image of a group clinking glasses over a dinner tableI love a good party. Birthday parties, dinner parties, rowdy New Year’s Eve parties—there’s room for all. And the mark of any good guest is bringing something that adds to the party, and lets the host know you appreciate their efforts.

But what can you bring that isn’t, well… boring? Food and wine have both been done a million times. To help you out, I put together 5 ideas for unique home and lifestyle items you could bring to your next party that are totally out-of-the-box.

1. A scented candle

image of the Ozjar Morning Garding scented candle with gift box

Bringing a candle is a great way to add some ambiance to a party, and it’s a thoughtful gift for the host. All the better if it’s scented to add that little extra something to the room. The 5 Ozjar candle even comes in a gift box.

Just be mindful of any allergies or sensitivities that your host or other guests may have. And let your host use the candle as they wish. If they don’t light it right away, they might be saving it for later, or are already using another method to create some ambiance.

2. A portable karaoke machine

image of the ION party speaker with microphone

Nothing livens up a party like a karaoke machine! This ION party speaker is perfect for parties because it has a built-in speaker, so your host won’t have to do any setup work. With Bluetooth and an aux cable, it can play music from just about any device. And don’t forget that lightshow!

While karaoke is a great activity for a casual event like a birthday party, it might be out of place in a more formal gathering. If you’re not sure, ask your host if it would be welcome before you bring it over.

3. A bubble machine

image of the American DJ Bubbletron bubble machine

If you’re attending an outdoor party, a bubble machine is a fun way to add a little touch of whimsey. Unlike a karaoke machine, bubbles are appropriate for nearly any occasion, adding playful fun to casual digs, while setting a magical mood for more formal events. An endless stream of bubbles is a great way to keep the kids entertained, too!

4. Coffee or tea

image of two glass mugs of coffee

At the end of a fun evening, everyone appreciates a cup of coffee or tea to help them perk up or wind down for the night. That’s why it’s a great idea to bring some nice coffees or teas to your next party. Be sure to bring a mix of caffeinated and non-caffeinated options; providing different flavour choices never hurts either. You can explore different types of tea to get started.

If you expect your host will be serving coffee at the party, ask what kind of coffee machine they have so you know whether to bring coffee grounds or K-Cups. And if the party is during daylight hours only, coffee and tea still make great gifts for the host to keep for their own use and show your thanks for the invitation.

5. Nerf guns and toys!

image of the Nerf Laser Ops Pro AlphaPoint Blaster 2-Pack box

There’s something special about a party that gets you in touch with your inner child. If you’re attending an outdoor event that calls for a fun activity, look no further than a classic Nerf battle.

You can get started with this Laser Ops Pro AlphaPoint Blaster 2-Pack, and, if it’s okay with the host, invite the other guests to bring their own Nerf or water guns for an all-out backyard battle!

Party on, dudes

image of a group enjoying an outdoor nighttime party

With these 5 unique ideas, you’ve got a good start picking what to bring to your next party (or at least some inspiration). Consider the preferences of your host, the other guests, and the nature of the event to choose the best fit. And you can always explore to find more great party gift or activity ideas to keep the party going!

Maria Ganger
As a card-carrying 90’s kid, I’m a lifelong tech enthusiast and Pokémon fan. I’m also on the eCommerce team at Best Buy Canada. I love shopping and hunting down the perfect product, whether it’s tech, fashion, cookware, or beyond. When I’m not blogging, you can find me listening to true crime podcasts, relaxing with my Switch, or kicking butt at the kickboxing gym.