LG will be showing its certain-to-be fabulously stunning new 2023 line of OLED TVs at CES 2023, which kicks off in just a few days. At the heart of the new line are three models, the evo Z3, G3, and C3. All of them include self-lit pictures, more powerful image processing, and an enhanced webOS interface, among other upgrades.

The core features of the new OLED TVs

What’s at the heart of these new OLED TVs? Here’s a rundown.

Picture quality and sound updates

Naturally, two of the most important aspects of a TV are how it looks and how it sounds, both with built-in speakers and when connected to a larger sound system. These new TVs boast notable upgrades in both departments.

Alpha a9 AI processor Gen6 – This latest version of LG’s powerful processor uses AI-assisted Deep Learning to offer better picture and sound quality. This processor also powers the new AI Sound Pro, which delivers 9.1.2 surround sound using the TV’s built-in speakers.

AI Picture Pro – This feature improves upscaling so you get better clarity and enhanced dynamic tone mapping, The result is more depth and detail in pictures when you’re watching content that isn’t in native 4K. A new picture processing technology can even detect important objects in a frame (e.g. an actor’s face) to provide a more lifelike image.

LG Brightness Booster Max – Found in the evo G3 model, this new light control architecture and light boosting algorithms help increase brightness by as much as 70 percent. By mapping brightness pixel by pixel, says LG, the result is sharper and more realistic images.

More seamless integration with new sound bars  – As mentioned in an earlier article, LG’s new sound bars, which will also be on display at CES, are designed to pair beautifully with compatible LG TVs, including these new OLED models. They offer improved sound through a new feature called WOW Orchestra. It uses the audio channels from both the sound bar and the TV to produce stronger, more immersive sound. They also come with a new bracket for easily mounting the sound bar right under the TV, no other hardware needed.

Aesthetic upgrades

As important as how a TV looks when its displaying a picture on screen is the exterior design, as well as how nicely it fits within a space. Other aspects are important to the aesthetic, too, including environmentally friendly components and comfortable viewing.

One-Wall Design – The G3 model employs the new One Wall Design. This eliminates any visible gap between the TV and the wall when you choose to wall mount. The result? A cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing look in the living room.

Environmental friendliness – While this doesn’t impact the exterior appearance of the TVs, it’s an important update in terms of how they are made and shipped. The TVs do not include a backlighting unit, which means there are fewer materials required to produce them. They also include components made from recycled plastics. Additionally, they will ship in eco-friendly, recyclable packaging with single-colour printing.

Low blue light – Blue light can be harmful on the eyes, especially after lenghtly exposure. These new TVs have been certified by TÜV Rheinland to be low blue light as well as by UL Solutions to be flicker-free.

User interface improvements

A TV has to have a good smart TV user interface (UI) these days. As a long-time user of LG webOS (on both OLED and LED TVs in my home), I can confidently say it’s among the best. And the latest iteration offers useful personalization and customization improvements.

New webOS home – The new webOS home screen has been redesigned to offer more personalized information. This includes one-touch access to favourite content and services along with personalized recommendations.

Quick Cards – Central to the new Home screen is something called Quick Cards, a simple and quick way to access favourite, most frequently used content and services. They are grouped into categories like Home Office, Gaming, TV, and Music, for example.

AI Concierge – This new virtual assistant provides each member of the family with their own curated list of content. The data is derived from things like past usage and search inquiries. It also includes trending content when you want to simply browse to find something interesting to do or watch.

Connectivity options

While you might be mostly watching content streaming from a service accessed through the smart TV interface, or even connecting a cable or satellite TV box, many of us also want to connect other devices. This ranges  from speakers to a receiver, amplifier, video game console, Blu-ray disc player, and more. The new TVs make this simple.

HDMI 2.1a compliant – The new OLED TVs support features compliant to HDMI 2.1a and are even certified by the HDMI organization for its new Quick Media Switching VRR (QMS-VRR) standard. This eliminates that “black screen” that can sometimes appear for a moment when you switch from one source device to another.

Features for gamers – TVs aren’t just for passive viewing. Gamers will appreciate the Game Optimizer mode that makes it simple to switch among different gaming-specific features, like game-genre display presents. You can also access settings for G-SYNC Compatible, FreeeSync Premium, and variable refresh rate (VRR) through this feature.

Other features gamers will appreciate include the 0.1 millisecond response time, low input lag, and the ability to connect up to four HDMI 2.1a compliant devices through as many ports.

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