, but leaves you space to store an additional file cabinet or printer stand. If you are looking for a printer stand, I would recommend the South Shore Axess Printer Stand in pure white to match the desk.

When you need a workstation with less desk surface and more storage space, the Monarch L-Shaped 8-Drawer Home Office Desk is a great option. It offers 8 roomy drawers for stationary, files and other documents and the dark taupe finish gives the desk a unique, artsy look. This fantastic dark taupe finish is also available in a compact, 3 drawer office desk if you are dealing with a small space.


Everyone needs a high quality office chair because you will undoubtedly be spending a lot of time there. The Zuo Lider Plus Office Chair is guaranteed to provide comfort without sacrificing style. Available in white and purple, this chair is equipped with a padded seat and back and is lined with soft neoprene.


Proper lighting keeps you efficient for long periods of time. Light up your desk with the sleek Lumisource Touch Table Lamp and use a ceiling lamp like the Gen-Lite Pendant Lamp to keep the rest of the room from becoming dark or dingy. If you’re working with a big office space, light up the dark corners with one or two delicate standing lamps like the Gen-Lite Floor Lamp or the Zuo Luminosity Modern Floor Lamp.


For storing files, I like the simplicity of the Monarch Hollow-Core 3-Drawer File Cabinet. The cappuccino stain will fit into just about any decorating scheme and it offers two medium drawers for stationary or notebooks and one large drawer at the bottom to neatly organize your files.

To reduce clutter, store your reference books and other documents in the chocolate South Shore Axess Collection 5-Shelf Bookcase. You can also pack away smaller items in Bankers Box’s collection of Magazine File Holders and Stackable Storage Boxes.

Finally, make this space your own by adding your own unique collection of accessories and art. Best Buy offers a wide range of posters ranging from beautiful pictures of the world’s major cities to iconic photographs of famous actors and world leaders. These posters, mixed with your own personal items and our high quality office furniture, will come together to form a relaxing and productive work environment.

Lucy Woodhead
My focus is to discuss tech products that are trendy and in demand amongst the younger generation. Over the years I have reviewed, compared and wrote about a wide variety of products, including headphones, speakers, sound docks, iPods and mp3 players. With Best Buy’s launch of VIVA and Home & Lifestyle, I have had the opportunity to expand my focus to include a younger person’s perspective on many of these great products as well!