D-Link whole home mesh wi-fi package wtih Covr pointsWhen your home has a good router, the internet is a beautiful thing. It connects us globally and gives us near infinite access to knowledge and entertainment. From messaging friends across the world to posting pictures on social media to reading books online, the internet has become central to our lives, which has in turn made a reliable internet connection a necessity. If you find your internet speed or coverage lacking, then you should consider a whole home mesh system. Today, we’re giving away four D-Link Covr Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi systems so you’ll never have to deal with dead zones or slow network speeds again.

D-Link Covr: Don’t life live without Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has become so ubiquitous that you only notice it when you don’t have it. I’m sure many of you have let out cries of frustration when your stream cuts out or your video chat freezes—I know I have.

D-Link PowrZone Covr

I live in a small apartment, and yet somehow the wall between the den and the kitchen is enough to stop my router from working to its full potential. My kitchen exists as an irritating dead zone, making it hard for me to watch recipes and/or reruns of Kitchen Nightmares (what can I say? I love Gordan Ramsay and I like to think of the show as a “what not to do” guide) while I cook. The thing about Wi-Fi is that we’re so used it, we don’t think about until it doesn’t work. The beauty of the D-link whole home mesh system is that you won’t have to think about Wi-Fi at home again, because it will just work. You won’t have to avoid certain rooms in your house or walk around with your phone awkwardly raised above your head to video chat to your relatives. And even if you don’t have dead zones, you might be tired of constant buffering or have a home full of heavy network users who game and stream in 4K. The Covr PowrZone system uses a Wi-Fi Mesh Covr Point for the the bulk of your Wi-Fi activity and has two amplifiers to cover your whole home. Reviewer Steven Hill and his family were so impressed with the PowrZone system that after Steven tested it, his family declared they needed one of their own. How’s that for an endorsement? See for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RjDfCzdQVY&feature=youtu.be It’s clear that this system was the Wi-Fi solution Steven’s family needed in their home.

Covr: Whole Home Mesh with a difference

D-Link Covr doesn’t just make your network faster and wider, they have also created the Covr with exciting features. The Powrzone works in spaces up to 6500 sq. ft., while the 2-pack of the mesh cover points is for areas up to 6000 sq. ft. Both only require minimal set up, work with your existing router or gateway, and operate under one system with a single password and username. This makes it simple to improve your home network and forget it ever didn’t work in your kitchen, garage, or basement. And with their modern and diminutive design, you won’t be reminded of their presence every time you walk into a room. The systems also have parental controls, which is great if you are concerned about your child’s internet usage. You can even create customized profile for each child and their devices and schedule allotted screen time. I think I would  set up parental controls to stop myself from browsing the internet late into the night! The D-Link Covr whole home mesh systems are also compatible with Wi-Fi via Alexa and Google Assistant. Rebooting your Wi-Fi system, turning guest Wi-Fi on and off, and checking guest Wi-Fi credentials can be done using voice commands, rather than have to fiddle with wires, passwords, and buttons. So, with the D-Link Cover systems, you get faster internet with wider coverage, plus the ability to customize the settings with voice commands. You’ll never have to cry out in frustration at a slowly loading page or glitchy videos stream again.


At the end of the contest, we will select 4 winners from all eligible entries. Two winners will receive the D-Link Covr PowrZone system and two will receive the D-Link Covr 2202 system.


Entering is as easy, but you can only enter once! In a comment below tell us about a time that a poor network connection let you down. Let’s share our stories and see why whole home mesh Wi-Fi is the way to go!

This contest runs from August 19th to September 5th.

Remember, you can only enter once, but just like Wi-Fi, contests are best when they reach far and wide. Send this along to your family and friends and give them a chance to improve their home networks.

Enter this contest for your chance to win a D-link Whole Home Mesh System Rules and Regulations

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  1. This contest is now closed. We will draw the winners soon in accordance with the rules. Return to the blog often to read great articles, learn about the latest technology, and to enter more contests. You never know when we’ll be doing another amazing giveaway!

  2. It’s hard to choose just one even because our WIFI let’s us down every few days (can’t check IG right now because it’s going around and around)

  3. My network constantly lets me down. It crashes several times a day. I only find out when my Nest doorbell send me a msg advising me my camera is offline.

  4. Trying to play a game online and the signal constantly drops to the point where I had to run a hard line directly to my console.

  5. My husband and I live in the far north of Alberta, Canada. Internet can be iffy there sometimes. One time we were trying to connect with Air Canada. They had a great, time limited sale to Ottawa close to where both our family members live. We were just about to finalize information and credit card information when we lost internet connection. Needless to say, we were upset.

  6. The last time poor network connection let me down was when I had work related commitments and I was missing my son’s soccer tournament. My son had the chance for a penalty kick. I was on FaceTime and it froze just as he kicked the ball and came back after when they were celebrating the goal!

  7. Got some bad drops while gaming and streaming video, it is hard to cuddle when the movie you are watching is stuck on a really odd facial expression frame.

  8. We have no internet in our front or back yard. I can’t face time my mum to show her our garden. (She is housebound and was an avid gardener in another province). I can’t facetime my young nephews in Winnipeg and Calgary because of our dead/slow zones.

  9. every time we are in the front or back of the mouse we lose connection. Really annpying when we are skyping with relatives internationally.

  10. Where do I start! I have so many dead zones in my house I have tried every router on the market nothing has really helped. It’s extremely frustrating but I saw this can cover a huge amount of space. Even if I don’t win I will probably try it out it seems promising

  11. Trying to get a connection and needing to walk around the house and find out where the signal was strong enough to book airline tickets for a trip. Best spot was at the 2nd step to the basement

  12. You know, when you need to just quickly log in and check on something,….then you need an update…..and guess what? Connection is horrible.

    The 1 minute event turns into a 4 hour ordeal.

    Yeah, that time.

  13. We were trying to sign up for a couple of free tickets (first come first serve) and weren’t able to get them because our internet got slow…

  14. We were updating my son’s Xbox One when the internet/network cut out. Needless to say, that Xbox One became bricked as it stopped updating mid-process and we couldn’t get the Xbox to finish updating. Tried rebooting the console to no avail. If only the reception had been stable….

  15. While working on a project during my time off one evening, the wifi router let me down and as I got up to go reboot the router twice.

    my laptop was unattended.

    One of our cats jumped on my laptop and it froze.

    I then had to reboot the laptop…and …start…all…over!

    It was a very long night indeed thanks to the wifi router letting me down.

  16. Was at my brother’s and had to walk around the mail floor to see where was best to get a strong signal to use the wifi.

  17. My slow and intermittent Internet connection makes it difficult, and frustrating to get my computer work done! I have an office administrative day each week, and sometimes I want to throw my computer across the room because I don’t have a strong Wi-Fi signal! Makes doing my job impossible!

  18. I was out in our garage watching videos and I was certain that I was on our home wifi. I could use it in the yard just fine so I thought I had nothing to worry about. I was wrong and before I knew it, it had eaten up all the data on my phone.

  19. I was playing in a buy in of 100.00 in a online poker site sitting near the money line when my internet cut out..but luckily I just made it in but not to the final table where the big money is..I was so p-off..

  20. We just returned from Italy and the Air BnB we stayed in had terrible internet! It took us an hour and a half to check-in for our flight on our last day in Italy – time that would have been better spent enjoying the place instead of reloading and reloading and reloading…

  21. Poor wi-fi has let me down when I was working at home and had a presentation to make- kept on cutting in and out. Made me look terrible and unprofessional.

  22. I live in an older concrete apartment. Wifi Signal is terrible and my current router can’t manage it. This would be amazing.

  23. during the NBA Finals… i didn’t want to miss a minute of the game, but unfortunately i missed many minutes throughout the game

  24. Trying to get camping spots for our province, a person has to get onto the provincial site at precisely at 7am only one day a year, and of course wifi not working that morning.

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