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‘Life’s Good’ isn’t just a tagline for LG – it’s a company goal. They want new tech to make life good for their customers, and that goal and how it applies to our daily lives was shared throughout the one-hour LG World Premiere at CES 2023. Here’s a quick look at 10 announcements at the LG world premiere this morning.

Life’s Good at LG World Premiere CES 2023

William Cho kicked things off at the LG world premiere by speaking about how ‘Life’s good’ can apply to your daily life. Today they are celebrating the 10th anniversary of LG OLED TV, speaking about new home appliances, and sharing the upgraded ways you can connect to smart devices for a seamless experience.

Not only do they want their appliances and home products to perform their basic functions, but they want to use them to improve your mood by adding unique tech touches to enhance personalization and usability. LG is also moving to the electric vehicle sector including EV charging, branching out into digital health, and enhancing content services via the WebOS platform. No one company can do everything on its own, so they are pursuing collaborations with other companies in the industry.

1. Paramount Streaming coming to more LG TVs

LG paramount streaming

Tom Ryan, CEO of Paramount Streaming, spoke about their partnership with LG and how it will accelerate the Paramount streaming service. They are expanding globally into the UK and Ireland starting today and will be available on LG TVs in more countries soon.

2. A better life for all with the Life’s Good Program

LG wants technology to bring smiles and a better life for all its customers. With diversity, inclusion, and sustainability in mind, the company has launched the Life’s Good Program. They spoke at the LG world premiere about how they asked for ideas that will make life better for people and the planet and 341 teams from 64 nations have responded. They now have four finalists who have developed unique tech to improve the planet and the people on it.

  • Solutum – A company that wants to eliminate ocean waste, leaving no trace behind.
  • Dot Incorporation – Designed a portable device to give the visually impaired access to the latest visual innovations
  • Day1Lab  – Developing tech to change the perception of plastics
  • Nona technologies – A company that designs tech to make seawater drinkable

3. LG is leading the way for sustainability and global action

Ginny Lee from LG Electronics USA spoke about the company’s goal to create a better life by putting people and the planet first. LG’s Global Framework follows a road map focusing on environmental, social, and governance issues.

  • LG’s goal is to use 6000 tons of recycled plastics by 2030
  • They will collect and recycle another 4.5 million tons of e-waste for a total of 8 million tons by 2030
  • They will pursue carbon neutrality by 2030 in 7 product categories and will complete the transition to renewable energy by 2050

LG wants to make its products accessible to all. They are adding voice guidance for more products, a sign language engine for better content viewing for the hearing impaired, and embracing valuable feedback from consumers to improve usability and performance.

4. Introducing, LG’s First Wireless OLED

LG world premiere recap CES 2023

On the 10th anniversary of LG OLED, the company is introducing the first LG OLED with wireless transmission. The LG Signature OLED M is a massive 97-inch OLED TV offering 4K/120 Hz video and audio that’s transmitted through the Zero connect box. The box houses all circuitry and can be placed away from the TV for a cleaner appearance. You can customize your TV by plugging in a USB thumb drive and uploading your content.

LG will release two other M3 series TVs including an 83-inch TV and a 77-inch TV. They also introduced the LG OLED T, a transparent screen that can fade away so you can see whatever is behind it. If you want to watch a lifelike virtual aquarium or stream a soothing rainstorm, you can do so when you’re not enjoying your favourite movie.

5. LG Gaming gets even better with LG Ultra Gear gaming monitors

LG Ultra Gear OLED gaming monitor ces 2023

LG Ultra Gear monitors will offer gamers peak performance. There are two new monitors from LG – the LG 45” UltraGear™ OLED Curved Gaming Monitor WQHD with 240Hz Refresh Rate and .03ms Response Time and the LG 27” UltraGear™ OLED Gaming Monitor QHD with 240Hz Refresh Rate and .03ms Response Time.

The LG WQHD is a huge 45-inch 21:9 monitor with LG OLED technology. It has an 800R curved OLED display with 20 different levels of curvature. The 27-inch LG Ultra Gear QHD OLED gaming monitor has the same specs in a smaller size. Both are groundbreaking monitors designed for the most immersive gaming possible.

There’s a bonus to having these monitors for gaming. Given their size and spectacular OLED colour and contrast, both could easily double as a beautiful second screen for watching videos and more.

6. LG TV’s have upgraded tech and a new WebOS interface

LG WebOS Update CES 2023

LG is continuing to invest in OLED tech and LG OLED EVO has just gotten better. They’ve added a new A1 Alpha9 processor Gen 6 and improved their Brightness Booster Max technology so their EVO panel is up to 70% brighter.

WebOS has improved too. They’ve taken a new approach to the TV home screen by offering Quick Cards for easy access to your favourite apps or LG ThinQ smart devices. Your TV can make recommendations for something to watch, and you can use LG Picture Presets or LG AI Picture Wizard to customize your TV. Here are a few other highlights.

  • LG TVs will offer thousands of free channels. Your TV will help you cut cable by streaming all types of free content
  • LG is offering connectivity for fitness devices and will have a sensor that can recognize your body position to improve your home workouts
  • LG Masterclass app will offer access to 180 courses so you can learn a new skill or hobby
  • LG TV owners can benefit from integrated services for WebOS including an emergency call feature from the remote control
  • LG will feature a Virtual Art Museum where you can enjoy new content
  • The LG Meta Verse platform will connect you to virtual reality
  • LG Art Lab has also been revamped. It now supports NFTs and can become your personal digital canvas

7. LG ThinQ UP

LG ThinQ UP lg world premiere

LG ThinQ is an app that connects your smart home devices. At the LG world premiere it was announced they have upgraded the platform to LG ThinQ Up. LG ThinQ up lets you add new features to constantly enhance your appliances. For example, if you just brought home a new pet you can download a new pet care cycle for your washing machine. If you are a late-night snacker, you can adjust the brightness level of the fridge using LG ThinQ app.

LG ThinQ Up will be available in LG markets in the US, and the most exciting part is that the appliances can update themselves. The more features you add, the better your personalized experience.

8. LG Refrigerator with MoodUp

LG MoodUp fridge LG world premiere

LG believes home appliances should be tailored to your unique preferences. At the LG world premiere, they announced a new LG Refrigerator with LG MoodUp with the consumer in mind. They want the fridge to do more than just store your food, so they’ve created a fun, unique fridge that reacts to your mood, plays your music, or lets you check the weather.

The LG MoodUP refrigerator has LED door panels you can change the colour of by tapping the ThinQ app. Each door on the 4-door French fridge model can be mixed and matched with 90,000 colour combos. You can even change your fridge to the Pantone colour of the year.

The new LG fridge also has InstaView so you can knock to see what’s inside, and they’ve kept the very popular LG Craft Ice so you can enjoy slow melting round ice balls in your drinks.

9. LG Closet takes on shoe care


One of the most interesting announcements at the LG press conference is the LG Styler ShoeCase and LG ShoeCare. It’s a concept product that cleans, sanitizes, and showcases your shoes on a turntable. They also announced the LG PuriCare Air Purifier, a device that’s added to an end table you can place anywhere. You can switch up colours and the design to customize it for your home, and the furniture is made from recycled plastics.

10. LG Electronics make the move to e-cars

LG wants to make your time in the car more productive by thinking of the car as a living space and working space. The car will let you check in on your home and pets by adding a cockpit computer that powers autonomous driving and connects you to your devices. It will also connect a telemedic module that makes life-saving emergency calls and roadside assistance.

LG’s World Premiere at CES 2023

That’s just a peek at what LG has in store for the coming year. The only thing missing from the LG world premiere was a mention of the new LG sound bars, but you can take a look at Christine’s LG sound bar overview for more detail on those. Check out LG at Best Buy and be sure to watch for more content from CES 2023 on Best Buy’s blog.

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