MotionGrey adjustable motorized desks at Best Buy

A MotionGrey desk in your home may be just the game-changing home office enhancement you’ve needed for a long time. Let’s face it, sitting in a chair for eight or more hours a day is not healthy. You do it because you feel you have no choice to stay productive. However, millions of people have switched to a standing desk. With, MotionGrey, you get the best of both situations, and Best Buy is offering a chance for someone to find out how great a height adjustable desk can be.

Adjustable desks for anyone to get more work done

Back in the not so distant past, when I travelled to the office each day, many of my coworkers opted for a standing desk. This struck me at the time as an interesting solution for some people who may not want to be sitting for work. Some of these desks were amazingly versatile, allowing the worker to sit or stand as they desired. And the people who had these desks said they were more productive and happier at work by having the option to sit or stand when they wanted.

I recently found out that Best Buy’s website has desks like these available for everyone. MotionGrey desks have a sturdy steel frame construction, and a motor enabling the tabletop to move from 73 cm, for when you want to be sitting, up to 118 cm so you can set it at the height that is right for you. At the push of a button, the motor quietly ascends and descends the whole table top, computer and all! The quality tabletop is easy to clean, water resistant, and has safe, rounded edges. So, anyone working from home who enjoyed the benefits of sitting or standing at their old office, or just for anyone who wants these benefits now that they work from home, can order one simply and easily online.

4 benefits of a height adjustable desk

You know that numbing feeling mid-day after about four hours clicking on a keyboard, focussing on text and numbers. Perhaps your back starts to twitch. You need to get up from your desk but have too much work … and the day is only half over. Having the option to raise your desk to stand changes everything. You know you wouldn’t get the best sleep if you had to stay in the same position all night. By adjusting from sleeping on your side to your back or the other side, you are more comfortable and ultimately you function better the next day. Similarly, with a MotionGrey desk, you’ll enjoy the ergonomic benefits of versatility including less pain and discomfort, better mood, burn more calories, and increase productivity. Do you know someone who would love these benefits? Enter now for a chance to win.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter in two different ways by commenting below. In a comment, tell us how using a MotionGrey desk for your work would benefit you personally. In a second, separate comment below, tell us someone else in your life who you think would love a MotionGrey desk (first name only please) and why.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we will randomly select one winner to receive a MotionGrey desk with standard white tabletop.

This contest runs from November 26th to December 12th.

Remember you can enter twice by leaving two comments beneath this contest article. However, you should also tell your family and friends, especially those who work from home, about this contest so they too have a chance to win.

Win a MotionGrey Adjustable Desk Contest Rules and Regulations

Good luck


  1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE that you can stand with this desk as well as sit. I ve been doing too much sitting during covid lock downs and all. i would love to be able to stand during my hours online and all the time i spend at my work desk. it helps with production over all attitude and good posture when you are able to be comfortable your enjoy your work space more and you get a lot more done. i can say its not all about work . i would like to stanad while entering contests as well . entering contests takes time so id like to be able to focus on rules and regulations more comfortably by standing for some of the time. the more comfortable you are the more you enjoy your computer activities weather its for work or for pleasure.

  2. since covid 19 came around we have spent much more time at home . when it comes to keeping up with life online during covid we see ourselves set up in corners basements porches and closets to get a space to be online doing your thing. wining this desk makes is professional looking and operates as a perfect station to get caught up on your online life in comfort and with class. at least i wont be having my laptop sitting on a pile of cardboard boxes anymore. if i win this i can at least look like a professional grown up. lol

  3. This would be perfect for me as I have been using my kitchen table to work from home — this would be an ideal desk for me.

  4. I could definitely use this desk for all our grandchildren to do their homework or for when they play games on the computer. Thank you for the chance!

  5. Was just told my office is closing and we now work from home full time. This would be amazing for my ergonomic set up required!!

  6. This desk would be amazing since I switch from sitting and standing all the time. This would make that possible and easily adjustable.

  7. Hi!
    I would benefit from the MotionGrey Adjustable desk because as a current Bachelor of Education student, I find myself falling asleep at my desk due to my over-worked, and exhausted mind! Winning an adjustable desk would allow me to alternate between standing and sitting so I don’t fall asleep as much. What a great invention!

    PS: Happy Holidays/Hanukkah/Christmas
    Claire Tufts

  8. This desk would be ideal for my sister Divya as well. Especially as a research assistant, doing analytical work makes her hyper focused causing her to forget keeping a good posture.

  9. I recently joined the workforce after completing my bachelor’s degree, all in the midst of this incredible pandemic. In all that time Ive spent most of my time sitting and for someone who has a tendency to fidget, it’s not an ideal lifestyle. This desk would have nothing but a positive impact on my day-to-day.

  10. It would benefit me since I spend far more time on my computer than I used to – being able to adjust the height will help me move around and stay comfortable.

  11. Now that my office has granted the ability to work from home 2x a week this would make my work more ergonomic at home!

  12. I would love to gift this to my husband since his current desk does not adjust! Thanks for this chance!

  13. I would love this desk for me as I have back problems and to be able to change heights would be a nice change!

  14. My husband Alan would benefit from this because he is always in meetings and writing reports and this would help keep his body not stiff and have a great place to work.

  15. This would benefit me because I spend a lot of time at a desk working and would be great for my body to be able to have the option to stand and sit.

  16. I would love using this desk because I am tall and I always hurt my knees on normal desk and the fact that it is waterproof is so exciting for someone addict to coffee like me when you work !

    My son Samuel will enjoy it as well since he is a huge gamer but would love to move because sitting all time hurt is back so he could stand up

    Thanks for the chance

  17. My friend David would also benefit from using the desk when working at the computer by improving posture by changing positions from sitting to standing.

  18. A MotionGrey Adjustable office desk would be great since I often work from home and it would reduce back strain from sitting for long periods.

  19. My son would love this as he prepares for university next year. He is taking first semester at home and this would be a great edition to his room!

  20. This would be amazing g to have so l could use my cricut here instead of in my cluttered counter top in the kitchen.

  21. This would also be awesome for the kids for when they have to do online learning, with 4 in school finding seperate spaces for them is difficult. This would help!

  22. I think this would be great for me to have a place to work from at a comfortable height so I don’t slouch .

  23. This would be wonderful in my house. We have zero space to have a big bulky desk anywhere. Having this smaller easy adjustable desk would be perfect for when I need to make zoom/ meeting calls and do my work on my laptop.

  24. Someone else in my life who would love a MotionGrey desk, would be my fiance, Adam. He works from home also and experiences much discomfort from sitting and slouching all day hovering over his laptop.

  25. Using a MotionGrey desk for my work would benefit me personally, as I get severe back pain from sitting/slouching over my desk for 45 hours a week.

  26. I have a neck injury and looking down for long periods isn’t good for me. This desk would be amazing and would really help manage my pain.

  27. I think my mom will love this desk as well because sometimes, normal nonadjustable desks may not fit her height!

  28. I don’t have an adjustable desk so I’ve been having back pain. A motion grey desk can definitely help alleviate my pain!

  29. I think my sister Lori might be able to benefit from this too so she can stand and sit while enjoying her games.

  30. Desk height has always been an issue for me. I’m short, don’t get me started on office chairs. With that being said, I love to be able to stand, sit cross legged, or even balance while I do typing. It helps me concentrate, because sitting still is painful. It would be helpful for me in my healing crystal business.

  31. It would be a great win for my wife Jen who has been working from home since the start of this covid thing

  32. My grandson would benefit from the desk. This would give him a sturdy place to do his homework from school. As he grows, the desk can change heights and will benefit him for many years to come. He is now in grade two.

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